“I have had years to dwell on your betrayal. Years of resentment, alone, in the wild. And I realize now, it is time for your power to end. In my journeys, I have discovered a power that dwarfs your Formling abilities, an Elemental Power. You can bow to me now, willingly, or when I return in force unwillingly. In either event, I will assume my rightful place over you. The choice is yours.”
— Vex to the Formlings

General Vex, also known as Vex the Formless, is the general of the Blizzard Samurai. He was a Formling who did not find his animal form. Due to this, he left the village, and after years of traveling in the wilderness, he eventually found Zane. With the help of his new partner, he got revenge by freezing the Formlings.


Early life

He was born in the village of the Formlings, a group of people with the ability to turn into various animals. However, he was unable to find his animal form. Driven mad by his insecurity, he delusionally believed everyone insulted him behind his back and exiled himself of his own will. After years of wandering the wilderness, festering in his hatred of his people, he found Zane and realized that the power of Ice is greater than the power of the Formlings, and proclaimed him the Ice Emperor.

The Last of the Formlings (flashback)

Screenshot 20190920-222853~2

Vex returns to his old village.

He returns to his village just in time for the choosing of Akita and her brother. He expresses sarcastic pleasure to see them, as he calls them out on banishing him. However, the leader states he left of his own accord because of his fear. At this, Vex angrily brings up their mockery. He then tells the Formlings that he found an Elemental Power greater than the abilities of the Formlings. He tells them they have a choice: submit to him willingly, or when he will come back in force, unwillingly. The leader stands his ground and Vex retreats, promising them he'll back. Having his offer refused by the Formlings, Vex persuaded Zane to freeze his former people. Vex stood by his master, as the latter froze the village and his dragon Boreal took care of any resistance, though Akita survived. With the most of the Formlings gone, Vex left the village with Zane.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Decades before the present, Vex became Zane's general as the latter took over the Never-Realm and ruled over Vex and his inhuman Blizzard Samurai.

The Never-Realm

Inside the Castle of Ice, Vex is seen using a tablet to spy on the Ninja, so he warns Zane of his findings. Zane then tells General Vex to send the Blizzard Samurai to punish the Ninja. Vex persuades him to destroy the Ninja, and all who aid them, then Zane commands him to do so.

Fire Maker

Vex sent the Blizzard Samurai to destroy the people of Great Lake and was angry seeing Kai lighting the Sacred Fire of the people.

An Unlikely Ally

Vex approaches the cell of the prisoner, where he informs him "a green outfitted person" is coming. He promises to spare him, should he join him but the prisoner refuses. He then threatens him saying, "The green one will perish."

Secret of The Wolf

He scolds Grimfax, for wasting many of his Blizzard Samurai, he then asks Zane to punish him. However, Zane pardons him. Afterwards, Vex talks to Zane and persuades him to unleash the deal with the Ninja. Zane then said he will unleash Boreal. At the end of the episode, he watches Zane summon Boreal to attack Great Lake.

My Enemy, My Friend

When Boreal was about to freeze Lloyd, Vex tells the dreaded dragon to bring him to the Ice Emperor instead. Once Boreal brings Lloyd to the Castle of Ice, Vex tells the Ice Emperor about the stranger in green, only for Lloyd to find out that the Ice Emperor is actually Zane.


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Due to his experiences in his old village, Vex has come to despise the village because he was never able to achieve his own form.

Having been driven mad from his exile, Vex became very manipulative, cruel, and intelligent.

He seems to be loyal toward his master, Zane, since he wants his enemies to know his strength. However, it seems he is using the latter to achieve his own goals as he always nudges him into a certain action.

Vex appears to love attacking people, as he persuaded his emperor to allow him to destroy the Ninja and the civilians helping them rather than punishing them, when he demanded a Blizzard Samurai be punished, and when he requested that the Formlings' village be destroyed.

However, Vex can be merciful as he offered leniency to his people should they join him and when he offered his prisoner a deal of sparing Lloyd if the prisoner joined his army.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


  • His name means "to make someone feel annoyed" and "to cause distress to."
  • He uses a crystal to spy on the Ninja.
  • His role towards the Blizzard Samurai is similar to Shoguns of Feudal Japan.
  • Vex is also the name of an online game.
  • In "The Last of the Formlings," it was revealed that Vex was a Formling who could not find his animal form.
    • It's also revealed he met Zane after his departure from the village of the Formlings.
  • Despite not being a main antagonist, he is the second villain of Season 11 and the third villain to announce the title card at the beginning of an episode, with him announcing "The Last of the Formlings."




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