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WildBrain, formerly known as DHX Media, is a Canadian animation studio that creates and broadcasts animated and live-action series, and LEGO stop-motion. They are responsible for animating LEGO Ninjago from Season 11 onwards.

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  • Unlike Wil Film, WildBrain regularly uses the "smear frame" animation technique, in which a character is stretched out to give the illusion of motion blur. Vlad Tutu is an example of a character who always appears stretched out when moving.
  • Compared to WilFilm, WildBrain tends to use flatter colors and less shading, as well as more cartoonish elements to things such as Spinjitzu, or just movement of the characters as a whole.

TV channels

Cartoon Network · CITV · Netflix · Nickelodeon · SIC K

Animation studios

WILFilm ApS · WildBrain


LEGO · Psychic Bunny

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