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“Welcome to the Ninjago Museum of History. I'm Dr. Saunders, curator of this museum. This is the all-new Hall of Villainy exhibit, not yet open to public. You come, you see.”
Dr. Saunders

Villain Throwbacks are shorts of Dr. Saunders explaining to the viewers about the previous villains of Ninjago. They were used to promote "Day of the Departed."


Season Ep # Series Ep # Image Episode name Airdate
1 Mini-Movie "The Story of Samukai" June 16, 2016
2 Mini-Movie "The Story of Pythor" June 21, 2016
3 Mini-Movie "The Story of Kozu" June 30, 2016
4 Mini-Movie "The Story of Master Chen" July 14, 2016
5 Mini-Movie "The Story of Morro" July 21, 2016
6 Mini-Movie "The Story of Cryptor" October 18, 2016


For the transcript of the episode, see Villain Throwbacks/Transcript.


  • All of the villains in these throwbacks appear in "Day of the Departed."


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