Ninjago News: Issue 11 July 8

We are back with another issue of the Ninjago news!

Since Legodude is away I will do the news.

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Ask the Ninjas

LegoMan25 Asked:

Dear Zane,

When you go to bed at night, does your whole system shut down or does it still work as you sleep?


Dear LegoMan25

As a Nindroid I tend to shut my system down when I go to sleep, mainly to recharge my energy for the next day.


Blaynii Asked:

Dear Sensei,

So what are your plans on getting the four golden weapons back? -Blaynii


Greetings young student. Currently we are not focused on getting the weapons back, Instead we are training Lloyd to defeat his father.


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New Ninjago sets coming in September!

A new wave of Ninjago spinners and Booster packs are coming this September including Slithraa, NRG Zane and the Green Ninja himself!

New badges!

Coming later in July are new badges!

Ninjago Season 2

Don't forget Ninjago Season 2 begins Wednesday July 18th at 8:00 PM EST.

Casey113's Review of 2518 Nuckal's ATV

Greetings I thought I would review this great set!

The set comes with 2 minifigures 174 pieces and it is 24.99$ First we will start off with the Minifigures. We get Kai DX who is great with his dragon design its my favorite Dragon Ninja, next we get Nuckal. Nuckal is a great Minifigure with a awesome head mold!

Now moving on with the set, first off we get the Kai DX Spinner which only comes in two sets. Overall its a pretty nice spinner it is a gold color spinner which is always awesome! Next we have the main part of the set the ATV. It is very sturdy, has a function where you can launch a missile.

Overall its a decent set I got it when it was on sale for 12$ I would Reccommend this set to most Ninjago fans. So I give it a 8.5/10 Playability is Okay. The Minifigures are the best part though.


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"Don't forget, we're Ninja." -Kai

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