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“Perfection, I'm afraid, has a cost. And the cost is Vengestone. It comes from the mines.”
“From the mountain, from the earth.”
— The Skull Sorcerer and the Skull of Hazza D'ur to Cole, Vania and Wu in "The Skull Sorcerer"

Vengestone is a mysterious substance that can disable Elemental Powers, making an effective containment measure against Elemental Masters, ghosts, and dragons.


Prior to the series

At some point in time, Vengestone came into existence, having the ability to cancel out the powers of an Elemental Master, as well as ghosts. It seems to originate from the Realm of Oni and Dragons as the Dragon Hunters use it to hunt the dragons.

Rise of the Snakes

All of Nothing

When the Serpentine trapped Master Wu, the ninja, and Nya inside a cage made of Vengestone, Kai suggested they escape using their elemental powers, but Wu informed him that it's no use, since the rock wards off their elemental powers.

Tournament of Elements


After loading up the defeated Elemental Masters, minus Lloyd, Chen threw them in a cage made of Vengestone to prevent their escape.

The Forgotten Element

The captive Elemental Masters cuffed in Vengestone shackles are brought before Chen.

After their capture, each Elemental Masters were placed in chains made of Vengestone as Chen used his Staff of Elements to steal their powers. Later on, after easily defeating Lloyd, Chen had the Green Ninja placed in Vengestone chains before stealing his elemental power.

Very soon, Kai stole Chen's staff and destroyed the chains, binding Lloyd with the powers of the staff.

The Day of the Dragon

Kapau and Chope used a net made of Vengestone to trap Kai and Skylor. They would then be brought to the Crystal Caves on the island, where the ritual to become Anacondrai would commence.


Stiix and Stones

Ronin attempted to trap the ninja in a net made of Vengestone but fails.


Public Enemy Number One

While pursuing Jay on the roller coaster, Ronin attempted to capture him by using a Vengestone net but missed.


After Lloyd tries to break the handcuffs, Noble mentions that they are made of Vengestone and can also stop Cole's ghost abilities.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

In order to prevent Jay from escaping, the Sky Pirates use a ball and chain made of Vengestone.


After Lloyd and Cole were both trapped with a Vengestone ball and chain as well, Cole used his first wish from Nadakhan to make Vengestone strengthen their powers instead of canceling them. This worked, but the Vengestone restraints caused their powers to grow too much and become uncontrollable. Lloyd countered this by breaking their chains, freeing them.

Sons of Garmadon

Snake Jaguar

Cole, captured by the Sons of Garmadon, was placed in a cage made of Vengestone within the Sons of Garmadon's headquarters. He attempted to break through the cage with his Earth Punch, but he was unable to.


Iron & Stone

The chains the Dragon Hunters use on the ninja seem to be Vengestone and since the ninja are thought to be Oni, it can be assumed that Vengestone works on Oni as well.

Prime Empire

The Prodigal Father

When Zane was captured by The Mechanic and his henchmen, he was wrapped around by Vengestone chains.

Master of the Mountain

Into the Dark

Geckles and Munce are shown mining Vengestone deep within the Dungeons of Shintaro.

The Two Blades

Trial By Mino

Zane's Mino was shown wearing armor made of Vengestone.


  • Power Negation - It stops the powers of those who are chained to it. If he or she is freed, they can use their elemental powers again even ghost or magical powers.
  • Power Augmentation (in an alternate timeline) - Cole made a wish for it to upgrade the Elemental Masters' powers and it made them stronger or more enhanced, but as a side effect, it made their powers uncontrollable. This ability was erased due to Jay's final wish.

Materials Made out of Vengestone

  • Cages
  • Chains/Cuffs
  • Chambers
  • Nets
  • Armor
  • Weapons
    • Harpoons
    • Rifles
    • Spears


  • It is revealed in Hunted sets that the Dragon Hunters utilize Vengestone weaponry to combat the Dragons, thus allowing them to exploit their Elemental Powers for their own purposes.
    • Interestingly, Vengestone does not keep Dragons from using their powers. Its only effect on the Dragons seem to be that it is strong enough to keep them from escaping, or it may weaken their powers.
  • Shintaro contains a mine that bears Vengestone.
  • Vengestone is similar and seems inspired from Seastone in One Piece, since Seastone can nullify Devil's fruit powers, just like Elemental Powers with Vengestone. Both appear to be rare.


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