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WildBrain, formerly known as DHX Media, is a Canadian animation studio that creates and broadcasts animated and live-action series, and LEGO stop-motion. They are responsible for animating LEGO Ninjago from Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu onwards.

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  • More often than WilFilm, WildBrain uses the "smear frame" animation technique, in which a character is stretched out to give the illusion of motion blur (see examples below).
    • Vlad Tutu is an example of a character who always appears stretched out when moving.
  • Compared to WilFilm, WildBrain tends to use flatter colors and less shading, as well as more cartoonish elements to things such as exaggerating the Spinjitzu tornados and the movement of the characters as a whole.
  • In some scenes, most often in battle, a technique is used for a few seconds, where the background changes to one color with several lines that symbolize movement and emphasize the scene.
  • Compared to WilFilm, the WildBrain characters have more color lines and variation in their hair. The texture of clothing is also much more detailed.


This is a gallery of abnormal frames in which the animation is used to simulate action or sudden movement.

This is a gallery of background changes and scene emphasis.


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