Hey welcome back to my blog where I go over newly released stuff on Season 10 (or whatever you want to call it...)

Anyway so today Tommy Andreason (writer/ co-creator of the show...) posted on his Twitter that in the following hours he would reveal some info on what's going to go on at the SDCC panel on Sunday.

Well he wasn't lying, and a few hours later, posted this:

In the Tweet, he says that he will show us four things: -what the strange new symbol means -a clip of what's to come in 2019 -2019 plans and how much stuff is gonna go on in 2019 -and how are they going to get to episode 100(?)

Let's look this over.

First of all we already knew about the new symbol.
IMG 3508

I already went over what I think it means in one of my other blog posts (If you haven't seen it I basically think it means either Ninjago Civil War, or Jay and/or Nya turn evil.)

He also told us we'll be getting a short clip from 2019, which we already knew.

Now what's new is that he is going to tell us their plans for 2019. This probably means how many seasons (if any) or how many specials (if any) are going to happen next year. This is sort of an odd thing to list in things you're going to reveal, simply because it seems like they usually never reveal to us info that's in the far future.

For example, until the sets actually were leaked, Tommy and the H-Bros never specifically confirmed season 9. So now with this news, this could mean a lot for the future of Ninjago!

And lastly, he said he's gonna tell how we will get to the 100th episode. This one I think is probably the weirdest of the four... Because what does that mean? Wouldn't we usually get to episode 100 through the usual means? (10 episodes in a season?)I think this more or less confirms that whatever comes next is NOT a season because that's just a strange thing to point out.

I think this means we'll either get something like a five episode special (or something along those lines.)

Along with these four things, he also released a new image of that symbol we saw from the beginning of the week. There's nothing new or special added to it, it's just that It seems to be carved into a golden gong or plate of some kind. This makes me think that it isn't necessarily a symbol for two opposing teams (like I thought before) but maybe an icon for something more specific and important.

Anyway, that's it for now. If more get's revealed today I'll add to this blog, but for now that's it. Thanks for reading, and tell me what you think of the new info in the comments!

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