The Whack Rats is a team that appears in the arcade game called Prime Empire. They ride Quad Bikes and are followers of Atta the Ratta, while Ritchie and Richie used to serve Unagami. They're known for making life difficult for the people of Prime Empire and challenging them in every way.


Prime Empire Original Shorts

The Meaning of Victory

Ritchie is interviewed about what it would be like if he won the Key-Tana. Ritchie responded that he is racing in honor of Atta the Ratta and for the glory of all rats.

He then fights for a spot on the camera as other racers are interviewed.

Prime Empire

Dyer Island

Richie is seen when Leroy is playing Prime Empire.

Level Thirteen

A Whack Rat can be seen when passing by the Ninja.

The Glitch

The Whack Rats ambush the Ninja, but they are defeated and Nya ties up Ritchie. He tells the Ninja that he was sent by Unagami to stop the Ninja which makes the Ninja realize that Unagami is playing dirty.

Before the Ninja leave, Ritchie reveals there's a glitch in the game the Ninja can use to bypass the Forest of Discontent. He promises to lead them due to having an itch he wants to scratch. Lloyd releases him and Ritchie leads them to the glitched portal where he jumps in.

The Ninja follow suit and they are quickly surrounded by Red Visors. While the Ninja are fighting, Ritchie leaves the room.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Some Wack Rats are seen walking around Terra Technica.

Racer Seven

The Wack Rats are racing in the Speedway Five-Billion and knock Racer Seven out of the race.

The Speedway Five-Billion

When Jay pulls up front, he gets side to side with Ritchie. They both recognize each other and Ritchie throws a bomb at him. Luckily, Jay ducks down in time for it to go over his jet and hit another competitor, sending it flying back and hitting other race vehicles as well.

Kai and Cole get close to a Whack Rat, and the Rat gets a Loot-Box. As a result, a spiked wrecking ball gets attached to his car by a chain. Kai manages to evade his attacks, but as Cole dodges, he accidently gets stuck on the base of the chain. Cole manages to make his way up to the Whack Rat's car and throw its driver out, getting Cole a vehicle of his own. Kai grabs another Loot-Box up ahead. When it seems like it doesn't do anything, Kai's jet turns into a fast running mech. Kai laughs as a response while he takes out another racer.

Towards the end of the race, the Whack Rats then attempt to move Racer Seven out of first, but the Ninja get in their way. Racer Seven crosses the finish line first and wins.

Game Over

The Whack Rats arrive in Ninjago with the former citizens of Prime Empire and the NPCs, however, many of the Whack Rats, if not all, willingly return to Prime Empire.



LEGO Ninjago

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

Video Games


  • Many of the members of the Whack Rats looks similar to Hausner and Richie, two other Whack Rats that work for Unagami.
    • However, in the show, the other sand green rats have different coloring and a mohawk.
  • The members of the Whack Rats comes in four different colors, pink, sand green, lavender, and lime green.
  • They are the second villainous gang to appear in the series, the first being the Sons of Garmadon.
    • They also share a few traits with the S.O.G, such as having a mysterious leader and considered being at low reputation by the populations of Ninjago City and Terra Technica.
    • Ironically, the lavender colored Whack Rats have the S.O.G. logo behind their back.
  • The Whack Rats were released in 2020, which according to the Chinese Zodiac, is the Year of the Rat.
  • The visors the Whack Rats wear bears a resemblance to a villainous gang called the "Mutants" from a Batman comic made by Frank Miller, "The Dark Knight Returns."
  • Atta the Ratta is the only notable Whack Rat that doesn't to appear in the series.


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