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Okay, so, let me get this straight. Kalmaar needs two amulets to awaken this huge serpent Wojira, and he's got one of them already?

The Wave Amulet (also referred to as the Amulet of Wave[1]) was an ancient amulet that was given to the Merlopians by the First Spinjitzu Master to protect it from Wojira. Along with the Storm Amulet, it was one of the two amulets that were used by Wojira to rule the Endless Sea.[2] However, during Kalmaar's assault on Ninjago City, Nya destroyed the Wave Amulet to defeat Wojira.


Before the creation of Ninjago, Wojira used the Storm and Wave Amulets to control the Endless Sea. Although, Nyad was able to defeat her by prying the two amulets from her head.[1] After the battle, the First Spinjitzu Master gave the Wave Amulet to the Merlopians to protect it.[3]

Sometime before Wojira's return, Kalmaar managed to find the Wave Amulet and return it to Wojira so he can awaken her.[4]

A Big Splash through Five Thousand Fathoms Down

After being tasked to reawaken Wojira, Glutinous spent most of his time at the Temple of Wojira to create a replica of the Storm Amulet while trying to study more on the Wave Amulet.[5]

The Calm Before the Storm through The Turn of the Tide

After awaking Wojira with both of her amulets, Kalmaar used his trident to take control of her by striking the Wave Amulet with it, forcing Wojira to obey his commands.

The Turn of the Tide

After Kalmaar was eaten by Wojira, Nya in her new form destroyed the Wave Amulet to defeat the sea serpent.


  • Ocean Control - The Wave Amulet can control and manipulate the water from the Endless Sea, allowing the user to have control of it and its aspects. Tampering with it’s power would cause the Elemental Master of Water’s powers to go out of control.




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