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“I have no throat, but I can wail. I have no hands, but I can touch you.”

Wind is an element in Ninjago. It is generally associated with the color dark green. A Master of Wind can manipulate the air to expel gusts of wind.

Users' abilities

  • Aerokinesis - The user is able to control and generate the wind, as seen in "Winds of Change," when Morro creates a gust of wind to blow the ninja backwards. Additionally, he can create a powerful air current to attract objects and people by pulling the wind towards himself via suction. Powerful blasts of air can be used to attack enemies or redirect objects. The users are able to release bolts, waves, spirals, pulses, blasts, spheres and/or bursts of wind and use them to damage and push people; this ability is able to send wind through any form of matter, creating ruptures and pulses that can spread through anything. Also, it can be used possibly underwater and to move objects from a distance.
    • Aerokinetic Flight - The user can fly using the wind. A difference of flight with wind, the user can levitate in a similar style as Gravity (but not as steadily).
    • Tornado Generation - The user can create a large vortex of air around themselves to attack, confuse, or defend against an adversary. It could also possibly be used for travel.
    • Air Solidification - The user can manipulate pressure in the air molecules to solidify the air and use it to attack or defend against an adversary.
      • Air Shield Construction - The user can create a shield of solid air to avoid attacks.
      • Air Wall Generation - The user can also create walls of air/wind from nothing or by shaping the existing air/wind.
    • Tornado Spinning - The user can spin like a tornado for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Higher-level powers

  • Fury of the Storm - When used alongside Water, the user of Wind can use both elements to create Wave and Storm. When at full power, the user can create a giant storm that affects a realm and have power over the Endless Sea.

Notable users





Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 5: Possession

Season 9: Hunted

Season 14: Seabound

Season 15: Crystalized


Ninjago Magazine


  • Before the encounter with Morro, this element was briefly used by Jay. Despite his element being Lightning, Jay was able to use Wind in "The Green Ninja" to form a vortex.
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, Jay using the power of Wind was merely an early mistake that should be forgotten.[4][5]
  • Wind, just like Water and Time, wasn't necessary for Chen's spell, explaining how his army transformed without it.[6]
    • It's worth noting that it was revealed in "A Big Splash" that Water and Wind were pre-existing powers belonging to Wojira.
  • Though Tommy Andreasen[7] and the 2019 Visual Dictionary confirmed Morro's dragon to be a corrupted version of Lloyd's Energy Dragon, stated it was the ghost of Morro's Elemental Dragon of Wind.[8]
  • Green is the common color shared between most of the known Wind users. Morro's Airjitzu was green and the Wind Dragon has green markings on its body.
    • White is the second color used to represent the element, as the Wind Dragon's main color is white.
  • Regarding the element's status after Morro's death, Tommy Andreasen said "I guess the wind element has found a new host who is not known at this time."[9] This would mean Morro did not possess his element during "Day of the Departed."[10]
    • Andreasen has stated that he has someone in mind for who the next Master of Wind could be.[11]
    • He also stated that something Wind-related would appear in Season 15, though "not what you think",[12] and that the creative team has a plan for the Wind element and "may pick up that thread if it becomes relevant."[13]
  • While the First Spinjitzu Master had said that Wind, like Water, was "not his to command"[14], it is peculiar that the First Spinjitzu Master did not inherit the power of Wind, as the Wind Dragon had possession over it, and the First Spinjitzu Master was seemingly born with all the elemental powers of the dragons.
    • When asked why the First Spinjitzu Master never inherited it, despite being born with all the other dragons' elements, Tommy Andreasen replied that the situation would be something he would change if he could.[15]
  • Wind is one of the four elements not currently known to be confined to a human host. The other three are Ice, Time, and Water.


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 5: Possession

Season 9: Hunted

Season 14: Seabound


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