In my fanfic of Years Later, I create Jay and Nya's son Nick.

Now for Nick as a teen (or also as a kid too), he inherit his dad's habit of screaming a lot. But who to do it.

Enter voice actors Scott Menville & Jeremy Shada (Scott has don stuff like Robin in DC, while Jeremy voiced Finn in Adventure Time and Lance in Voltron)

At first I was thinking of Scott, but then I thought of Jeremy with how high pitched he could make Finn and Lance sound. But who do you think?

Now if you're wondering about his child voice, I thought of one of the voices for Gumball from The Amazing World of Gumball.

I also thought of a voice for teen Sky (Kai and Skylor's son (see what I did there)); Dante Basco (you heard that right, Prince Zuko!).

1) I actually first came up with Years Later with an old pal of mine, but he sorta got out of Ninjago, so I think I'm handling it for now by myself.

2) I don't really know if Scott, Jeremy, or Dante all have Canadian in them, this is just a thought.

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