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Vex has a corrupted shard of ice. It is all-seeing. So as long he possesses that, there is no hope of victory.

Vex's crystal is a corrupted shard of ice used by General Vex to spy on his enemies.


The Never-Realm

Inside the Ice Emperor's Castle, Vex is seen using it to spy on the ninja, so he tells the Ice Emperor of his findings. The Ice Emperor then demands Vex to send the Blizzard Samurai to destroy the Ninja and all who aid them. 

Fire Maker

Vex uses the crystal to watch Kai in disbelief as he relights the fire.

An Unlikely Ally

After spying on Lloyd using his crystal, he then notifies a prisoner that Lloyd's coming, shocking the prisoner, who is soon offered a deal by Vex to join the Blizzard Samurai in exchange for Lloyd's safety. The prisoner immediately rejects the offer by throwing his recently acquired food at Vex, who laments his stubbornness.

Secret of the Wolf

Grimfax and the rest of the Blizzard Samurai head to the Ice Emperor's throne to comment on their victory despite losing multiple members. Although they lost, he talks about putting out their Hearth Fire. Vex then shows Grimfax the Hearth Fire relit which leaves Grimfax shocked.

My Enemy, My Friend

Vex looks at his crystal to see Boreal's point of view while he was attacking Lloyd. He soon ordered the dragon through it to bring him to the castle.

Once and for All

When the Resistance rounds the corner, they see Vex standing before them, holding his crystal, with the rest of the Blizzard Samurai behind him.


  • Clairvoyance - Using the crystal, one can spy on someone else even if they are far away. It can even look through one's point of view. The crystal enables its viewers to telepathically communicate with someone when they are looking through their point of view. This is evidenced by Vex when he telepathically ordered Boreal to bring Lloyd alive to the Ice Emperor.


  • It's unknown what happened to the crystal after the Liberation of the Never-Realm.
  • It is unknown how Vex was able to get the crystal to function.




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