Okay, I now people want me to do some of these "old clothes on season 8 looks" stuff for the others, but I can't stop much for doing it for Nya.

Today I have this particular one.

Nya Beautiful Aqua Blue
Doesn't she look beautiful in blue. I made the sashes on her vest brighter, shinier, and try to look reflective cause I thought they got like that in seasons 5 & 6, + the Wu's Teas shorts. And I made her edited her dress light blue and w/ sleeves, cause that was kinda the case with her kimono from episode 95.

Now as you might know on one of Tommy's post, he (unforunately) revealed that the Yin-Yang promise is NOT marriage 😥😥. WHEN CAN WE HAVE A WEDDING?! Sorry.... Anyways, In my fanfic of "NinjaGo: Years Later, maybe I'll do seperate things for the wedding and the Yin-Yang Ceremony, but in one au thing for it, have them combined for a grand Yin-Yang Wedding (cause in the fanfic world, it's you're rules)

So for the seperate Yin-Yang Ceremony, I give you

Nya Yin-Yang Kimono
Nya's ceremonial kimono. I know I just changed it from the kimono of one of Chen's Kabuki (but changed a little bit up of course), but still, doesnt she look amazing in it. I of course added her half of the medallion, and also added a flower in her hair because... just why not.

Hope you guys like them.

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