Here folks are some Preview Pictures for the next Ninjago episode: The Stone Army!

Stone Army?

One more thing I really wanted to show off is how this whole "Stone Warrior" idea is supposidly going to run. It seems that these "things" have been awakened due to Great Devourer Venom, and the only thing that can defeat them is the "Gold Ninja: Ninja of Light". This is only speculation, so dont take it seriously :P

UPDATE (Ignore paragraph above this)

After watching the new episode, it seems that there is no Gold Ninja, and that the pictures were merely ones of the First Spinjtzu Master.

Screen Shot 2012-09-26 at 7.28.43 PM

In the center, is theFirst Spinjitzu master. Around him, you can see different types of Stone Warriors. The big ones are supposed to be seen in the newest episode (Stone Army). The smaller guys are yet to be revealed. What hes doing is dividing the land between the goos and the bad side of Ninjago


The First Spinjitzu master fighting the Stone Army.

DO NOT ADD THESE TO PAGES. I uploaded them here for a preview, and should not be used otherwise.