I was watching the fighting scene of Lloyd and Harumi in the last episode of season eight which I then got curious why she spared his life instead of killing him when she had the chance. That was officially the second time she spared his life. The first was on The Quiet One episode. I know it's just a minor coincidence but I was really interested about this subject. I know three possible reasons. Either she wants Garmadon to kill him, she wants him to see Ninjago being trashed and destroyed, or, (I find this quite stupid), she could have the slightest interest for the Ninja.

So why did I say she wants Garmadon to kill his only son? She loves to see people get hurt, feel pain and despair al around. Well, I think she would love to see Lloyd die the way she wants to, and I believe it's for him to be killed by his own father's hand. We did see some scenes that Harumi supports Garmadon's desire to kill his son. She even suggested Mr. E to do it. But since Mr. E failed to do so, he got destroyed in front of Harumi who was in terror, scared if that would happen to her, too. She then told Garmadon that she will deal with it herself. But she failed too, but she was able to discover the Resistance's hideout which is the garbage dump. Garmadon then told her that if she was clear of what would happen to her if she fails, she said she did, and was levitated and was about to be torn apart. She pleaded that she was the one who resurrected him, but Garmadon didn't listen. She then breaks out saying she knows where the Resistance location is. He then spares her life and (I believe) he warns her if she fails him again. Harumi is very willing to accomplish the mission in order to spare her life. But I also believe that she wouldn't kill Lloyd, but she might just take him in and let Garmadon do the honors of taking his life.
Now, we heard her ordered the Sons of Garmadon Generals to allow Lloyd to live so that he can see his father's reign of terror. Again, Harumi enjoys others' despair and happily hurts anybody if she wants to. Garmadon is the Elemental Master of Destruction, so he would destroy anything that would get in his way. Lloyd felt pain when he saw the Destiny's Bounty get crushed by the Colossi. Thinking that Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, and Little Wu were dead, unaware they were teleported to the Realm of the Oni and the Dragon, The First Realm. In Harumi's delight, she offers powerless Lloyd a position in the Sons of Garmadon, but he refuses and gets away as Harumi flushes in anger. She then supports a hunt for Lloyd where they will bring him to his end.
Now for the last. I was stupid enough to say that since I shipped them before. I also based since sometimes there are people who pretended to like some one then ended up caring about that person, but of course, knowing Harumi has a brutal heart, she enjoys seeing the people getting hurt, punished, wrecked, and tortured. But on Iron and Ston, she pleaded Garmadon to spare Mr. E. It made think that her soft side is starting to grow back. I mean, after all those years of being so desperate for revenge, depress, grieved, you will never be able to care for others again? Now that sucks. I have admit, being formely addicted to their ship, I put so much attention to the slightest scenes that they could have a meaning. Like the one below. It's obvious she is mad seeing his face, but her facial expession isn't somewhat like the looks before that her eyebrows were really meeting up and her face was so choleric looking. The pic just showed a slit of anger. Then after Lloyd exclaimed that it was she who helped Garmadon, she went mad, like Stark-Horn-mad. I theororized that she could have cared for him, after all, it was like a decade behind her ever since Lloyd had caused the resurrection of the Devourer which killed her parents, she listened to the least-informed paramedics, and seeked revenge. Who would be able to be cold-hearted for such a long time such as that? She could have cared for a few, like the Emperor and Empress, but I read that they were quite stern to Harumi, but I think they were just trying to protect her. I mean, back at the Dead Man's Squall, she tried to kiss Lloyd. If I were her pretending to like the Ninja back, I wouldn't dare to kiss him. I coudn't get the guts to do it, but she did, but then Lloyd chickened away. If you were just pretending to like someone, would you do the same thing, like try to kiss that person? Aye, I say nay to that. Harumi could like him back, but let's rate it from 1 to 10, I say 1. We all can agree her personaity is all about revenge, and she can only have a small pinch of love that can be dusted to her cold-blinded heart. For Lloyd, he did love her, but of course, being occupied with his responsibilities and ended up being played by her. She used him like a puppet and broke his heart. I believe Harumi could care about him, but we'll have to wait. To conclude this subject, I'll say, maybe it's not a unanimous decision. I couldn't really find a real answer to this subject. But I would love to see what comes up next in Ninjago.
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Not so mad, Rumi?

Watch Out for Episode 88! Dafamous, signing out!

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