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Vincent Tong (born May 2, 1980) is a Chinese-Canadian[1] voice actor, well known for providing the voice of Kai in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He has also provided the voices for Bizarro Kai, Lizaru, Chokun, Tommy, Simon, Doubloon, the Sentry General, Ray, Mambo's advisor, Uthaug, Sushimi, and PoulErik's second head.


  • His other voice acting credentials include Death Note (Tota Matsuda and a Field Reporter), Iron Man: Armored Adventures (Gene Khan and The Mandarin), Voltron Force (Daniel), Super Monsters New Class (Drac Shadows), Packages from Planet X (Dan), LEGO Jurassic Park: Legend of Isla Nublar (Dr. Henry Wu) and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Prince Blueblood, Garble, Donut Joe, Feather Bangs and Sandbar).
    • He also starred in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (Flash Sentry) and Kit vs Kat (Henry Chan).
  • As of 2015, he voices Muck in the US version of Bob The Builder.
  • He also starred in The Deep (Antaeus Nekton).
  • He had voiced Brax Lectrus in the 2016 movie release of Ratchet & Clank.
  • Besides Ninjago, he also worked on a previous LEGO show, Nexo Knights, voicing Jestro, Roger the Scrubber and Roberto Arnoldi, and Tidus Stormsurfer in LEGO Elves.
  • He owns a YouTube channel with over five thousand subscribers.
  • He also made a live-action appearance in A Fairly Odd Summer as Dr. Flemmish.
  • Ninjago isn't the only series that Vincent Tong has worked with both Kirby Morrow and Kelly Metzger in. The three have also interacted with each other in Death Note.
  • Just like Kirby Morrow, Vincent Tong voices a ninja and his father (the former having voiced Cole and Lou, and the latter Kai and Ray).
  • He, along with Adrian Petriw, Dean Redman, Mackenzie Gray, Michael Adamthwaite, Ashleigh Ball, Michael Daingerfield, Michael Dobson, Brian Drummond, Andrew Francis, Michael Kopsa, Richard Newman, Mark Oliver, Tabitha St. Germain, and Lee Tockar voiced characters in Iron Man: Armor Adventures.
  • He has a running joke of asking self-congratulatory questions to other crew members in Brent Miller's interviews.[2][3]
    • In a similar vein, crew members will often jokingly criticize Tong's performance as Kai.[4][5]
  • Tong became part of the voice cast of the Johnny Test revival series, making him the only voice actor to do so after joining Ninjago instead of before and the ninth one to work on it: the others being Andrew Francis, Trevor Devall, Richard Newman, Scott McNeil, Marÿke Hendrikse, Kathleen Barr, Ian James Corlett, and Lee Tockar.



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