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Not to be confused with Water.
“Picture it, Gripe. Streets, turned into canals. Buildings and homes, flooded. Vehicles rusting away below the waves.”

Wave is a power in Ninjago that consist of the Elemental Powers of Wind and Water.[1] It is generally associated with the color of light blue. The user of Wave can control the waves from the Endless Sea.

Users' abilities

  • Tidal Wave Generation - A user of Wave can generate waves or tsunamis to flood many islands and raise sea levels.
  • Hydrokinesis/Aquakinesis - The user of Wave can also manipulate the water from the ocean.

Higher-level powers

  • Fury of the Storm - With Storm, the user of Wave can create a destructive storm that can affect an entire realm, such as Ninjago's.


Prior to the series

Long before Ninjago was created, Wojira had the power of Wave and Storm by using the Amulets of Wojira, having power over the Endless Sea and terrorized the Merlopians and the islanders. However, as a result of being cast into a deep sleep by Nyad during the Battle of Nine Days, the source of Wojira's power of Wave, the Wave Amulet, was given to the Merlopians while the source of Wojira's power of Storm, the Storm Amulet, was given to the islanders.[2]

The Calm Before the Storm

After Wojira became under Kalmaar's control, Kalmaar ordered her to use the full power of Wave and Storm to destroy all the islands within Ninjago's realm. While Kalmaar was taking Wojira to Ninjago, they caused the Endless Sea to create rough waves as Wojira created the Fury of the Storm. Eventually, Kalmaar and Wojira soon arrived to Ninjago and created a tsunami that flooded the city.

Assault on Ninjago City

As Dareth was on a tour bus with some of the citizens of Ninjago, he noticed the tsunami that was flooding the city, and he tried to help the citizens inside the bus with him to safety, but the water was too powerful. However, Jay managed to help in time to save them.


The waves increase the sea level as Wojira overpowered the ninja.

The Turn of the Tide

After Nya was destroyed in her Water Dragon form, she quickly regained her form again and destroyed the Wave Amulet, making Wojira lose her power of Wave. After the sea serpent's defeat, Nya uses her power to make the Endless Sea calm again, getting rid of all the destruction Wojira caused by using the power of Wave and Storm.

Notable Users


  • Wojira (with the Wave Amulet; formerly)




The Island

Season 14: Seabound

Season 15: Crystalized

Ninjago Magazine


  • Although Wave has slightly different characteristics than other Elemental Powers, The Book of Elemental Powers recognizes it as an element.
    • Although, Tommy Andreasen said that Wave and Storm aren't elements, but rather complex abilities that Wojira uses. In Wave's case,"It takes wind (or quake) and water to produce a wave."[1]


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