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“To become Water, you must find its qualities within yourself. While earth is strong and air is fluid, Water can be both, strong and fluid.”
Master Wu

Water is a secondary element in Ninjago. It was formerly used by Maya before it was passed down to her daughter and current user, Nya. This element is associated with light blue and corresponds with the Elemental Water Dragon.

Nya has control over the water and when she uses it in a form of a vortex (via her True Potential) it allows her to have control over the water (rains, tidal waves, etc).

Users' Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis - The user can manipulate and generate water, including water inside objects (like water bottles). The user can also encapsulate and/or surround an object or person moving the water. In "The Belly of the Beast," Nya said that she cannot generate water due to the low humidity of the Desert of Doom. This confirms that users of this element can only generate water when there is humidity in the atmosphere.
    • Water Trapping - The user can use water to trap ghosts in it since it's the only thing known to stop ghosts, as explained by Master Wu during Nya's water training in "Stiix and Stones."
    • Rain Generation - The user can make it rain, even in a drought.
    • Water Shield Construction - The user can make a shield of water to protect themselves (works dramatically against ghosts).
    • Hydrokinetic Flight - The user is able to propel themselves up using Water.
    • Tidal Wave Generation - Allows the user to create a tidal wave by pushing or pulling a great amount of water, like Nya did when unlocking her True Potential and defeating The Preeminent and the Ghost Warriors.
    • Water Sphere Generation - The user is able to generate a sphere of water that they are able to hold in the air.
    • Manipulation of Ice - Using water, Nya was able to control ice.

Via the users' True Potential

  • Waterspout Generation - The user is able to surrounded by water to defense or attack.
  • Whirlpool Creation - The user can generate whirlpool, swirling bodies of water that can be used to attack or trap enemies.


Seen on the torso of Nya's Ninja suit, the symbol for water appears to be the head and wings of a phoenix, with the wings resembling waves of water.

Notable Users



  • Chen was able to complete his spell without the use of Water because it's not an element listed in the book. This is also the same for Wind and Time.[1]
  • Kai and Zane have created water by combining their elemental powers.
  • It is the only element that can potentially harm/destroy ghosts.
  • It has been confirmed that an Elemental Master of Water cannot breathe underwater.
  • Apart from their own element, the Elemental Master of Water cannot manipulate any other type of liquid (i.e. juice, mud, etc.)[2]



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