Ok, I would like to discus the different infobox templates for certain pages we have. I know we already have:

  1. Template:Character
  2. Template:SerpentineCharacter
  3. Template:Object
  4. Template:Location
  5. Template:Creature
  6. Template:Set
  7. Template:Infobox (Used for vehicles)

Those are all the useful ones that I know of. There is only one that I can think of that we could make: An element infobox. I can always help design that or if anyone else here is good at designing them. Also, in my free time, I plan on adding these infoboxes to different pages that are in that category, yet do not have them. If you could, it would be nice to have a little help from my staff. Also, There any people you would like to nominate for rollback rights? I think we should start using the nomination page from now on, since we currently have 3 active B'crats and 2 active admins. Thnx, -- MT Talk Blog Contributions 10:07, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

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