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Son, the Great Serpent Wojira is not a subject I wish to discuss. It was a creature of chaos. She threatened not only the surface-dwellers, but our people too.”

Wojira (also known as the Sleeper in the Deep, the Great Serpent, or the Mighty Serpent of the Wave and the Storm) was a storm spirit in the form of a giant sea serpent. Before time had a name, she used the Amulets of Wojira to rule the seas of Ninjago. In a battle with the islanders, Merlopians, and the First Spinjitzu Master, Wojira was defeated by Nyad and thrown into a deep sleep.

However, after being reawakened by Kalmaar, he used his trident to exercise his will on her body. Wojira helped him with his goal of destroying Ninjago and its inhabitants, until Kalmaar's trident was broken by Benthomaar, freeing her, upon which she promptly ate Kalmaar. Before she could do further harm to Ninjago City, she was defeated by Nya, although it is unclear whether she has died or transported herself elsewhere.[1]


Battle of Nine Days

Wojira during the Battle of Nine Days

Wojira is defeated by Nyad

Long before the island of Ninjago was created in its realm, Wojira ruled the seas by controlling its waves and storms, having the powers of Wave and Storm as a result. When the young First Spinjitzu Master arrived in the realm, he found a world in chaos. Together with the Merlopians and islanders, two species that were threatened by Wojira, the First Spinjitzu Master attacked Wojira. However, they were unsuccessful, facing seeming defeat by the great serpent. All seemed lost, until Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water, leapt on to Wojira and saw the source of her power. Two amulets that Wojira wore upon her forehead, the Storm Amulet and the Wave Amulet. Nyad tried using her broken trident to pry the amulets, but it did not work. As a last resort, she merged with the Endless Sea and finally pried the amulets from the top of her head, casting the beast into a deep sleep. The First Spinjitzu Master gave the Wave Amulet to the Merlopians, and the Storm Amulet to the islanders, so they can keep them from Wojira. The seas of the realm became calm and tranquil, allowing for the First Spinjitzu Master to create Ninjago.[2] After her defeat, Wojira was placed in a temple in the deepest part of the Endless Sea known as the Tartarus Trench.[3]

At some point after this, the Keepers came to worship Wojira, believing she protected them.[4]

At some point two hundred years ago, Captain Soto learned of the mythical storm spirit Wojira and drew her on his map of the Endless Sea.[5]

When Cole was six, a history teacher told him that Wojira had created the moon by crystallizing a bolt of lightning and placing it far above Ninjago.[6]

At one point, Nya and Misako learned of the legend of Wojira. However, they believed that she was an ancient myth about a storm spirit instead of a serpent.[4][7]

Dead Man's Squall

When the Destiny's Bounty was in the Dead Man's Squall, Nya explained the legend to Jay, who believed it to be silly until the storm got louder. Later, Jay remarked, "Pray to Wohira!" in hopes it would calm down the storm, though this had no effect.

Wojira sleeping in her temple

Before the conflict on the Island of the Keepers

Sometime before the ninja fought against the Keepers and Ronin, who used a boat that resembled Wojira to trick the Keepers, Prince Kalmaar stole the Wave Amulet from the Merlopians and placed it back on Wojira's forehead.[8]

A Big Splash through Five Thousand Fathoms Down

When Kalmaar had one Amulet in his possession and could not find the other, he hired the Merlopian scientist Glutinous, who made a number of Storm Amulet replicas, connected electricity cables charged by the jellyfish to Wojira, and tried to awake her up with electroshocks from the charged replica, but to no avail. Instead, it caused the marine life and one of Wojira's elements, Water, to go out of control.[9]

Unsuccessful attempt to awake Wojira

Five Thousand Fathoms Down

Nya and Maya find a temple in the Tartarus Trench. They go inside and find writing on the wall. Zane translates most of the message. It said to not go any further because the sleeper in the deep must not be disturbed until the end of days. Zane tries to translate the final word while Nya and Maya open the door. They see Merlopians experimenting on a creature. All of a sudden Kalmaar comes in and yells at Glutinous to awaken the serpent. Glutinous tells the others to try again. He powers on the cables while Zane finally translates the final word. It was Wojira. P.I.X.A.L. tells Nya and Maya the sleeper is Wojira and Zane tells them to get out of there.

During or after Master of the Sea

Kalmaar awakening Wojira

Kalmaar makes it back to Wojira's Temple and successfully wakes up Wojira. He takes control of her by stabbing his trident on to the Wave Amulet on her head causing her pain.[10] He then commands her to destroy the surface world of Ninjago. In the ocean, Mary Louise is in a giant storm with rough seas. The crew call for help with no success. The captain sees a shadow in the water. As he looks in terror, Wojira emerges with Kalmaar on her head laughing. Wojira sinks back into the ocean and the storm goes away and the sea is calm again.

The Calm Before the Storm

Wojira near the Mary Louise

In Ninjago City, a giant storm comes and all the citizens get an alert to evacuate the city. The citizens follow the alert and evacuate in terror. Gayle Gossip is with Vinny reporting how the seas are rapidly rising and how the storm came out of no where. Gayle then looks back and sees Wojira come out of the ocean with Kalmaar commanding her to destroy them all. Wojira then proceeds to flood the city.

Assault on Ninjago City

Wojira behind Gayle Gossip

Gayle Gossip is talking about how the scene was chaotic. Wojira then comes and roars at Gayle and Vinny. The Destiny's Bounty comes and Wu tells them to get on the ship quickly. Then the Bounty flies away and Kalmaar commands Wojira to go after the Bounty. Two kids then see Wojira looking for the Bounty. Wojira then stops and Kalmaar stabs his trident onto her again. As his trident hits her, she starts to move again. The kids try to swim away in their bathtub, but they start to sink. The Bounty then sees them and picks them up and gets them to safety. Wojira then sees the Bounty and Wu tells P.I.X.A.L. to hurry up and leave. They then start to leave as Wojira tries to blast the Bounty. P.I.X.A.L. then fires missiles at Wojira and they successfully hit her.

Wojira finds the Bounty

Wojira then roars and stops. Kalmaar threatens them, then commands Wojira to strike the Bounty down. Wojira then goes and tries to blast the Bounty again. Lloyd then comes out of the water and tries to attack Wojira, but she blasts the mech and Lloyd falls back into the water.

Wojira destroying Jay's sub car

Lloyd then tells Kai and Zane to hit Wojira with everything they have got. Wojira then goes underwater and Kai fires one of his torpedoes; it hits Wojira but does not harm her. Kai fires another one, but Wojira blasts him. Wojira then rises out of the water and blasts the Bounty. She successfully hits it and it crashes. Wojira goes to the Bounty and gets ready to blast it again, but Kai and Zane fire their torpedoes at her. Kai says Kalmaar is going to regret messing with their city. Kalmaar then says that their city is now his city, and the only regret he has is he can only destroy the city once. Wojira then gets ready to blast Kai and Zane, but Jay blasts her using his Sub car. Wojira then tries to eat Jay's car, but water then blasts Wojira. She lets go of his car and it sinks to the bottom. The person who blasted the water at Wojira was Nya. She then says that the battle ends now. Wojira and Kalmaar then lunge at Nya, ready for their fight.


Wojira's fight with Nya

Nya water hops and attacks Wojira and Kalmaar. They fight each other for a bit and Kalmaar eventually gets the upper hand. He has Nya cornered, but she tells him it is not over and that she will be back. Nya then retreats as Kalmaar commands Wojira to go after then. Eventually Kalmaar and Wojira come across the Bounty sailing. Kalmaar then commands Wojira to sink the ship. She proceeds to do so as Kalmaar goes on the ship to find the ninja, but the ninja are not there. Nya meets the other ninja at the building. They then hear Wojira and retreat in the building. Kalmaar then screams that he will find Nya and that the world is no longer hers, it's now his. Wojira then drops off Kalmaar by a nearby building. Gripe then comes and tells Kalmaar that he found someone who claims to know the ninja and Kalmaar tells him to take him there. As Kalmaar and the other Merlopians interrogate the police commissioner, Wojira then alerts Kalmaar that someone is coming. He then goes on Wojira's head and states that it's Nya. Nya then lunges toward Wojira and Kalmaar.

The Turn of the Tide

Wojira's ambiguous fate

Wojira appears in a flooded Ninjago City, with Kalmaar on her head. While she ran rampant in the city, Kalmaar simultaneously fought against Nya, Jay, and Benthomaar on top of Wojira. However, when Benthomaar suddenly breaks Kalmaar's trident, he loses control of Wojira because he cannot cause her pain anymore.[10] Wojira then proceeded to shake Kalmaar off of her head before throwing him into the air to consume him. She then returns to continuously attacking the ninja via using her powers. Then, Nya comes right back in the form of a dragon and attacks Wojira, whom electrocuted her. Afterwards, Wojira keeps attempting to kill the ninja with her storm powers, only to see Nya again in the form of an even more powerful dragon. Nya then shapeshifts into her humanoid form and breaks the Wave Amulet. After the Wave Amulet's destruction, Wojira disappears after being struck by Storm. It is unknown what happened to her after that.[1]


Wojira trying to kill Glutinous with no reason

Wojira is the embodiment of evil and there is no evidence of even a hint of mercy in her personality. Her only goal is to destroy Ninjago and she never wanted anything else. She is willing to achieve her goal by any means, even if lives are at stake. Although Kalmaar had released her, she showed no sign of leniency and devoured him without mercy as soon as he lost control of her.

Wojira uses an ambush attack to fight Nya

Under Kalmaar's rule, Wojira was obedient and obeying his orders, but after his death she became completely uncontrollable and even more dangerous because she began to destroy everything around her. If she was conscious during her voyage to Ninjago City with Kalmaar, she would most likely destroy Mary Louise and its crew.

Wojira looks at the ninja before she tries to kill them

Wojira swallowing Kalmaar

As soon as she was awakened and conscious, her goal was to kill Glutinous immediately, although she was stopped by Kalmaar, who gained control of her. She was immediately going to kill the ninja and Benthomaar for no reason without being provoked, even though she was stopped by Nya. She seemed to indulge in suffering, as before she seemingly destroyed Nya in the form of a dragon, she repeatedly struck her with lightning to cause her suffering and weaken her. She also showed a certain amount of intelligence in the fight with Nya, using various tactics to defeat her, such as hiding in the water where she was not visible and then attacking.


“It was a fierce battle. Wojira was too powerful.”
Wind blows chicken away.gif
  • With the Amulets of Wojira: Wojira was an extremely powerful being. The source of her power, was the two amulets which she wore upon her forehead.
    • With the Wave Amulet: While possessing the Wave Amulet, Wojira was able to control the Endless Sea and possessed the power of Wave as a result. When at full strength, Wojira was able to flood the land.
    • With the Storm Amulet: With the Storm Amulet, Wojira was able to control violent storms that would affect the Endless Sea. Unlike other users of Storm, who only used lightning, Wojira was also able to produce heavy rain and strong winds as well, this as a result let the Endless Sea rise above its normal level and gets pushed onto the shore. Because of this, Wojira obtained the power of Storm while in possession of the Storm Amulet.

      Fury of the Storm

    • Fury of the Storm: When at full power, Wojira was able to use the Fury of the Storm, which consists of a storm surge involving her elements and water and lightning that she spewed from her mouth. Although it was described to be the combined powers of Water and Wind, it was also described to be the full power of Wave and Storm.
  • Strong Swimmer: As a sea serpent, she is a very capable swimmer, although her journey to Ninjago took around twelve hours longer than Glutinous', although they began to swim from the same place.[11]
  • Intelligence: She also seemed to have a certain intelligence, and even without Kalmaar's domination she had a desire to destroy everything.
  • Superhuman durability: She is very resistant to the torpedoes from the mini submarines, while not even noticing shots. She is also resistant to the sub car's shots, although she can already feel them.


Kalmaar stabs the Amulet and causes pain to Wojira to control her.

  • Removal of the Amulets of Wojira: Her amulets also serve as her weakness as well. When the amulets are removed from her head, she falls asleep.
  • Stabbing to the Wave Amulet: By stabbing into the Wave Amulet with a weapon's energy, such as a trident's, the user can temporarily control Wojira's actions, although they must often restore this control by stabbing into the amulet, otherwise the user will lose control of Wojira.[10]


“Wojira is a huge snake, and she has these two holes on her head. And the amulets fit inside.”
Nya to the ninja in "The Storm Amulet"

Wojira is a huge sea serpent with black scales, although the underside from the mouth to the tail is sand-brown. She has light blue eyes, which were red under Kalmaar's rule. In the middle of her forehead are two holes in which her amulets are located. She has gold teeth and a black wattle on the underside of her mouth. From her head are two large golden horns divided into articles. There are also many bright blue growths resembling tentacles all over her body. On the sides of the body she has three large pairs of black fins with blue edging and spots. She also has two black fins at the end of her tail. It seems that when she slept she was much smaller and gradually grew to a huge size after being awakened.




Official description

Underwater Monster!

Deep in the ocean, this sea serpent of legend is pure fantasy… isn't it?[12]

Wojira's trail of destruction

The sea serpent Wojira has awakened on the bottom of the Endless Sea! She is breathing fire, causing waves and destroying everything in her way! Who will step forward to be a hero and protect NINJAGO® City? Can you build a vehicle or powerful mech to take down Wojira?[13]

Mighty Destructive!

This is the giant sea serpent Wojira. Normally she slumbers peacefully in her temple, but now, Prince Kalmaar has terrible plans for her to flood Ninjago City. Here are some facts you need to know about the sea monster!

  • Legend: When the world of Ninjago was still uninhabited, Wojira already ruled the seas. She draws her destructive power from the Storm and Wave Amulets.
  • Duel: Nyad was the first Elemental Master of Water. She defeated Wojira at the end of a nine-day duel. The amulets have been kept hidden at Merlopia and on the island ever since.
  • Respite: For many years Wojira slept at the deepest point of the Endless Sea - the Tartarus Trench. But then Prince Kalmaar, with evil intentions, awoke the beast using the amulets.
  • Attack: With Wojira awake, the beast and Prince Kalmaar headed for Ninjago City, along with crashing waves and terrible tides.
  • Resistance: The ninja fought back. First they defeated Prince Kalmaar, who disappeared down Wojira's throat. Then Nya takes on...
  • Showdown: ...Wojira, in a form of a water dragon. Kai's sister becomes one with her element and sacrifices herself to save Ninjago City and her friends.
  • Rescue: Wojira is defeated by Nya's water energy. Or is the sea beast simply hiding? Only time will tell.[1]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

The Island

Season 14: Seabound

Season 15: Crystalized

Ninjago Magazine


Video games


Wojira was first mentioned in "Dead Man's Squall" as Wohira, which in Japanese means "flat." For an unknown reason, she was renamed in The Island to Wojira, which may be based on the name Gojira, the original Japanese name of Godzilla. The Japanese word "kujira" means "whale," which fits Wojira's marine environment.

Behind the scenes

  • When asked if Wojira's appearance was planned since her original mention in "Dead Man's Squall," Tommy Andreasen stated, "That’s just how we think. If puzzle pieces connect, we connect them."[14]
  • Prior to "The Keepers of the Amulet," Wojira was known as "Wohira" instead.
  • Due to having several dragon-like characteristics, such as being able to shoot a blast of energy out of her mouth, having wings, and having a dragon head-shaped head, she was described to be a dragon instead of a serpent in LEGO Con and LEGO Brawls.[15][16] This is reference to the fact that in mythology, sea monsters like Wojira are described to be sea serpents or sea dragons.
    • Additionaliy, the Maaray Guards use weapons that have a hilt that resembles Wojira in the sets.[17] With one of them being known as a Dragon Sai.[18]
  • She is similar to the Evil Entity from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, because both are supernatural ancient beings trapped in a deep place (Tartarus Trench and Crystal Cove Caves) awakened by the main non-human antagonist of the season (Kalmaar and Professor Pericles) by circular objects (Amulets of Wojira and the Planispheric Disk). They both later consume their awakeners, deal huge damage towards the home cities (Ninjago City and Crystal Cove) and are defeated by the main character of the season/show (Nya and Scooby-Doo) destroying their vulnerable places (the Wave Amulet and the Crystal sarcophagus).
  • She is also similar to the monster Godzilla from Godzilla, because both are gigantic reptilian beings slumbering in a deep ocean (Tartarus Trench and the Pacific Ocean) awakened by a powerful artifact (Amulets of Wojira and the Hydrogen Bomb). They both do huge damage in a city (Ninjago City and Tokyo) and are defeated by the main character of the season/film (Nya and Daisuke Serizawa). Their names also sound similar, because Godzilla is called Gojira in Japanese.
  • She is also similar to the Great Devourer, as they are both large serpents that needed series collectibles to awaken them (the Fangblades and her Amulets). After they were awoken, they ate their summoners (Pythor and Kalmaar) and were only defeated after an excess amount of force to their foreheads.
  • She is also similar to Grief-Bringer, as they terrorized the place they lived (the Endless Sea and the Dungeons of Shintaro) but get defeated by a female Elemental Master (Nyad and Lilly) who using incredible power (merged with the sea and the Spinjitzu Burst), but many years later, they were reawakened by non-human main antagonist (Kalmaar and Vangelis) who using ancient artifact (the Amulets of Wojira and the Skull of Hazza D'ur) and use them for terrorizing people again and get defeated again by a ninja (Nya and Cole) who using same incredible power (merged with the sea and the Spinjitzu Burst) to destroy the source of their power (the Wave Amulet and the Skull of Hazza D'ur).
  • Like Kalmaar, Wojira has several teal spots on her face in the sets that did not appear in the show.
  • Her set design is very different from her show design, as she has a completely different head shape, is much smaller, and the amulets cannot be placed on her head, but only one Amulet can be placed on her chest. Her lower jaw is also black in the sets, while in the show it is sand-brown.
  • The structure of her body in the set is very similar to Fire Fang in 70674 Fire Fang.
  • Her head is made up of exactly the same pieces as the Overlord Dragon in 71742 Overlord Dragon, except for different printing, which is still very similar.
    • While in the sets her head consists of two parts 72224, in the show it is more reminiscent of the part 72362, which was used as the upper part of Zippy's and the Water Dragon's head in the sets.
  • In the Czech dubbing of "Dead Man's Squall," she is male and her name is changed to Wohir. The reason for this change is unknown, although it is probably a translation error. Since The Island, her name is changed to Wojira in the same way as it is in the original.
    • In the German dubbing of the same episode, she is also considered male. However, this was changed later and since The Islald she is female like in the original version.


  • She shares her name with a canyon in the Never-Realm, Mala-Wojira.
  • Her name is very similar to Godzilla's Japanese name 'Gojira'.
    • They are very similar, both being gigantic reptilian creatures, rising up from the sea to an invade the city nearby, and shoot a powerful laser from their mouth.
  • Mala" is the feminine form of "bad" or "evil" in Spanish. In this case, Mala-Wojira means "Evil Wojira." Sorla states that it means "Wojira's Wrath" when translated from the Old Tongue.
  • She is the fourth giant serpent. The first three are the Great Devourer, the Anacondrai serpent, and Fire Fang.
    • She is the first giant serpent to have no known connection to the Serpentine.
  • Wojira predates the Overlord, as she existed before the First Spinjitzu Master created the land of Ninjago.
    • Wojira may also be the oldest character to live in Ninjago's realm as she had been dormant for millennia.
    • It's unknown if The Overlord was even aware of Wojira after she had fallen into her eternal slumber.
  • She is one of very few who fought the First Spinjitzu Master (though then he was only a child when he confronted her, which may have contributed to his defeat). Another would be the Overlord, who fought the First Spinjitzu Master at an older age.
  • Wojira is similar to Osial, the Overlord of the Vortex and his wife Beisht, also known as the Final Follower of the Vortex/Avenger of the Vortex from Genshin Impact.
    • However, the only difference is that while Wojira can maniplate Water, Wind, Storm, and Wave, Osial and Beisht can only manipulate Hydro.
  • Although her eyes are actually blue (or red under Kalmaar's rule), her eyes are a different color in the various depictions. For example, on Wu's scroll, her eyes were tinted red, on one of the sea scrolls, her eyes were purple, and in Clutch Powers' picture, they were white.
    • Interestingly, her eyes have the same color as when she is under Kalmaar's rule on Wu's scroll.
  • Although she is not very long in the show, she is very long in the depiction on the set boxes and her body covers the whole box.
  • In her official description on, it is incorrectly stated that she breathes fire.[13]
  • When asked if Wojira did not need to eat while she was asleep, Tommy Andreasen replied that "Cold water hibernating creatures require litte sustenance. And it's a fantasy show for kids, so no such logic should be a concern."[19]



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Foreign language Translation
Chinese 沃吉拉
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