The Venomari Venom is the special ability of the Venomari tribe. It is a green liquid which they can spit at foes, causing them to hallucinate. The visions vary between victims, but are said to embody their worst fears. In some media, the venom also has corrosive properties, eating through many materials. Victims of Venomari Venom typically gain lime green eyes while the venom is at work.

Venomari Venom wears off over a period of time, during which the hallucinations gradually become less extreme (but are still shown to be bizarre). As with most tribal Serpentine abilities, the anti-venom in the Venomari Staff can instantly cure a victim.

The Venomari Venom has been used on Kai, Zane, and a group of visitors of the Mega Monster Amusement Park.


  • Kai saw the Serpentine as gingerbread men and Christmas elves. Later, he apparently saw the Samurai Mech as Santa Claus, and thought that Master Wu's beard was moving.
  • The people at the Mega Monster Amusement Park had hallucinations that made the ride seem scary.
  • Zane saw the Serpentine and his teammates as walking food.


Serpentine Abilities

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