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“No matter how many times you see it, watching those suckers hatch is gross.”

Vermillion eggs are special eggs laid by the Great Devourer. When broken, small Vermillion snakes are hatched.


The Hatching

Krux shows Acronix a tank of Vermillion eggs.

Later, when the ninja are attacking, Krux hatched the eggs, making more Vermillion warriors.

The Twins would later await for more eggs to hatch into snakes.

A Time of Traitors

When the Time Twins are preparing for the second part of their plan, they await for the other eggs to hatch.

The Attack

The Vermillion used the eggs to attack the Temple of Airjitzu. With each egg launched, the Army grew stronger.

Secrets Discovered

When Lloyd, Zane, Cole, and Jay entered a secret room in the museum, they found a tank filled with Vermillion eggs.

Pause and Effect

In Wu's dream, Misako, Garmadon, and Morro emerged from the eggs to tell him he failed them.

Later, when the Lloyd, Cole, Jay, and Zane are about to go after the others, more eggs hatched.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

When Jay watched an egg hatch, he commented on how gross it is.

Lost in Time

When Krux and Acronix attacked the Elemental Masters and the Fusion Dragon with the Iron Doom, they used the eggs as a projectile.


The eggs are gray with a glowing reddish-orangish, round, glass-like substance on its base. They have a sphere shape and can be broken easily, especially on the base.


It is commonly used to generate Vermillion warriors along with their armor. Sometimes, it may even generate Vermillion swords and Vermillion Axes. They are launched by Vermillion Invaders or other vehicles as projectiles for combat.



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