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“The People of Shintaro may not realize it, but their magnificent city, the lives of bliss and joy that they lead, is paid for by Vengestone. Fortunately, I found a customer willing to pay dearly for it.”
— Vangelis showing his true colors to Cole, Vania, and Wu, "The Skull Sorcerer"

Vangelis is the former king of Shintaro and the father of Vania. Years before the ninja arrived at Shintaro, Vangelis sent the Lowly to find one of the skeletal remains of Hazza D'ur, giving him the power to resurrect the Re-Awakened while allowing him to take control of the Dungeons of Shintaro and force the Geckles and Munce to mine Vengestone for him. Following his rise to power in the Dungeons, he became known as the Skull Sorcerer. Eventually, Cole learned the power of the Spinjitzu Burst and destroyed the Skull of Hazza D'ur. Having been defeated, Vangelis tried to ask for forgiveness, but Cole refused, and Vania had Hailmar arrest him. He was ultimately succeeded by Vania.

At least one year later, Vangelis was freed and recruited by Kabuki Mask for him to join the Council of the Crystal King along with more of the ninja's enemies to have his revenge.


Early life

Vangelis with the Skull of Hazza D'ur

Years ago, Vangelis tasked the Lowly to retrieve the Skull of Hazza D'ur, seemingly to destroy it. When the Lowly returned with the Skull, Vangelis is fascinated by it and decides to keep it intact. The Lowly refused and Vangelis sent them down a hole into Rock-Bottom.[1] He later used the Skull to resurrect the Re-Awakened and take control of the Dungeons of Shintaro.[2]

Sometime later, Vangelis took the Ivory and Shadow Blades of Deliverance from the Geckles and Munce, causing a rift between the two tribes.[3] Their fragile relationship made it easier for him and his Re-Awakened to capture them and he forced them to mine Vengestone for him, which was later sold to a customer who would pay Vangelis to keep the Kingdom of Shintaro.[4]

Master of the Mountain

Into the Dark

Vangelis as the Skull Sorcerer

Vangelis welcomes the ninja and Wu to the Kingdom of Shintaro and introduces his daughter, Vania, to them.

When the Munce and Geckles stopped working after a Mino destroyed a wheelbarrow, Vangelis reminds them of his warning about stopping and used the Skull of Hazza D'ur to punish them. Although when Cole interrupted him, Vangelis commanded the Re-Awakened to stop him, but only for Cole to destroy the skeletons until Vangelis used the Skull of Hazza D'ur to rebuild them and then they capture Cole.

The Worst Rescue Ever

Talking with the ninja

After learning about what happened to Cole from Vania, Vangelis becomes disappointed with her for entering the mines with Cole and tells her that the Dungeons of Shintaro are forbidden for a reason. He tells the ninja he will send guards to retrieve Cole from danger. When the ninja attempt rescue Cole as well, Vangelis disagrees, as he says the Dungeons of Shintaro aren't a safe place.

After the Geckles and Munce got into a fight, Vangelis finds the ninja attempting to escape after they freed Cole. However, Vangelis uses the Skull of Hazza D'ur to reconstruct the Re-Awakened and ordered them to capture the ninja.

The Two Blades

As Lloyd and Cole were looking for the Blades of Deliverance, Vangelis attacks them until they escaped while the other ninja freed the Geckles and Munce. After the ninja were split into groups, Vangelis chases Cole until he loses him, shouting in anger.

Revealing his identity to Wu, Vania, and Cole

The Skull Sorcerer

After Cole, Wu, and Vania entered the throne room, they told Vangelis about the Skull Sorcerer. However, when they did, Vangelis revealed that he is the Skull Sorcerer. When they attempt to grab the Skull of Hazza D'ur from him, Vangelis activated a trapdoor, causing Cole and Wu to fall into a hole to Rock-Bottom. As Vania went to go after them, Vangelis remarked that he'll never consider her as his daughter if she goes, but only for Vania to go and rescue them.

The Real Fall

When realizing that the Sky Folk would be questioning what happened to Vania, Vangelis came up with a plan to blame Chompy for what happened. After Hailmar and two of the Winged Guards of Shintaro entered the throne room, Vangelis told them to lock up Chompy.

With his army and Grief-Bringer


At the Kingdom of Shintaro, Hazza D'ur tells Vangelis that the ninja survived and are convincing the Munce and Geckles to have a truce. Having no other choice, Vangelis heads to the Dungeons of Shintaro to resurrect Grief-Bringer.

Later, he watches the ninja, Munce, and Geckles escaping to the Geckle Strong-Cave.

The Darkest Hour

Revealing his identity to the other ninja

After Grief-Bringer made a way through the lava, Vangelis and the Re-Awakened crossed through and fought off the ninja until they retreated to the Geckle Strong-Cave. Vangelis offers the Geckles and Munce to live if they turn over the njnja, but only for the two tribes to disagree, causing Vangelis to enter the cave by force.

When Grief-Bringer broke through the cave, Lloyd accepts offers Vangelis' offer to spare the Munce and Geckles if he and the other ninja turn themselves in, but only if he lets the Geckles and Munce free instead of being put back into the mines. Vangelis agrees with Lloyd's offer and the Re-Awakened and Grief-Bringer takes the ninja to the Skull Keep. However, Vangelis goes back on his promise and takes the Munce and Geckles back to the Skull Keep as well.

The Upply Strike Back!

Fighting with Cole

Vangelis taunts the now caged ninja and voices his intentions to have Grief-Bringer destroy them in front of the re-imprisoned Geckles and Munce. He also reveals his identity to them and confirms that he did in fact steal the Blades of Deliverance from the tribes.

Later, when Cole retrieves the Blades and the Upply free the imprisoned workers, Vangelis confronts Cole, mocking him for putting faith in the swords. The two engage in fierce combat as the battle for Shintaro Mountain begins.

The Son of Lilly

Being arrested by the Army of Shintaro

While fighting him, Vangelis tells Cole the Blades of Deliverance are just regular swords and that his mother gave them to give the Geckles and Munce hope. Vangelis soon used the Skull of Hazza D'ur to destroy them, and he starts taunting Cole by insulting his mother. Cole soon realized the power his mother used to destroy Grief-Bringer was actually the Spinjitzu Burst and unlocks it, destroying the Skull in the process and turning Vangelis back to normal as well as destroying the Re-Awakened and Grief-Bringer once more. He tries to beg for forgiveness, but Cole tells him to beg for it from everyone he enslaved and abused. He tries to explain his actions to Vania but she simply had the Winged Guards arrest him, and he is dragged away, protesting that he is their king. He was eventually dethroned, and Vania becomes queen, succeeding her father.

Vangelis was then put in a big cell reminiscent of a classic Shintaro room in his palace.


Ninjago City vs. Ninja

Listening the Kabuki Mask's offer

While Vangelis was spending the night sitting on the bed and playing a lyre, a hole appeared in a ceiling of his cell. When part of the ceiling fell in front of him, the former king was shocked. Then he watched the crystal spiders crawl into the room through the hole and then he grabbed the Skull Sorcerer's mask the spiders had brought. He then listened to the message from the Kabuki Mask that he was invited to join the Council of the Crystal King. Vangelis accepted the offer and put the mask on his face that immediately began to glow.

The Council of the Crystal King

With Aspheera on the meeting

Vangelis has subsequently left the cell, got new Shintaro wings, and went to the Crystal Temple. When Lloyd, disguised as the Mechanic, entered the meeting room, Vangelis was sitting at the table with the other villains, Aspheera, Pythor, and Mister F. Vangelis asked Lloyd who he was, and when Lloyd introduced himself to him as the Mechanic, the former king asked if he should know the name. As theKabuki Mask entered the room and explained to the villains that he was not the Crystal King but only his herald, Vangelis muttered mockingly that he was his servant. However, the Kabuki Mask warned him not to talk to him like that, because he would send him back to his cell.

Trying to stop Lloyd

When the Kabuki Mask then revealed that there was an impostor among them, Vangelis was shocked like the others, and when Aspheera accused him of being the impostor because he was the only one wearing the mask, he objected that Mister F did the same. When Lloyd tried to escape after the reveal of the impostor, Vangelis flew to him to stop him, but Lloyd threw him on the table using Spinjitzu. However, Lloyd was eventually stopped by Mister F and the Kabuki Mask revealed his secret identity: Harumi. Lloyd then blacked out.


“My father is a good man but very strict. If he knew the ninja had defied him and gone into the mountain, he would be quite upset.”

He had initially shown himself to be a very benevolent individual as he welcomed the ninja into his palace.

He was a loving father as he lied to his daughter about the truth of her imaginary friend to protect her from the real horrors that were supposed to be kept secret from her and the other young people of the Kingdom of Shintaro. He also forbade her from accompanying the ninja into the Dungeons of Shintaro.

This ultimately proved to be a façade, as he has proven to be a very deceptive individual as he lied to his followers and daughter about how he is the Skull Sorcerer. In contrast to his persona as a loving father, he showed no remorse as he condemned his daughter to fall into the Pit along with his enemies after revealing his true purposes and he blamed it on her pet. However, he is shown to have mercy, when he gives Vania the choice of jumping into the Pit or not.

He is a very greedy person, as he forced the Munce and Geckles tribes into slavery and profited from the selling of the Vengestone they mined to keep his kingdom. Not surprisingly for his two-faced actions, he is deceptive, as he had no qualms in taking back his part on the deal to the ninja about sparing the Munce and Geckles tribes by quickly putting them back to slavery.

After he was stripped of his power, Vangelis resorted to begging for mercy. He was also desperate to beg his daughter for help, to no avail.

Weapons and abilities



Vengelis playing his lyre


  • Playing a lyre - Vangelis can play a musical instrument, the lyre.




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Official descriptions

Shintaro Secrets Revealed!

Wearing the skull of the dark magician Hazza D’ur gave him incredible powers - he is now able to bring skeletons to life! He uses them to control the cave dwellers, forcing them to mine Vengestone. The Skull Sorcerer stole the Blades of Deliverance from the Geckles and Munces, using them divide the two tribes.

Monstrous Mission!

The Skull Sorcerer is the master of the dungeons! He wants to mine as much Vengestone as possible. His powers come from the Skull of Hazza D’Ur, and with it he can turn skeletons into invincible warriors. With his boney army behind him, this villain can control the monsters and tribes of the underworld. can our ninja heroes stop this dangerous enemy?[6]


King Vangelis is the ruler of the Kingdom of Shintaro, famous for being the most perfect kingdom on NINJAGO Island. He's very powerful and popular among his loyal subjects. Under his command is the royal guard known as the Winged Army of Shintaro. His daughter, however, is not always quite as easy to command. (Maybe that's not such a bad thing, actually.)

Character Encyclopedia New Edition

Shintaro seems like a perfect city, but its king, Vangelis, has a guilty secret. He lives a double life as the wicked Skull Sorcerer, who has enslaved the kingdom's underground tribes and made them dig for Vengestone. In this disguise, Vangelis wears a ghostly mask and flies on batlike wings.

The Big Baddie Check!

When it comes to magic, this dude relied on a skull instead of lightning. His plans were spoiled when the ninja united the Munce and Geckles against him. We only rely on ourselves and our cool purple flashes.[7]


Once the King of Shintaro, the NINJAGO® world’s most perfect kingdom, Vangelis’s reign ended in dishonor when the ninja unmasked him as the evil Skull Sorcerer. What path lies ahead for this dangerous, Vengestone-obsessed foe?[8]




Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 15: Crystalized

Ninjago Magazine

Behind the scenes

  • He was originally named the "Ashmonger."[9]
  • He shares a name as that of the late Greek musical composer. "Vangelis" is originally a Greek name (gr. Βαγγέλης) and a fairly common one in Greece.
  • He is the first Ninjago Minifigure to have wings.
    • He reuses the wing pieces of the Bats from Legends of Chima.
  • He is the second main villain to have the 2018 slope piece, the first being Unagami. Unlike Unagami, he has no back printing on the slope piece.
    • Both Vangelis and Unagami were the main villains of 2020.
  • As the Skull Sorcerer, the symbol on his torso is called the triquetra, which is also known as the Triple Moon.
    • A triquetra is an ancient symbol used by pagans to represent the threefold nature of the goddess: maiden, mother, and crown.
    • It also symbolizes the goddess' three faces: mind, body, and spirit.
    • It is also commonly used to reference the Holy Trinity in Christianity, being the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • As the Skull Sorcerer, the words "Dead Rise" in Ninjargon text are written on his torso and extending to the slope piece in the sets.
    • However, in the show, the words are incorrectly spelled "Dead Irse."
  • As the Skull Sorcerer, he has only black eyes on his mask in the sets while he has a mouth, green eyes, and highlighted features on his mask in the show.
  • The concept of the Skull Sorcerer is reminiscent of Skeletor from the show He-Man.
    • Korgran also bears similarity to the title character from that show.
  • He is similar to Hela from the Thor: Ragnarok, as both of them use green and black as their main colors, use the triquetra symbol, resurrected dead beings for their army, and are both royalty that were later imprisoned by their own family.
    • However, in Hela's case, the father imprisoned the daughter, while in Vangelis' case, the daughter imprisoned the father.
  • He uses the hairpiece of Doc Brown from LEGO Dimensions, also used on Bob the Intern and Engelbert.
  • In the Polish dub of the season, Vangelis was voiced by Mikołaj Klimek, an actor who passed away July 12, 2020. The dub was released posthumously on October 10, 2020.


  • He is the eighth known king in Ninjago, the first eight being Pythor, Skales, Khanjikhan, Nadakhan (in an alternate timeline), Mambo V, Grimfax, and Atta the Ratta.
  • He is the third main villain to have a child who is a protagonist. The first was Garmadon with Lloyd and the second was Chen with Skylor.
    • However, Vangelis is the first main villain to have a child who was a protagonist from the beginning, as Lloyd and Skylor were originally antagonists.
  • He is the sixth major villain to have an identity hidden from the ninja. The first was Pythor, who was the stranger who helped the Overlord; the second was Krux, who was Dr. Saunders; the third was Harumi, who was the Quiet One; the fourth was Zane, who was the Ice Emperor; and the fifth was Unagami, who was Prime Empire itself, rather than Milton Dyer as the ninja initially thought.
  • He is the fourth villain to have a dragon. The first three being the Overlord with the Nindroid MechDragon, Morro with Morro's dragon, the Ice Emperor with Boreal, and Unagami with the Empire Dragon.
  • He is one of the five main antagonists that doesn't appear in the first episode of their season, the others being Pythor, the Preeminent, Kalmaar, and the Crystal King.
  • He is the fourth villain, after Yang, Iron Baron, and Vex, not to pose a direct threat to Ninjago City, as this he was the main antagonist of a season that didn't feature Ninjago City.
  • He is one of the six known villains that had no intentions to take over Ninjago, as his main goal was to keep the Kingdom of Shintaro.
    • The other five being Yang, Iron Baron, Vex, Unagami, and Ronin.
  • Vangelis is also similar to Kalmaar:
    • They served as the evil member of their families.
      • Both families also have a good member (Vania and Benthomaar), who helped the ninja and learn the truth of the evil family member.
    • They brought back a creature that was known for terrorizing people: Grief-Bringer and Wojira.
    • They tricked their own guards by telling tell them that the ninja were the enemies: the Army of Shintaro and the Maaray Guards.
    • They both also have backstory about working together with some of the ninja's allies (the Upply and Benthomaar) to find something important (the Skull of Hazza D'ur and the Temple of Wojira), but later betray them after they found it.
      • However, unlike Kalmaar, Vangelis first intended to destroy the skull to keep Shintaro safe, but later changed his mind.
    • They seek glory for their kind, despite lying to them: the Sky Folk and the Merlopians.


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Foreign language Translation
Czech Vangelis (Čaroděj lebek)
German Vangelis (Totenkopf-Zauberer)
Polish Vangelis (Czaszkoksiężnik)
Russian Вангелис (Колдун череп)
Slovak Vangelis (Čarodejník lebiek)
Latin Spanish Vangelis (El Hechicero Calavera)
Castilian Spanish Vangelis (Hazza D’Ur)
Ukrainian Вангеліс (Черепний Чаклун)




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