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“Balance is key. A perfectly balanced center will sharpen your mind, as well as your body.”
— Master Wu

Master Wu (also known as the Dragon Master) is the wise elderly mentor of the Ninja and the Elemental Master of Creation. He is the First Spinjitzu Master's secondborn son, Garmadon's younger brother, Misako's brother-in-law, and Lloyd's paternal uncle. Wu grew up learning the art of the Ninja alongside his brother, Garmadon, who was infected with evil. They fought together as a team against evil for many years, until Garmadon's corruption completed and he was subsequently banished to the Underworld. Years later, Wu trained a group of teenagers in the ways of Spinjitzu so they could protect the land his father created. Wu guided the Ninja in many battles against his brother, the Serpentine and the Overlord. When the Nindroid conflict began, Wu was corrupted into a cyborg, but was purified after the Digital Overlord was vanquished. After the Ninja went to a mysterious island to save Zane, Wu joined the Elemental Masters to fight Chen and his army.

After the war's end, Wu's first pupil, Morro, escaped the Cursed Realm. Wu trained Nya to harness her element, allowing her to destroy Morro's master. Shortly after, Nadakhan ravaged Ninjago and trapped Wu in the Djinn Blade, though these events were undone by Jay's final wish. On the Day of the Departed, Wu was met with a revived Morro, who helped Wu reunite the Ninja during Yang's scheming. Wu later confronted Acronix, who struck him with the Forward Time Blade that caused him to rapidly age. Though his health was restored by the Reversal Blade, he sacrificed himself in a bid to defeat the Time Twins and was lost in time. The loss of Wu left Lloyd in charge of the Ninja, and they made it their goal to find Wu.

A year later, he was found turned into a baby due to his exposure to the Reversal Blade, and kidnapped by the Sons of Garmadon until he was rescued by Cole. Little Wu was with the original four Ninja aboard the Bounty when they were almost crushed by the Colossus, until they used Traveler's Tea to save themselves, ending up in the Realm of Oni and Dragons. Marooned, he grew up again while helping his students to fight Iron Baron and the Dragon Hunters and find a way to return to Ninjago. After Iron Baron's defeat, Wu proves himself worthy to receive the Dragon Armor from the Firstbourne. He became the Golden Dragon Master, and used the Firstbourne to get himself and his four students back to Ninjago in time to help Lloyd, Nya, and those left behind end Garmadon's rule and take down the Colossus. Sometime after the battle, he returns to his normal age, and reclaims his place as the Ninjas' teacher. Sometime after, he was present in the arrival of the Oni. He aided his brother and students in performing the Tornado of Creation in order to vanquish the Oni.

Months after the Oni, Wu's past comes back to haunt him yet again when the Ninja inadvertently release the Serpentine sorceress, Aspheera from her thousand-year imprisonment. Once Zane is banished to the Never-Realm after saving Wu from a blast from Aspheera's staff, Wu's attempt to go after him alone are thwarted by the Ninja, and he is left behind with P.I.X.A.L. in Ninjago.


Early life


Wu and Garmadon, Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master

Wu was born to the First Spinjitzu Master, along with his older brother, Garmadon. He took after his father's Dragon heritage, and went on to inherit Creation as his dominant power.

In Wu's childhood, he and Garmadon shared a close brotherly bond. At one point, he went on a fishing trip with his brother and father. After both experience anger with not catching a fish, their father tells them to have faith. With this inspiration, Wu was able to get a fish, but Garmadon threw his fishing rod in anger.

Garmadon's Accident

One day, the two were sparring and Wu's katana was accidentally knocked over the wall of the Monastery. Despite his father's warnings to stay within the safety of the Monastery, Garmadon went to retrieve it as Wu was too scared, and took longer than expected to return. Eventually their father went looking for him, only to find Garmadon passed out, having been bitten by a snake.

Garmadon was ill for a time, tended to by his father and brother. Garmadon had been bitten by the Great Devourer, infecting his very being with pure evil, and awakening an undying thirst to destroy. As a result, Garmadon momentarily became violent and selfish, blaming Wu for his change. This initial effect was not permanent, but it was a harbinger of things to come.  

Meeting Aspheera

Spinjitzu Duel Wu vs Aspheera

Wu battles Aspheera

One day in his youth, Wu and his brother were going to the lake but a curious Wu told him of his intentions to venture into Serpentine territory. Wu shrugged off his brother's warnings and the latter joined him to make sure he'd stay safe. The two were amazed by the Serpentine's way of life and were about to leave but were caught trespassing and were imprisoned by Mambo the Fifth. A guilty Wu was criticized by his brother until a serpentine named Aspheera told them of how she was training to be a sorceress and offered to free the brothers, in exchange for them helping her in the future and they agreed. Aspheera freed them and told them to keep their promise in due time. Returning home, Wu and his brother found their father creating the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu and he told them not to tamper with it.

Grateful for the help, Wu returned to uphold his end of the deal, he and Aspheera became friends with him teaching her Spinjitzu. However, Garmadon caught him teaching Aspheera and warned him of how she can't be trusted but Wu didn't believe him.

However, Wu discovered that Aspheera's learning of the art enabled her to usurp the previous Serpentine Ruler Mambo. Distraught at what he caused, Wu gathered his brother and begged him for his help with Garmadon agreeing. They armed themselves with the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to have edge against her and confronted her. Wu fought Aspheera and achieved victory while his brother similarly defeated her minions. Aspheera was angered Wu betrayed her by not showing her this art and standing against her before she was defeated. Aspheera was subsequently imprisoned after Mumbo took back power. Wu visited her in her cell, where he tells her that she and the vipers are to be imprison in the Ancient Pyramid. She pleaded to Wu to free her, as she did him and his brother but her pleas fell on deaf ears and she swore revenge on the "deceiver".

Death of the First Spinjitzu Master

When Wu and Garmadon were young men, their father had Wu and Garmadon vow to protect the Golden Weapons, and then passed away.[1] Wu and Garmadon would remain allies and a team against evil.

Training Morro and the Serpentine War

A thousand years later, soon after his brother left to train under Master Chen, Wu found a young boy, Morro, rummaging through the Monastery's trash cans in search of food. Wu took pity on him and trained him in the ways of the Ninja. He soon discovered that Morro was a descendant of the Elemental Master of Wind and believed him to be the Green Ninja. This ended up being his greatest regret as the thought of the power that came with the title made Morro incredibly arrogant and he flew into a fit of rage when the Golden Weapons did not react as they would when in the presence of the chosen one. Wu was disappointed, but still would not give him the Green Gi, as it was not his destiny. Wanting to prove his destiny wrong, Morro left vowing to find the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master.

Garmadon eventually returned to fight alongside his brother and the Elemental Masters in the Serpentine War, where they imprisoned the Serpentine, exiled Chen and Clouse, and banished Arcturus to the Cursed Realm.

Battle with the Time Twins

Shortly after congratulating the Elemental Alliance on their victory against the Anacondrai, the Elemental Masters of Time, twins Acronix and Krux, turned against them, believing that Ninjago should be ruled by the most powerful. After the Elemental Masters were defeated by the Hands of Time, Wu came up with the idea to have the Masters of Fire and Water forged the Time Blades. When the weapons were done, he had the two rest as he and Garmadon donned the weapons and fought against the Time Twins.

After a short battle, the Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master defeated them, used the gauntlets to absorb their powers. Wu and Garmadon agreed that the element of Time was too powerful, and performed a ritual to open a Temporal Vortex, to send the newly empowered Time Blades to be lost in time forever. Refusing to be defeated, the powerless Time Twins broke free of the Elemental Masters and into the Vortex. Within the Vortex, Wu saw a blimp that told him the exact time Acronix would eventually return to Ninjago—forty years in the future. He kept this knowledge in mind, but thought Krux to be lost to time forever, unaware he would be released from the Vortex and know of his brother's return.

Immediately after watching the Time Twins disappear, the future Acronix and Krux appeared in a giant mech, and an army of unfamiliar snake warriors. He, Garmadon, and the Elemental Alliance were no match for the Vermillion, but they were unknowingly assisted by the future children of Ray and Maya, Kai and Nya, pretending to be their parents. The Time Twins fled into time with the Iron Doom, but were followed by "Ray" and "Maya's" Fusion Dragon. A mysterious individual riding the dragon, Wu's future self, tossed him the Reversal Time Blade. He gave it to Ray and Maya, whom locked the Time Blade away in the Boiling Sea. Wu also heeded an instruction from his older self to obtain Obscuritea from Mistaké, which erased his memories of the battle against the future versions of the Time Twins and the Timeline of Ninjago was corrected.

Battle Between Brothers

When Garmadon married Misako and eventually fathered Lloyd many years later, Wu was happy for his brother, but also somewhat melancholy, as he personally harbored some affection for Misako. During the war he had written her a heartfelt letter confessing his feelings, but it was intercepted by Chen, who convinced Garmadon to sign his own name to it in place of Wu's in order to win Misako's affections; Wu did not learn this until years later.

Garmadon eventually succumbed to the darkness from the Devourer and his Oni heritage, and planned to steal the Weapons. But when he tried, Wu confronted him. It was up to him to quench his brother's thirst to destroy. The brothers fought, and Wu won the battle, but at a cost. The kimono he was wearing had a protection spell to keep him safe from evil. This in turn worked on Garmadon, and cast Garmadon into the Underworld, banishing him for what could have been eternity.

Peace returned to Ninjago, but knowing his brother's ambition to get all Four Weapons, he sealed each one away and placed a guardian to protect each individual one. Fearing his own demise one day, Wu created a map of the weapon's location and entrusted it with his old friend, an honest blacksmith.

Years later, Wu began searching for the descendants of the masters of the Elements of Creation to train them in the way of the Ninja. He found Cole climbing a tall mountain, Jay on a city rooftop after his glider failed, and Zane at the bottom of a frozen pond testing himself. He brought each one back to the monastery to train them together.


Reclaiming the Golden Weapons

Way of the Ninja

Wu eventually returned to Ignacia in the hopes of convincing the blacksmith's son Kai to become the Master of Fire, and thus eventually the caretaker of the Sword of Fire. Upon arriving however, he was disappointed that Four Weapons sold only tools for a samurai and voiced his complaints. In response, Wu was promptly ordered to leave by Kai.

Yet Wu didn't get far as the Skulkin Army soon attacked the blacksmith shop. Kai was quickly defeated by Samukai and Wu rushed in to save him, using Spinjitzu. The Skulkin General used his daggers to topple the nearby water tower as a distraction, and Wu hurried to save Kai from being crushed by it. Wu was alarmed to hear Samukai mention Garmadon as the Skulkin captured Nya, yet didn't have time to contemplate the matter as Kai attempted to go after them. Wu told Kai of the Golden Weapons and advised him to become a Ninja in order to save his sister.

Master Wu took Kai to the Monastery of Spinjitzu atop the Mountain of a Million Steps where he gave the blacksmith one simple instruction; finish the training course before he finished his tea. However, Wu finished his drink even before the young blacksmith had a chance to start and told him to try again the next day, hoping to teach him patience. Kai eventually succeeded and Wu told him that a final test would come the next day.

The Golden Weapon

That night Jay, Cole, and Zane arrived at the monastery and attacked Kai. Wu eventually awoke and rushed out to the training yard to stop the fight. There he used Spinjitzu to give them their appropriate gis and announce their name and element. He then explained their mission before deciding that it was time to retrieve the first Golden Weapon.

To get there, Wu had the Ninja pull him in a carriage as a team building exercise. Upon arriving, Wu warned them not to use the scythe once they found it, and remained behind while the Ninja infiltrated the skeleton's mines.

Yet Kai ignored Wu's warning and used the weapon in defense against the Earth Dragon, thus creating a large opening in the ground which the Ninja used to escape. Wu chastised Kai for his actions and walked back to the carriage to go the next weapon.

King of Shadows

As the Ninja sailed through the Frozen Wasteland, "drifting aimlessly for miles," Wu took a perch on the dragon sculpture at the front of the ship they were using. Wu unexpectedly turned around and informed the Ninja about the Tornado of Creation, before the ship crashed into the Ice Fortress. After they claimed the Shurikens of Ice, Wu sent the Ninja alone to retrieve the Nunchucks of Lightning from the Floating Ruins while he prepared a camp in the Forest of Tranquility.

That night the Ninja celebrated their success thus far, though Wu was hesitant as they had yet to claim the Sword of Fire. Nevertheless Kai manage to convince him to show them some dance moves before they all fell asleep.

Later that night, Kai was lured to the Fire Temple by Garmadon and Wu followed, arriving as his brother was using his shadow to defeat Kai. Wu used his own shadow to stop Garmadon and recovered the Sword of Fire, only to learn that the Skulkin had stolen the other three weapons. Kai, Wu, and Nya attempted to escape from the Temple to help the other Ninja, but Garmadon awoke the Fire Dragon who quickly blocked their way out. Realizing the Skulkin were on their way to unite the weapons, Wu used the Sword of Fire to cut a rock free from the pool of lava, thereby sending himself into the Underworld with the Fire Sword to keep the weapons apart.

Weapons of Destiny

Upon arrival in the Underworld, Master Wu headed straight for Lord Garmadon's Dark Fortress, where he confronted his brother in the throne room. He easily defeated the Skulkin soldiers sent after him, but soon faced a far greater challenge: Samukai, wielding the other three Golden Weapons. Master Wu fought hard, using the Sword of Fire to great effect, but Samukai's use of the other Golden Weapons overwhelmed him, leading to his defeat moments after the Ninja broke into the fortress themselves.

As Master Wu recovered his wits, Samukai took the Sword of Fire and challenged Lord Garmadon for the throne of the Underworld. However, Garmadon simply laughed, revealing that the power of all four Golden Weapons was too much for anyone—even himself—to control, and Samukai was disintegrated as the weapons formed a portal. As Garmadon prepared to enter the portal, Master Wu tried to reach out to his brother, claiming that their father would not have wanted any of this to happen. His pleas were rebuffed by Garmadon, who revealed that his real plan was to trick Samukai into using all four Golden Weapons at once, thereby creating a portal to a realm where he could find the power to safely wield the powerful weapons himself. With that, Garmadon fled through the portal, leaving Master Wu and his pupils to gather the Golden Weapons and return to the mortal realm.

Rise of the Snakes

Main article: History of Wu (Rise of the Serpentine)

Legacy of the Green Ninja

Darkness Shall Rise

Master Wu and Nya leave on a one day road trip to get medicine for the Ultra Dragon and some other things and returns just in time to save Lloyd from Skales, who was plotting to kidnap him and convince Garmadon that he (Skales) should be in charge.

Pirates Vs. Ninja

Wu observed Kai train Lloyd in their apartment, though when the Ninja agreed that their conditions weren't suitable to properly train him, Wu sent them out into the city to find a better place.

Double Trouble

In Dareth's Dojo, Master Wu watched Jay train Lloyd to control his Lightning via light bulb. When the bulb breaks, Lloyd went to put his anger off on a punching bag. Wu told Jay to be patient. Just then, Nya entered to tell Jay if he wants to hang out with her at the Autobody shop and gave Wu a letter from Lloyd's old school. He read it and informed the team there's going to be a ceremony in honor of Lloyd reforming; they've been inspired to turn good.

Later, while cleaning up Lloyd's light bulbs, the "Ninja" came back. He questioned if they had fun, with "Kai" replying he should come with them. Noticing they were wearing sunglasses and acting differently, Wu told "Kai" he shouldn't go to the Mega Monster Amusement Park because of his old age. When "Kai" agreed, Wu attacked the imposters, only to be pinned down to the wall by Bizarro Zane's shurikens. Bizarro Kai asks him where the Ninja were, but was interrupted when Nya called on Jay's phone to meet her at the Autobody shop. As the Bizarro Ninja left, Wu was unable to warn the Ninja about the clones.

Ninjaball Run

Wu had the whole team balance each other, with Lloyd at the bottom. When Jay questions this, he simply told them to find balance, they must trust each other. When a wrecking ball disrupted them, Dareth told the construction workers they were a day too early. Dareth informed them he doesn't have $50,000 to pay off his debts and that a company—Darnagom Enterprises—wants to tear the Dojo down. Figuring out Garmadon is behind this, Wu assures Dareth they'll come up with the money by the next day. Nya informed them about the Ninjaball Run Race, which will provide $100,000 as the grand prize—twice as much money than what they needed.

The next day, Wu sat with the audience to cheer on the Ninja. When they won, he celebrated with the team.

Child's Play

Master Wu saw the Ninja off on their mission to the Ninjago Museum of History, where Lord Garmadon was attempting to revive a Grundle. When the Ninja did not return from their mission (due to being de-aged into children as a side-effect of Garmadon's spell), Master Wu joined Nya in searching for them. Their efforts proving fruitless, the duo returned to the Bounty, only to find a message from Lloyd, asking them to meet him and the Ninja at the Ninjago Doomsday Comix Book store.

Putting some of the pieces together, Master Wu has Nya accompany him to Mistaké's tea shop, where they request some Tomorrow's Tea. Due to Mistaké having trouble finding the tea, Master Wu and Nya did not reach the comic book store until nightfall, finding the Ninja at the mercy of the revived Grundle. After Lloyd uses the Tomorrow's Tea to restore the Ninja and defeat the Grundle, Master Wu witnessed the Green Ninja aging into a teenager along with his friends.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

As the Ninja train Lloyd, Master Wu watches and comforted him when he regretted not taking training seriously before he aged. When Zane's Falcon showed a video of the Serpentine practicing for the Final Battle, the Ninja went straight to Ouroboros. Once there, they snuck up on Garmadon and attacked. When he retreated, they followed him, only to find a portal created by the Mega Weapon leading to the past. Wu encouraged the Ninja to go in after Garmadon and stop himfrom changing the past.

After Past Wu talked with Past Kai and Nya, the Ninja went to inform him what's happening and asked for help, to which he accepted. When Samukai knocked down Past Kai, Wu used his Spinjitzu to attack the skeleton and save Kai, but Present Garmadon, disguised as a Skulkin, missed Nya on purpose. When Present Kai explained Nya was supposed to be kidnapped, he convinced Past Kai, and Nya, to become a Ninja. Back in the present, Wu watched as Lloyd vanished from a portrait.

At the Monastery, Wu tried to make Kai train, but failed due to the latter's lack of motivation. When the Ninja kidnapped Nya for the Skulkin, Past Wu then introduced Past Kai to the rest of the team. Present Wu watched Lloyd returned in the picture, but the city began to smoke up and Lloyd disappears once more, as Past and Present Garmadon made up a plan for the Ninja.

In the Forest of Tranquility, Present Kai explained to the team what happened as they traversed to the Temple of Fire. After noticing Garmadon said something different than before, Present Garmadon appeared and started attacking Past Kai. After an intense battle, Wu watched as the Ninja used the Past Golden Weapons against the Mega Weapon, erasing everything that already happened. In the present, Wu sat on top of the Bounty looking at Delta V.

The Stone Army

Wu and the Ninja travel to the Museum after the Devourer's venom has made the Museum's gift shop bobbleheads come to life. One escapes, and Wu races after it, crushing it with his foot, only to turn around to find Misako, Lloyd's mother, greet him. When the giant Stone Warrior is unveiled, the Devourer's venom drips on it, bringing it to life. Wu and the other escape it for a short period while Lloyd works on a trap. Misako finds Lloyd, and Lloyd tricks the warrior into standing on top of paper covering up the bottomless pit it was found in. Wu invites Misako to join the Ninja, and she says only if her son allows it. Lloyd allows her to, and she lives with the Ninja from that point forward.

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

While the Ninja train Lloyd, Wu takes his hat off to look at a photograph of him, Garmadon, and Misako. Misako unexpectedly appears behind him and startles Wu. Misako shows him her research and the scrolls containing the prophecy of the Green Ninja.

Moments later, while an earthquake shakes the Bounty, Misako suggests making the NGTV tower an evacuation station for the Bounty to land on. Wu and majority, if not, all, civilians left in the city and the Ninja climb up the stairwell.

Misako loses the container her research was in, and goes back to get it. Once everyone (excluding Misako) is on board, the Stone Warriors start destroying the Bounty's engines, and Wu leaves at the last moment to save Misako as the Bounty flies off.

Misako gets to her research, but at a cost; she is now dangling off the side of a 20-story high stair well. Wu fights his way through the Stone Army and gets to Misako at the last moment and saves her. They are only left with one choice after the Army backs them into a corner. Zane senses that Nya should fly the Bounty downwards, and orders her to do it. Wu and Misako jump off of the building, and land on, to their surprise, the Destiny's Bounty.

The Last Voyage

Wu informed Zane about the Island of Darkness and wondered if Garmadon and the Stone Army set up camp there. Zane then released the Falcon to see what's on the island. After the Ninja failed to fix the Bounty, Wu told them they can't give up hope. Misako then told the Ninja there's a way to defeat Garmadon; they have to find the Temple of Light to restore their powers. They then decided to sail instead of fly.

When Zane was the only one who didn't say goodbye to anyone, Wu tried to comfort him by saying there are some people who do want to say bye to him. They left Ninjago and watched what the Falcon has to offer, but it was attacked by a Stone Warrior. While they sailed, they went towards a storm, and the Bounty was attacked once more by Starteeth, which was too much to fend off.

The next morning, the Ninja tried to rid the Bounty of water, and they crashed on a small island with a Lighthouse Prison. They went to check it out, but not before hearing a growl in the waters. Dr. Julien, surprised to find Zane, opens the door to let them in to explain everything. He then sat them down on a table while Tai-D served them tea.

Dr. Julien told them that after Zane left the Hidden Workshop, Samukai revived him to make him build vehicles for his army. A leviathan was chained down in the Ocean to prevent him from escaping.

After the Leviathan went to check the prison, Julien covered for them by using their cups as drums to pass the time. After it left, they made blueprints and Wu went down to help everyone fix the Bounty. When night falls, the leviathan showed up once more and grabbed the newly-fixed Bounty with everyone in it. Wu instructed Lloyd to use his Energy, but it didn't do anything. Zane went down to release the leviathan using Starteeth, and they were finally freed. They then continued their journey to the Dark Island with Dr. Julien as their new ally.

Island of Darkness

Master Wu sends the Ninja out to find the Temple of Light while he, Dr. Julien, Misako, and Lloyd stay back to work on vehicles for the Ninja. They complete the vehicles, (the Earth Driller and the Fire Mech) before sending out the Ninja to the Temple. When Lloyd uses the "Golden Dragon," Wu, Misako, Nya, and Julien are watching inside the Bounty and Wu is embraced by Misako.

The Last Hope

When he found the Ninja using their Elemental Powers, he told them to stop, as it might reveal their hiding place. He then comforted Lloyd when he told Wu that he's afraid of facing his father. He later told Lloyd to let the Ninja help Misako infiltrate Garmadon's camp, as it might start the Final Battle early.

He met up with the others at the clock. When they didn't put the helmet on the perch on time, they fell down the cliff, landing in the Endless Sea as Nya gets captured by the Army.

Return of the Overlord

After encouraging Lloyd to face his father, the team went to the Stone Army base but found it was empty. They followed tracks left by Garmatron to make sure they don't use the weapon on Ninjago. However, Dr. Julien went back to the Bounty.

On the way, they encountered Nya, who is corrupted by Dark Matter. The Ninja stayed behind to take care of her while Lloyd, Wu, and Misako continued their journey and fought the Army.

In the midst of the battle, the Ninja and Dr. Julien came back to help. However, the Stone Army went back to Ninjago via a portal. With the Bounty destroyed, they are stuck on the Dark Island.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

Wu surprised the Ninja when he told them he has no words of motivation. After Lloyd pep talked to them, they followed the Falcon and found the Golden Mech. With the Ultra Dragon's help, they're able to travel back to Ninjago.

Wu and the Ninja decided to go on the Dragon to divert the Army's attention toward them instead of Lloyd. When Lloyd defeated the Overlord, Wu and Misako went to greet Garmadon, now purified of the Devourer's venom.

After the Final Battle

After the Overlord was defeated, Wu acquired Darkley's Boarding School and turned it into "Master Wu's Academy," of which he became headmaster and the Ninja, (along with Nya and Dareth) become teachers.


The Surge

Wu takes his students and the Ninja to New Ninjago City where he, Nya, and the students are escorted around Borg Tower by P.I.X.A.L. while the Ninja speak to Cyrus Borg. However, the tour goes awry when the Digital Overlord takes over the systems, turning the machinery against the tour group. They manage to make it out of the building only to find the city under attack by its own security systems. Wu and the Ninja get the civilians to safety, though are easily outmatched by the Security Mechs.

The Art of the Silent Fist

Wu is taken back to Borg Tower where the Overlord probes his memory to find where the Ninja are hiding. Once the Overlord discovers the Ninjas' location, he assimilates Wu into a drone, much like he did to Cyrus Borg.


Pythor breaks into Borg Tower where he takes both the hard drive containing the Digital Overlord and Wu to a location in the sewers where he uses the Electrocobrais to power them both. He then sends the now Techno Wu to Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk where they attack the Ninja.

The Curse of the Golden Master

Techno Wu is sent along with a host of Nindroids by the Overlord to Hiroshi's Labyrinth to capture Lloyd, whom they find at the heart of the maze. While Lloyd escapes, Techno Wu battles Garmadon once again. Wu is eventually victorious and captures Garmadon, taking him aboard the Nindroid MechDragon.

Enter the Digiverse

Techno Wu, Pythor, General Cryptor, and the Nindroids break into Borg Tower to stop the Ninja from erasing the Digital Overlord. Techno Wu and the Nindroids break down the lockdown walls in Borg Tower and break in through the savages.

Techno Wu is later seen batting a Nindroid, who lifts his hood to be Master Garmadon. Wu is victorious, but when the Overlord is wiped, he is turned back into Master Wu, and helps save his brother.

Codename: Arcturus

Wu and Garmadon are at The Temple of Light to restore Lloyd's golden power and the Ninjas' elemental powers. Garmadon thinks it is a waste of time because they need balance, but Wu tells him it was Lloyd's idea, not his.

Wu spots Cryptor and Pythor on a satellite, and sends Kai after them, but Kai becomes careless and is taken prisoner by Pythor.

Later, at Borg Tower, Garmadon tells that they defeated Arcturus, an ancient Serpentine General when they were first on each other's side. Wu asks where the Serpentine do their stargazing, and Zane jumps to the answer: The Lost City of Ouroboros.

The Void

Wu returned to Borg Tower with Nya, Garmadon, and P.I.X.A.L. where they were able to contact the Ninja. Advising them that if they "couldn't change their circumstances, they should change themselves," they were able to provide the Ninja help in their attempt to take over the comet-bound ship. However, their communications were discovered by Pythor who led a squad of Nindroids to attack Borg Industries.

The four managed to escape to Garmadon's monastery and they re-established contact with the Ninja.

The Titanium Ninja

Wu encourages the Ninja to find a way to get back to Ninjago. They eventually reached the Temple of Fortitude, where Cyrus gave them a shrinking pill.

With Garmadon's help, they did so, but was disappointed when Pythor took the pill instead. The Golden Master captured all but Zane, who sacrificed himself to save Ninjago.

The Tournament of Elements

The Invitation

Following Zane's memorial, Master Wu requested the remaining four Ninja to train at Borg Industries, but only Lloyd came. Upon asking his nephew where the others were, he said the loss of Zane would affect them all and that it would either bring the team together or tear them apart. Wu later appeared at Garmadon's Monastery looking at the plans for the Destiny's Bounty.


While helping Nya rebuild the Bounty, he fell asleep from listening to her talk about her problems with Jay and Cole. When Nya asked for some advice on the situation, Wu stated he was staying out of it. He then questioned Misako about contacting Garmadon and the Ninja and when she responded she hadn't, he decided to "expand their horizons," to which Nya set off in their backup vehicle the D.B. Express.

Ninja Roll

Wu communicated with Nya as a hologram, asking where the noodle trucks go during night. By asking where they were going, he implied to investigate further into the subject.

Spy for a Spy

He was mentioned by Dareth, who contacted him from the D.B. Express on Chen's Island.


While Misako attempted to contact Dareth and Nya using the computer in the Samurai X Cave, Wu made a pot of tea and offered some to her. In response, she berated him for being so calm when they didn't know where everyone was. Wu assured that he too was concerned, but had faith in Garmadon to guide them.

The Day of the Dragon

Wu and Misako contact Nya getting an update of Chen's plans and states they will pick up the Ninja and their allies on the Bounty.

The Greatest Fear of All

The Ninja return to Ninjago on Elemental Dragons and see Chen hasn't attack yet before heading off for the Samurai X cave. Wu is reunited with Zane complimenting his new form. He is thanked by Garmadon for looking after Misako while he was gone. The group soon wonders on what to do about Chen and his army as Garmadon states if Chen's invades war will break out and their worst fear would emerge as Wu states "The greatest victory would be that has no battle" and after Falcon gives them a clue they travel to Kryptarium Prison and meet Pythor. Initially, he wants nothing to do with them for all the pain they put him through until seeing Garmadon's new Anacondrai form which changes his mind.

The prison soon comes under attack by Anacondrai Cultists as the Ninja go off to fight them Wu and the others stay behind. When Zane notices Pythor's venom falling on Garmadon's hand, transforming it, he deduces that's why they came for Pythor as he holds the key to making the transformation permanent. Wu then realizes that was why Chen hadn't attack yet and agrees with Lloyd on keeping him away from the cultists. Wu has Zane join the other Ninja in keeping the Cultists at bay while he, Garmadon and Lloyd make off with Pythor just as the prison is put on lockdown. As the four run off, Pythor admonishes them for their cowardice as Wu retorts back and mentions the Serpentine War and Pythor states Chen inform them that the humans would betray the treaty as Garmadon states Chen said the same about the Anacondrai before Lloyd realizes Chen tricked both sides into war.

Once in the prison fields, Wu and the others come face to face with the Anacondrai Cultists and tells his family to protect Pythor. A battle breaks out, which causes Wu to lose track of Pythor but he manages to save the latter from being captured by a Cultist, though, is distracted by the Ninja breaking through walls. When asked if he had Pythor, Wu looks to see that Pythor was stolen by the Cultists when he wasn't looking. Cole stated they couldn't let the fake Anacondrai escape but Wu said they couldn't let the prisoners escape, telling Cole to stop destroying the walls. Zane then creates an ice bridge which the Ninja used to escape and Kai destroys it so the prisoners can't follow them, allowing the Warden and the guards to take the prisoners away.

Wu returns to the cave where he is told that Chen has shipped out several noodle trucks which causes them to note they could invade the city this way.

They contact the Elemental Masters for back-up but are shocked to see the trucks head off in separate directions and the Ninja go off to stop them. Wu tells Nya to ready the Bounty for the worse situation before telling Misako to notify their allies for help and tells Garmadon he was relieved to have him back. As he and Nya work on the ship, the power shuts off but Nya says she'll have back online in no time.

As the Ninja and their allies stop the trucks, Wu says the people are safe from the fake Anacondrai but Skylor informs them the Cultists are pulling the Ninja away causing Wu to realize too late that Chen tricked them and orders for them to stop the trucks. As the Ninja and the Elemental Masters open the trucks to find them empty, they realize Chen's deceit, causing them to lose control of their Elemental Dragons, being overcome by fear. Wu and Garmadon sadly state their worst fears have come true as the Second Serpentine War has just begun as Chen's army invade with no problem.

The Corridor of Elders

Wu and his group try to contact the scattered Elemental Masters and the Ninja before Chen contacts them saying he has taken control of the radio. Chen states he will offer a truce if the Ninja and their allies leave Ninjago but Garmadon states it's a lie, though Wu stops him and tells Chen they would think about it, earning shock from his brother. Wu states their forces are all around and they should consider it before Chen states Garmadon should listen to Wu as his words are what convinced Misako. Wu then learns from Chen that Garmadon placed his signature on the letter he originally wrote to Misako and is enrage by his brother's betrayal as his brother tells him to calm himself before angrily states Garmadon was no master and never was one. Skylor stops their fight before it becomes worse as it was playing into Chen's hands.

Eventually, the Ninja and their allies receive a mental message from Neuro through Lloyd to gather at the Samurai X Cave. While there Wu is still mad at Garmadon for his betrayal and gets closer with Misako which causes an observing Lloyd to ask his father if they note they know about the letter which the latter confirms. Wu then tells everyone that for Chen to conquer Ninjago he would need to pass through Echo Canyons which would take him to the Corridor of Elders which he tells a curious Shade it is where the statues of their ancestors lay and where they'll make their final stand.

With the Destiny Bounty fully operational, Wu and his group come to the aid of their allies managing to destroy some of the Anacondrai vehicles before Chen orders his army to head for the air and make the canyon larger for them to pass while ordering an attack on the Destiny Bounty. Lloyd and Pythor arrive with the latter telling them he knows a way to defeat the fake Anacondrai which was releasing the ghosts of the Anacondrai Generals which required Garmadon (the one who banished them) to take their place. Garmadon accepts this plan as Wu speaks against this decision as the latter tells him that there wasn't enough time to undo all the wrong he's done. Garmadon's decision upsets Lloyd who leaves and takes his anger out on the enemy.

Garmadon then has Wu read the spell open the portal to the Cursed Realm though reluctant he begins reciting until Lloyd returns. Lloyd takes the spell book, stating that he'll banish his father since it only seems fair that he does it. As the portal opens, Garmadon says that while he sought to make the world into his own image, he never realized he already had in his own son. Lloyd finishes reading the spell, and Garmadon violently ascends towards the portal. As he vanishes in an overwhelming flash of light, seven Anacondrai spirits, including Arcturus come out from the portal. The original Anacondrai curse Chen and his army turning them into ghosts, to which they too ascend to the Cursed Realm ending the war though Wu, Lloyd and Misako are distraught by their loss.

Afterwards, Wu is with the Ninja and the Elemental Masters celebrating their victory and agree to keep in contact for future conflicts. Later on, he and the others build a fire to destroy Clouse's spellbook and watch as a statue of Garmadon is built in the Corridor for his noble actions. When Lloyd makes a speech of being the son of Garmadon, Wu adds he was also his father's student as well. Once the Ninja swear to combat any threat the future may hold, they promise to live to fight for the future that fate may hold.


Main article: History of Wu (Possession)



Aboard the Bounty, Wu meditated with Cole, urging him to find what powers he could unlock as a ghost. The Black Ninja was successful in discovering he could disappear and Wu congratulated him.

Wu later summoned the Ninja to the bridge of the Bounty, informing them that Clouse had escaped the destruction of the Cursed Realm and was heading to Stiix. As the Ninja pursued him, Wu journeyed to the Domu library to figure out what the sorcerer might be after. His research led him to learn of the Teapot of Tyrahn, shortly after which he was ambushed by Nadakhan, the latter seeking to imprison him.

Calmly confronting the Djinn and casually noting Nadakhan's aroma of tea due to his imprisonment in the Teapot, Wu decided to test out his luck by wishing no one would be harmed in their fight, and in response Nadakhan moved their fight momentarily out of the time stream. Satisfied, Wu attempted to defeat the Djinn, but when Nadakhan used his teleportation and speed to evade him, Wu wished to have the power to defeat his opponents. As a result, he became so powerful that he would be able to destroy the planet in a single blow, making any attempts to destroy Nadakhan a disaster in that it would kill everyone else. After pretending to almost sneeze, scaring the Djinn, Wu humbly conceded defeat and wished it all away, being trapped in the Teapot of Tyrahn alongside Clouse.

Public Enemy Number One

While confronting Misako, Nadakhan showed off the imprisoned Wu and Clouse in the Teapot of Tyrahn, before trapping Misako inside as well.


After receiving the Djinn Blade from Khanjikhan, Nadakhan shattered the Teapot of Tyrahn, transferring Wu, Clouse, and Misako into the blade.

Operation Land Ho!

Inside the Sword of Souls, Wu fell into a deep sleep. He was later awoken by Jay and he and the other Ninja were able to escape from the blade.

The Way Back

Welcoming his students, Wu would proceed to warn them that by defeating Nadakhan, the Djinn's magic would dissipate, causing the reconstructed Djinjago to fall onto everything below, causing untold devastation. Making a plan, he, Misako, Ronin, Skylor, Captain Soto, and Echo Zane headed down to New Ninjago City to help protect the citizens from the inevitable destruction. Later, when Djinjago began to collapse, he and the rest of the citizens watched in horror as the massive debris fell down.

As a result of Jay's final wish erasing the events of the season, Wu was placed back to his original location prior to his visit to Domu, presumably with no memory of what had happened.

The Dark Island Trilogy

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 1

Shortly thereafter, Wu began to feel a sense of overwhelming darkness. At the same time, reports of missing fishermen off the coast of the Dark Island prompted Misako to want to investigate. As Wu sought to meditate on this approaching darkness, he hired Ronin to accompany her.

After meditating at Steep Wisdom for a week, he was interrupted to a villager who had discovered the ruins of Misako's boat, with no sign of her anywhere. Searching the wreck, Wu discovered a note from Misako pleading to stay as far away as possible from the Dark Island.

Ignoring her warning, Wu gather the Ninja at the Samurai X Cave to explain their mission. As the Ninja prepared the Bounty, Wu collected an important piece of cargo which Kai and Jay brought aboard the ship.

Shortly after setting off, the Bounty was struck by a lightning storm. In the chaos, all of the Ninja fell off the flying ship though Wu managed to crash it in the jungles of the Dark Island. Upon waking, Wu soon encountered Lloyd fleeing from a group of gorillas he had provoked. After helping the Green Ninja escape quicksand by using Airjitzu, the two returned to the Bounty and spent several days making it seaworthy once more. Although Lloyd wanted to search for Misako, Wu was adamant they sail up the River of Darkness to the Temple of Light.

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 2

As Wu and Lloyd continued down the River of Darkness, the Green Ninja began to become affected by Dark Matter, thrashing out violently when they encountered a swarm of oversized bugs. Although Wu tried his best to keep him focused, it wasn't long before Lloyd jumped off the ship and ran into the jungle to search for his mother, leaving Wu alone on the Destiny's Bounty.

As the river wove it's way through the Jankikai Jungle, Wu meditated to resist the effects of the Dark Matter himself. Two days after Lloyd abandoned him, Wu was bitten by an infected insect which caused him to hallucinate into confronting a corrupted version of himself.

Following his vision, Wu rested, only sitting up when the Bounty arrived at a mysterious cave. Venturing inside, Wu discovered Clouse, who turned out to be the mastermind behind the events on the island. The sorcerer captured Wu and explained his plan to destroy the Temple of Light and corrupt the entire land of Ninjago in darkness. Before Clouse could stop him however, Wu broke free and chased him out of the cave, though escaped in the Misfortune's Keep. Cole found Wu shortly after and explained the situation, though Wu insisted on taking the Bounty to the Temple of Light as it stored his secret tea crate.

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 3

Wu eventually arrived at the temple with the crate aboard the Bounty, and while the Ninja held off the Sky Pirate Crew and Shadow Army unleashed by Clouse, Wu opened it to reveal the Golden Mech. Having had it repaired by Borg following the defeat of the Overlord, Wu piloted it into battle against Clouse, who created his own Shadow Mech to do battle with it. However, Wu managed to overcome his foe, and used the Golden Mech's power to restore the Temple of Light to its original glory. With Clouse's plans foiled, a vortex opened to consume him, and Wu offered his foe help in escaping but was refused, leading to Clouse's imprisonment in the Underworld. Wu and his friends then returned home in celebration, but Wu was soon troubled by visions of old friends . . . and old foes. . . .

Wu-Cru (non-canon)

Due to the events on the Dark Island, Dark Matter crystals began popping up all over Ninjago and Wu sent the Ninja out to investigate. While at Steep Wisdom, Wu came across a mysterious stranger that had elemental abilities and was somehow resistant to the matter's effects. Worried about the Ninja, Wu asked the stranger to help find them. The stranger agreed and was able to bring back a possessed Zane whom Wu crafted a special tea for to cure the effects.

The Falcon soon arrived having discovered Cole, and Wu sent the Stranger and Zane to retrieve him. Once he was revived thanks to Wu's tea, the Earth Ninja reported that the Serpentine intended to use the Dark Matter to revive the Great Devourer. Although Wu was reluctant to allow the Stranger to continue aiding them, Zane and Cole offered to train it as this mysterious master's immunity to the matter was vital to their success.

After the three returned with Kai and Jay, Wu sent them to the Samurai X Cave to find Nya who had sought shelter there. They soon discovered logs left by Lloyd who had discovered that Fangtom and Pythor were intending to use the Dark Matter to become the Great Devourer, causing Wu to send them to the Mountain of a Million Steps where the old Serpentine Fortress was.

Day of the Departed


Wu explains the importance of the holiday

On the Day of the Departed, Wu and Misako planned to meet up with the Ninja at the Ninjago Museum of History. When the two arrived, the Ninja were nowhere to be found, prompting Wu to contact the Ultra Stealth Raider and urge the Ninja to hurry up. They eventually arrived and hurried to the gift shop, managing to secure Day of the Departed lanterns before it closed. While Wu was reminding the Ninja of the true meaning of the Day of the Departed, they were greeted by Dr. Saunders. After greetings were exchanged, Wu and the other Ninja followed Dr. Saunders on a tour of the new Hall of Villainy exhibit.


Wu confronted by Morro

After the tour, Wu and the Ninja parted ways to honor those who had passed from Ninjago into the Departed Realm. Wu used the Destiny's Bounty to travel to the ruins of the Monastery of Spinjitzu, where he drank a cup of remembrance tea in honor of his father. However, the Yin-Yang Eclipse that coincided with the Day of the Departed that year allowed Yang to revive several villains, among them Morro, who confronted Wu at the Monastery. Wu prepared to battle his former pupil once more, only for Morro to reveal that he had not come to fight. He had instead come to reveal the truth behind Yang's intentions and his plot against the Ninja.

Morro and Wu traveled back to the museum and met all of Wu's students except Cole, explaining to the confused Ninja the ghosts appearing were apart of Yang's plan to distract them as Morro confirms it. Wu stops the Ninja from attacking Morro by stating he was there to help. He had Morro tell them that Yang tricked Cole into bringing the Yin Blade to Yang's Temple and open a Rift to return to Ninjago. After the Ninja realize they forgot Cole, Wu and his students quickly boarded the Bounty to aid Cole, but not before Wu thanked his former pupil before he proceeded to wish him a happy holiday and return to the Departed Realm.

Wu and the others arrived at the Temple, but due to strong winds they were unable to get close and physically help Cole. However, their arrival gave him the inspiration he needed to defeat Yang, who saw the error of his ways and sacrificed his own chance to become human again in order to enable Cole to do so. At Cole's suggestion, Wu and the others then took the restored Temple of Airjitzu as their new base.

The Hands of Time

Main article: History of Wu (Hands of Time)

Prior to Sons of Garmadon

Wu continued his battle and was presumably able to defeat the Time Twins, before he somehow managed to escape the Time Vortex. However, the effects of the Reversal Time Blade were too strong and he was de-aged even further.

A year after the battle with the Time Twins, Misako was able to find him, but they were both captured by the Sons of Garmadon, a group wishing to resurrect his brother.

Sons of Garmadon

The Jade Princess

Master Wu makes an appearance in Cole's flashback while he was climbing the Royal Palace. Cole was climbing a mountain where he met Wu and explained to him that his mother had died. Wu comforted him over his loss and tells him that the reason that he came to the mountain was to recruit him.

Snake Jaguar

Master Wu appears in a flashback of Zane's, where he remembers the day they met in the Birchwood Forest.

While locked up in the Sons of Garmadon base, Cole notices the guards bringing a box into a room, saying it is the key to the third mask. After escaping, Cole went into the room and opened the box, revealing, unbeknownst to Cole at the time, Master Wu in the form of a baby. At first, Cole wanted to leave the baby behind, but Wu started crying, convincing Cole to take the infant with him. Ultra Violet comes into the room and surprises Cole, and they fight for the baby before Cole manages to grab him and lock the villain in the room before fleeing.

Dead Man's Squall

Off-screen, Cole and Wu are able to meet up with Lloyd and the Ninja before they find an incapacitated Zane and bring him on board the Destiny's Bounty. The baby was later seen crying, with the Ninja wondering if he needs a diaper change and as they were about to bet who's hood they should use, Harumi was able to calm him down by singing to him and putting him to bed. Later, Cole went to check on Wu and sang to him as well before discovering the blue blanket he had wrapped around him is a map to Primeval's Eye, the possible location of the third Oni Mask. Later, Cole gave the baby, who is now wrapped in a beige blanket some tea, which Nya was against, but Cole noted that the baby likes tea. Cole later went to the baby to shield him as the Bounty was about to crash land.

The Quiet One

The baby is the reason why Cole doesn't assist the others in repairing the Destiny's Bounty and he wonders if he should name him Cole Junior. He was able to shield him when the thruster test fails, leaving Jay, Kai and Cole covered in soot, much to Zane's amusement before Cole puts the baby to bed. Later, the baby somehow grew and was able to walk on his own to Jay, handing him a pair of pliers, surprising everyone on board. He soon consumed some tea and said "Ninja never quit," which was their motto, making them realize to their shock that the baby is actually Master Wu, which Jay announces to the others.

Wu was later drinking some tea, as the ninja inform P.I.X.A.L. and Nya of this events. Nya doesn't believe that the baby is actually Wu but soon does believe after she hears the baby talk and drink tea like her master does. The Ninja watched him go for more tea, which Nya and Jay refilled for him. Afterwards, questions are raised by how Wu reverted to a toddler; Nya deduced it was because he touched the Reversal Blade before he was lost in time. Zane states if Nya's theory is correct, the blades' effects have now worn off and Wu will keep aging until he returns to normal, eventually.

Wu is later held by Cole as the Sons of Garmadon attacked and surrounded them.

Game of Masks

Wu is seen playing around Ultra Violet before she picks him up and holds him as she mentions Harumi is not a bad guy, but a bad girl. Wu was later seen holding a wrench, but soon tripped and briefly cried, causing Chopper Maroon to laugh at him and Wu threw the wrench at his groin in retaliation before hopping away at that achievement and Chopper tries to grab him but he jumps on his back for enjoyment. He later got off as Ultra Violet leaves Chopper to guard the Ninja. While Chopper was distracted by Cole's singing, Nya tries to get Wu to grab the keys, but he mistakes the word for tea before realizing, sipping from the kettle before grabbing the keys and heads over to unlock the chains. She soon held him as they get free. Wu later accompanied them as they confront the Sons of Garmadon outside the temple. When the monster Lloyd and Harumi encountered before came back, Cole held Wu before putting him down to do Spinjitzu on the monster. He soon watched Lloyd get on the Destiny's Bounty before the monster broke free of Zane's trap, calling it crabby.

Dread on Arrival

The Ninja were able to tame the sea creature by using the same riddle Wu taught them back when Lloyd joined them and rode it back to Ninjago, where they go to see the Police Commissioner for assistance in rescuing Lloyd and stopping the Sons of Garmadon from resurrecting Garmadon. He was left under P.I.X.A.L.'s care while the Ninja carry out the operation.

True Potential

Wu was with the Ninja as they celebrate the Sons of Garmadon's arrest as well as dancing with them before they hear news that Harumi escaped custody thanks to Garmadon. Thinking he'll go after him, Lloyd instructs Misako to watch Wu as she and Wu are taken to Dareth's apartment in downtown Ninjago City.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

Wu draws on many papers as Misako received a call from Nya, saying they found Lloyd, but don't know what to do before realizing Wu was drawing Mistaké's tea shop sign and tells them to go there. Around that time, Wu starts talking in sentences again. Garmadon soon goes after Wu, who through his powers warns Misako and they prepare to leave, but are cornered by him. When Nya and a powerless Lloyd arrived, they told him to take Wu and he does so. On the rooftops, they were soon confronted by Harumi, wearing the Oni Mask of Hatred and Lloyd starts moving along to escape before they get on a moving train. On the moving train, the Destiny's Bounty was able to arrive, but as it was narrow and Lloyd was grabbed by Harumi, he threw Wu to them and Cole catches him. As the Bounty was being crushed by Garmadon's monster, Wu told them "to go," reminding Jay of the the bag Mistaké gave him earlier and they magically disappear upon opening the bag. They end up in a different dimension and Wu wakes Cole up before they realize the tea was Traveler's Tea. As they wonder where they are, they see many dragons pass by, making them realize they're in the Realm of Oni and Dragons, Wu's father's birthplace.

Prior to Hunted

During the week they have been marooned, Wu has regrown to his child self, and his memories of his old life have faded. Somehow, he has managed to acquire fitting clothes.




Cole with the child Wu in a new realm.

While Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole try to work on a communication device, Wu complains that he is hungry before Cole tells him they have to ration their food. Still complaining about being hungry, they tell him to go hunt for some with Cole accompanying him.

As they walk, Wu has doubts on being a Ninja before they come across a baby Dragon, eating some fruit and Cole notices Wu's fear of dragons and relates that he was afraid of them before but he has seen they are actually friendly. They try to befriend it but the young dragon and its parent soon chased after them and Wu questions Cole's words on them being friendly. As they run, Wu narrowly avoids the attacks of the young dragon before Cole uses his weakened powers to barricade a cave for him and Wu once they reach it and is successful protecting them from harm.

As they hide in the cave, the two find paintings of the Oni and realize they are not alone in the new world and Cole wants to tell the others.

They manage to find food, but when they return, they discover their campsite gone and tire tracks left behind. Wu decides to follow them as that might lead them to their friends and Cole follows him.

Iron & Stone

Following the tracks, Wu and Cole were able to track the ninja to the Dragon Hunters' camp which they found heavily guarded. Wu wanted to charge in and save his friends but Cole stopped him and stated they needed to wait. Wu then used one of his quotes "Don't put off 'till tomorrow what could be done today," and stated Cole borrowed the words from him after he asked if he used his words against him.


Wu and Cole disguised as the Dangerbuffs

The two disguised themselves and infiltrated the arena as their friends were forced to fight a dragon. Watching from the audience, Wu and Cole were asked who they were and Cole used his alias "Rocky Dangerbuff" for them to blend in while Wu was proclaimed his son "Dangerbuff Jr." However, they were dismayed to hear that the Dangerbuffs were a real Hunter tribe from one of the hunters and they slip away. Wu criticizes him about the disguises as Cole is annoyed before they reach the lever.

They soon get the other Ninjas' attention, Zane tells Wu that he has to leave, as his mere presence (being part Oni) is making things worse for them. When Wu gets an idea, Cole and Wu pull a lever that throws a Vengestone chain to their friends, which helps the Ninja subdue Slab. Afterwards, Cole says that may help them before he and Wu run off.

Radio Free Ninjago

Wu and Cole go up to their friends and promise to free them before they are called on by the Hunters.

Gathering around the fire, Wu and Cole who were still mistaken as a member of the Dangerbuff tribe listens to the tales of the hunters. They learn more about the Iron Baron and his motives, when a mention of the Oni is brought up, Cole asks about them and just as his question is about to be answered a Dragon appears.

At the weapon, Cole and Wu "accidentally" knock the other Ninja off the stand. They try to rescue them, but the Ninja are immediately put back into the back of the Dieselnaut by Daddy No Legs.

Now in the back of the vehicle, they are forced to sit back and watch as the Hunters reel in and eventually capture the Wind Dragon.

Cole promises to figure a way out of this situation for them, and the Dragons.

How to Build a Dragon

As the Dragon Hunters prepare to cook the Wind Dragon for dinner, Cole and Wu manage to persuade Daddy No Legs to guard the Ninja. While "guarding" them, they make a plan on escaping before Jay remembers what Wu told him the first time he met him and decide to make a mech that looks like a Dragon, which they'll believe is the Firstbourne to help out. Over the next few days, Cole and Wu build the Dragon with parts smuggled out by hiding them in Dragon dung and get them before disposing of it.

As their Dragon was now complete, Cole was hoping to take a test flight, but despite losing weight by cutting sweets, it doesn't work. Wu instead insists he will do it. Later that night, Wu flew the dragon mech before a shot from Iron Baron knocks the tail off and the real Firstbourne appeared. As she was firing among the camp, Wu and the Ninja provide a distraction for Kai to free the Dragons before they get out themselves.

The Gilded Path


Wu aged into a teenager.

Wu had a dream about his time in childhood with his father and brother, he recalled fishing with them. After both were frustrated at not catching anything, their father told them to have faith and Wu heeded his teachings and was able to catch a fish, to his brother's chagrin. Wu then awoke to his students who pointed out that he has rapidly aged into a teenager over night. After he tells them of his dream, they pointed out his memories are returning and ask about anything else before a Dragon Hunter appears.

Heavy Metal overheard that Wu was the child of the First Spinjitzu Master as Kai tells Wu to deny it but Wu reveals it anyway. Rather than attack, Heavy Metal reveals herself to be Faith and that she is on their side and tells him about his father's armor. After she asks if he knows it location, Wu feigns the impression of knowing as he tells his students to have faith in his plan.

During the journey, Wu asked Faith about his father's time in the realm and she tells him with Wu learning about his relationship with Firstbourne and the unbalance in the realm. Wu then tells Faith about Ninjago and what his brother is doing to it.

The Ninja soon across two more Hunters, Daddy No Legs and Muzzle, who believe Faith (Heavy Metal) has captured them before they recognize that Wu had a growth spurt and attempt to interrogate him. However, Faith betrays her former comrades and the Ninja help her in tying them up. They then steal the two Hunters' vehicles for their journey and leave their enemies behind.

Two Lies, One Truth

Continuing the journey, Wu is told by Cole that he can't keep up his charade to Faith for long but he tells them to trust his judgment as Cole states he didn't teach the Ninja to take the easy way out. Wu then notices Hunters approaching and alerts Cole, who believed he was trying to shift the argument until Wu shows him and they flee the area with the others.

As they escape, they deal with repeated attacks from the Hunters but are able to hold them before dealing with an Ice Dragon, but Faith detains it. Wu also gets rid of the hunter Jet Jack, who was on his and Cole's vehicle by sending her flying, with him stating he was taking responsibility.

Arriving at the Oni Fortress, the Ninja see the area is abandoned and Faith gets frustrated that Baron lied to her and the hunters when discovering the Oni already vacated the realm centuries ago. Wu is asked about the armor's existence and he admits that he doesn't know its real as she further descents into rage. As she does so, Wu soon notices something on the fortress' door and has Faith move. Wu then shows that door holds a map to the armor and sees its real, to everyone's delight.

The Weakest Link

Wu is told he needs to know how to use the chain blaster and to ride a Dragon, in order to truly survive the realm.

After Cole blasted his copter down, Baron fell onto Faith and Wu's vehicle, he attacks them and nearly causes Wu to fall off the rider. Wu hangs on for dear life as Faith grabs his hand but Faith calls him the son of the First Spinjitzu Master, which a shocked Baron overhears. Because of this revelation, Wu become the prime target of the hunters as Baron ordered them to forget Faith and focus the entire hunt to capture Wu instead.

Fortunately, the ninja steal the Dieselnaut and Faith sacrifices herself by letting the hunters capture her and half the vehicle while Wu and the Ninja escape.

Saving Faith

20180723 165140

Wu aged further, and memories restored.

Though the Ninja try to talk him out of reckless going to save Faith, he says they must have faith in him after reiterating his father's words. The group find Faith whose body was buried in the ground but her head wasn't, she tells them it was a trap and they are surrounded by Baron and the hunters.

As they are held captive, Wu apologizes to Faith for not heeding her words but she tells him it wasn't truly his fault. He then watches Baron celebrate his victory at claiming him before hearing his pupils laugh about the situation and asks how they can do so before they explain to him why. Wu then joins in the banter and successfully jokes that Jay is the annoying one and watches as Faith exposes Baron's lies. An annoyed Baron turns on the elemental machine, and as he is tortured, Wu regains all of his memories and ages further, growing a mustache and goatee. Breaking free of his bonds, Wu knocks aside a hunter and claims her hat and staff for himself, as the Ninja see he is truly himself once more. He is taunted by Iron Baron before he begins to fight the Dragon Hunters and warns Baron that he will find the armor and have attack the Hunters.

Baron then notes Wu unintentionally confirmed the legend and offers Wu a deal, he leads him to the armor and he will send him and the Ninja back to Ninjago. Seeing he was outnumbered, Wu asked for the Baron's word and accepted the offer. Wu tells the Ninja to have faith once more, and then he and the Baron go after the armor alone.

Lessons for a Master

Wu and Baron continue the journey, Wu questions his reason for lying to his followers and is disgusted by his answer and asks if he will keep his word as Baron agrees.

The two continue and Baron nearly falls but Wu saves him and Baron questions this and Wu says he won't let someone get hurt. After more traveling, Baron believes they are at a dead end but Wu shows him they are actually at the nest. The two travel through the area and find the Firstbourne and her children asleep, Wu stops one from awakening as Baron believes Wu's Dragon blood is preventing the Dragons from attacking.

They soon spot the armor and Baron pushes Wu aside as the Dragons wake up, Baron puts the armor on and orders the Dragons to attack Wu who is not surprised by his treachery.

After the Dragons show no heed to Baron's orders, Wu reveals that he knew the armor wasn't what allowed his father to control the Firstbourne but that the Dragon only sensed his pure heart of goodness while sensing Baron's evil. As Baron realizes his end, Wu watches unimpressed as Baron throws the armor at the Firstbourne who encases Baron in molten rock. The Dragons turned their attention on Wu and the Firstbourne senses the good in his heart like it did with his father and bows down.


Wu, after claiming the Dragon Armor.

Wu then rides the Firstbourne out of the nest without any chains, and discovers the Ninja, Faith, and the other Dragon Hunters, who had since turned on Baron in his absence and freed the Ninja. As soon as he lands, he reveals Iron Baron's fate. The Ninja bow to him as Dragon Master, but Wu claims that it is he who should bow to them, as it was they who taught him everything since they arrived in the realm. After Cole points out that their job isn't finished, Wu asks the Firstbourne if she will get him and his former students home. She agrees to do so, calling upon four other Dragons for the Ninja to ride. He then invites Faith to ride with him, but despite wanting this, she declines to make a change in her own home, earning respect from the other Hunters.

With their work finally finished in the Realm of Oni and Dragons, Wu and the Ninja ride the Dragons out of the realm, and begin their return to Ninjago.

Green Destiny

Arriving in Ninjago through a portal forming in the air, Wu and the Ninja are devastated by the city's state and look for their friends. They don't have to search for long as Nya contacts them and they make it in time to save them from Ultra Violet and her lackeys. Wu then greets Lloyd and Nya who are amazed to see that he has aged into a teenager and by his new armor. Wu asks about their allies and learns of Mistaké's fate before he tells Lloyd he has to confront his father and that he will assist him. Wu then takes Lloyd to Garmadon's palace and senses his brother's evil aura as the latter detects his return.

2018-07-19 16 19 55-Greenshot

Wu battles his brother

Confronting his brother with his nephew, Garmadon declares them as his enemies before they fight. The three fought with Garmadon remarking the fight fuels him before knocking Wu from the battle but he is saved by the Firstbourne, leaving Lloyd alone.

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Wu assisting the Resistance on Firstbourne

Wu later regains footing and joins the Ninja in taking down the Colossus by using his chain gun to help. Wu's actions come in handy as not only do they regain a new chain but their allies who learned of their return broke out of custody and help them in chaining the threat. Once Garmadon is defeated, Wu watches as the Colossus is destroyed and is happy his nephew has regained his powers.

2018-07-19 16 33 54-Greenshot

Two masters, looking to the future

Several days later, the Ninja clean up the Palace of Secrets before Wu, now an old man once again claims that there is trouble. But as they came out, it turned out to be a trick as the public and The Fold wanted to congratulate them as well as P.I.X.A.L., Skylor and Dareth. Later that night as fireworks were going off around the city, Lloyd comes up to the roof to see Wu saying goodbye to the Firstbourne as she and the Dragons have to leave. Lloyd tells Wu about Garmadon's warning and since Wu didn't see them, Lloyd proclaims that if Garmadon was right: The Oni are coming.

March of the Oni

The Darkness Comes

Misako and Wu are in the Monastery's courtyard observing the new murals. After a moment, the peace was interrupted when they saw Firstbourne falling. They ran down the mountain and found Faith is also injured. They carried her back to the Monastery to help her heal.

Faith mentioned that darkness swept over her home realm and that she barely escaped. Wu points out it might be the Onis' doing and the Ninja head to the Bounty to prepare.


Misako listened as Faith told her and Wu what happened in the Realm of Oni and Dragons. Faith laments on how she might have brought the Oni to Ninjago, but Wu reassured her and said they would have went to Ninjago regardless.

Meanwhile, the Ninja landed near the monastery and Wu and Misako went to see them. They were shocked to learn that Cole fell into the dark clouds and that destroying the Realm Crystal did nothing. However, Garmadon presented them with the Golden Armor and Nya said they can reforge the Golden Weapons. Wu agreed and they waited as Kai began to create the weapons.

After the Oni arrived, Wu decided to help the Ninja in their battle. The Ninja began the fight them and were surprised to see Cole arrived. Nya then hands him his Scythe but they were overpowered and retreated into the monastery. They then watched as Jay asked Nya to be his Yang, to which she accepts. Lloyd then points out that they can try using the Tornado of Creation against the Oni.

However, they found Lloyd under a pile of debris and mourned. He suddenly woke up and the Ninja were relieved. As celebration, their allies visited the monastery and watched the Ninja make a new mural with their handprints.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Main article: History of Wu (Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu)



  • Master Wu's current appearance.
  • Master Wu's classic appearance.
  • Wu as an older teenager, in Season 9.
  • Wu as a young teenager, in Season 9.
  • Toddler Wu, de-aged.
  • Techno Wu, corrupted.
  • Young Master Wu, during the Serpentine War.
  • Wu as a child.

Wu is an elderly man with a long white beard. He normally wears robes and a conical straw hat. In "The Day Ninjago Stood Still," he is shown to wear a small black skullcap under his hat, being bald underneath. His original outfit consisted of simple white robes. Once, he wore the more elaborate white and black kimono from his youth, with Chinese characters inscribed in gold along the left side. He is rarely seen without his bamboo staff or his tea set. In "Winds of Change," he wears a long, gold sleeveless vest over a white robe. In "Grave Danger," he gained an ornate battle suit resembling a ninja uniform. In the eleventh season, he has grown a single braid of white hair, similar to his father.

In his youth, he had a full head of blond hair. As a child, he had a bowl cut, a white tunic with his red symbol similar to his most common attire, and brown pants. As a teenager/young adult, he had a blond variant of Jay's original hairstyle. He wore a black and white kimono signifying his status as a Spinjitzu Master, with kanji emblazoned on it to be used as a protection spell against evil.

When Wu was assimilated by the Overlord, his appearance changed drastically. His tan straw hat became metallic silver, his arms and legs were black, and his face was half metal, with a red eye. More cybernetics were visible on his torso, and both his staff and his beard were black instead of gold and white.

When he was struck by the Forward Time Blade, Wu began to rapidly age. A notable change to his appearance was his beard, which grew long enough to touch the ground when he stood up. This was later reversed when Nya cured him with the Reversal Time Blade.

Overtime, the effects of the Reversal Time Blade had turned him into a baby, but as the effects wore off, he slowly grew back into his normal age. As of the end of Season 8, he was a toddler with very short legs and wears beige footie pajamas and hoodie.

By the beginning of Hunted, Wu had regrown to his child self, wearing beige clothing, with a tear on the lower right side of the jacket and one on the back. He is also seen wearing a brown pilot's helmet. When he grows into a young teenager, Wu's hair has grown and been tied into a bun, now with a golden headband. He looks similar to his "young" design from the past, albeit with white hair and slightly bushier eyebrows. He wears a sleeveless version of his Dragon Hunter disguise, with new pants and black gloves. Wu later aged further into a older teenager and had grown a mustache and a goatee. In a fight with a hunter, Wu gained a new conical straw hat and slightly resembles his older self. Once he tamed Firstbourne, he wore golden robes under the Dragon Armor. After some more time, he became his old self again.


Wu is over a thousand years old. He and his older brother's long lifespan is a result of them being the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master, whom lived for thousands of years before finally succumbing to his mortality. According to Mistaké in "Two Lies, One Truth," this is due to their Oni blood.

After returning from the Time Vortex, he had been found reverted to a baby due to his exposure to the Reversal Time Blade. However, as the effects of the blade wore off, he rapidly grew back to his normal age over the course of several weeks. By Season 9's beginning, he had become his child self again, grew to a teenager, and eventually his normal self by the end.

Wu and his brother have a peculiar aging pattern. Ages ago, they were children when Garmadon was bitten, and grew to be young men by the time their father passed away.[2] Their aging stagnated at some point, and a millennium later, they were still physically in their late teens during the events of the Serpentine War.[3] Decades later, they were physically in their early thirties when Garmadon was banished.[4] Only a mere decade later, by the time of the events of the series, Wu had become an old man, having aged tremendously in a relatively short period of time due to unknown circumstances.


Main article: Wu (Relationships)

Personality and Traits

As a young boy, Wu was a bit irresponsible and impulsive, refusing to retrieve his father's katana after losing it. Instructed by his brother to never put off until tomorrow what can be done today, he would watch, haunted, as the Great Devourer's venom began to corrupt Garmadon as a result of his procrastination, and would likewise remember his brother's words prior to his corruption for the rest of his life.

When he became older, Wu became a more benevolent, satisfied, and generous person, being very reserved and noble and valiantly fighting for good. Having a kind heart, he brought in a homeless orphan named Morro and took care of him, discovering his fatherly instincts after taking in the Master of Wind to be his pupil. However, he also had little patience for wrongful behavior, readily disapproving Morro's reckless actions and unanimously agreeing with his brother to banish the Anacondrai Generals to the Cursed Realm, and being highly protective of his father's name.

Years later, having officially become a master, Wu would develop an incredibly eccentric and mysterious personality, often instructing others with cryptic hints and would often avoid being straightforward, confusing everyone with his strange methods and ways. Wise because of his years of experience, Wu had an enormous amount of forethought and skilled intelligence, triumphing over several enemies as a result. Incredibly graceful, even when losing, Wu would be willing to sacrifice his life under any circumstances to protect others.

Despite this, Master Wu also had a more silly and playful side. He enjoyed less reserved actions such as food fights and riding on Ferris wheels and had a strange sense of humor even in battle, taking a little fun out of scaring Nadakhan into thinking he was about to destroy the planet and everyone as a result. However, Wu also had a past haunted by his mistakes, echoing his own brother's wisdom, and secretly reprimanding himself for the corruption of Garmadon and Morro, and for not telling Misako about how he felt about her.

When turned into a baby, Wu often cried, but laughed at something funny to him, as well as enjoyed being held by Cole. When he grew into the size of a toddler, Wu starts being helpful, even using the motto that "Ninja never quit," but he is still portrayed at having a little laughter. He later did a drawing, albeit badly, of Mistaké's tea shop sign as advice for the Ninja.

Upon becoming a child again, Wu displayed both his previous attitude as a child and as an adult. After turning into a teenager, Wu regained some of his maturity and some of his memories help him in using his wisdom. However, he gained an impulsive side as he chose to lie to Faith about the Dragon Armor since he needed a way to keep hope in his friends. When confronted by Faith, he had to admit his lie but he was happy to see it actually contained truth as they discovered a map for the armor.

After aging further and growing a mustache and a goatee, Wu regained all his memories and his full wisdom returned. Wu was ready to defend his friends as he did in the past and did so by standing defiant towards Baron. Wu also wanted to protect them and did so by agreeing to lead Baron to the Dragon Armor while assuring his protesting pupils. After Baron fails to control the Firstbourne, Wu shows a darker side of himself to Iron Baron, revealing that while his students helped teach him responsibility, Baron taught him the power of lies, revealing that the Dragon Armor in fact, cannot control the Firstbourne, and watches as the Firstbourne encases Iron Baron in molten lava, near emotionless at the sight.

Upon reaching Ninjago with his four students, Wu joins Lloyd in fighting his now-revived brother Garmadon. After Lloyd is incapacitated by Garmadon, Wu battles him, as well as asking him what he had become. Garmadon rebukes that time had treated Wu well, asking his brother if Wu believes that their father's sword can defeat him. Wu harshly replies that it can hold him, and backs away as Firstbourne encases Garmadon in molten rock. However, he still retains his sense of honor. After being blasted off Borg Tower by Garmadon, Wu goes with Firstbourne to help Kai, Zane, Jay, Cole, and the rest of the Resistance take down Garmadon's Colossus, rather then going back to help Lloyd. After returning to his actual age as old man, Wu appears to have regained his normal personality.


Throughout the series, Wu has predominantly used his father's Nin-Jô as a means of a weapon, and is shown to be extremely proficient in handling it.

After claiming the Dragon Armor and the Dragonbone Blade, Wu wields the latter with extreme proficiency, along with the Dragon Shield. During a standoff with Garmadon after Lloyd is incapacitated by the former, Wu uses it against Garmadon, and reveals that the blade can hold back his destruction and creation powers.

Powers and Attributes

As the Ninjas' teacher, naturally Wu is a master of the ancient martial art of Spinjitzu.

Creation- Being the Master of Creation, his tornado channels the combined power of all four main elements at once. He can knock opponents into the air by hitting the ground with a wave of energy.

Longevity- Due to his Oni descent from his father, Wu has inherited this ability and has lived for over a thousand years like his older brother.

Skilled Fighter- Having many years of training from his father the First Spinjitzu Master and brother, he is an expert warrior, skilled in hand-to-hand combat and the use of many weapons, preferring his signature bo-staff and occasionally the katana. Despite his advanced age, he is proficient enough at combat that he can fight and take on skilled warriors like Morro, the Time Twins, and several Dragon Hunters. While they were out of practice, he could defeat all six of his current students at once with ease through pure skill alone.

Dragon Channeling- Though he rarely uses his powers, he has the ability to summon the Elemental Creation Dragon.

It is possible with his True Potential, Wu can use Destruction since he is of Oni descent. Descriptions

Pilot (2017 Museum gallery)

Master Wu, son of the First Spinjitzu Master and little brother to Garmadon, has vowed to uphold his father’s legacy and protect the NINJAGO® world from evil. An expert in the art of Spinjitzu and the ways of the ninja, Wu shares his knowledge with his students and tries hard to impart his wisdom! He is a patient and peaceful man that enjoys a good cup of tea, but don’t let his old age fool you! This Master is still lightning-fast and more powerful than most ninja.

Wu seeks out the son of an old friend and tries to train him as a ninja. Kai, his new recruit, must learn patience … and so does Wu. While he has confidence in all four of his students, it seems they need time to master Spinjitzu. In the end, Wu learns that to protect the NINJAGO world there are sacrifices that only he must bear.

Season 1 (2017 Museum gallery)

As the ultimate battle between good and evil approaches, Master Wu begins to suspect there might be some good left inside his evil brother, Lord Garmadon. Still, he must be stopped! As he struggles with conflicting emotions, Wu comes to recognize that things aren’t always black and white.

Season 2 (2017 Museum gallery)

To help guide his students through the seemingly insurmountable obstacles ahead, Master Wu bestows the responsibility for mentoring and training Lloyd to his four ninja. With the final battle imminent, Wu is confronted with his past as he crosses paths with an old flame… Lloyd’s mother, Misako!

Season 3

Master Wu will fall into the hands of the enemy and their technology will transform him into a weapon of evil, called Evil Wu. Knowing all of the ninja’s secrets, as well as their weaknesses, Evil Wu becomes one of their greatest foes. With Wu on the opposite side, the ninja will need to rely on Garmadon, while they’re forced to face the difficult task of confronting their former mentor. And for Wu and Garmadon, the two brothers will find they’ll be forced to fight on opposing sides once again.

Season 4 (2017 Museum gallery)

Master Wu faces a difficult trial, as he is forced to rely on his brother, Garmadon, to watch out for the ninja team on Chen’s Island. In the meantime, Wu has the opportunity to catch up on lost time with Misako, his great love. To his shock and anger, Wu discovers that his brother had tricked Misako into choosing Garmadon over Wu back when they were young. Garmadon had put his name on a love letter written by Wu to Misako. This threatens to reopen the schism between the brothers once more. But when Garmadon sacrifices himself to save the world, Wu honors his selfless action.

Season 5 (2017 Museum gallery)

Master Wu was hoping for a quiet retirement when he opened his tea business, but instead, he has to face the ghost of his very first student, Morro. Wu barely has time to come to terms with the news of Morro’s death and his own regrets, before his team has to stop the ghostly Morro from destroying the NINJAGO® world. When the Cursed Realm is destroyed, and Garmadon evidently with it, Wu has even more reason to grieve.

Season 6 (2017 Museum gallery)

After the sacrifice of his brother, Master Wu is once again the ninja team’s only leader. He has always tried to prepare them for the day when he too might be gone, and that day unexpectedly arrives! He perceives the threat from Clouse and travels to the Ancient Library of Domu to discover what the ghost is seeking. Wu uncovers the tale of Nadakhan but only in time to be trapped by the Djinn in the Teapot of Tyrahn.

Season 7 (2017 Museum gallery)

Knowing exactly when and where Acronix would exit the Time Vortex, Master Wu waited at the old Monastery for his enemy to return. But choosing to fight alone was a critical error and Acronix hits Wu with the Time Punch and escapes. Now Wu is rapidly aging, and time is literally running out for him to undo his mistake. After Kai uses the Reversal Blade to undo the Punch’s effects, a revitalized Wu sacrifices himself to save his students, his friend Ray and the future of the NINJAGO® world by keeping Krux and Acronix aboard the Iron Doom. With their master lost somewhere in the folds of time-space, the ninja are left to ponder: “Where is Wu…?”

2019 (The Legacy of Master Wu)

Did you know Master Wu, son of the First Spinjitzu Master and little brother to Garmadon, has vowed to uphold his father’s legacy and protect NINJAGO from evil. At the Monastery of Spinjitzu, he and Garmadon were trained by their father in the art of Spinjitzu. Years later, he became a ninja teacher himself, passing on his father’s teachings. Favorite NINJAGO Legacy weapon His Bo Staff, an ancient heirloom that used to belong to his father. Quote "Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot Episodes


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Wu's Teas

  • 1. "Secret Teas"
  • 2. "Spinny Signs"
  • 4. "Music Night part 2"
  • 7. "Inspection Day"
  • 8. "Panda-monium"
  • 11. "Mystery Dust"
  • 14. "Lloyd's Late"
  • 15. "Steep Surveillance"
  • 17. "Nya's Mural" (painting)
  • 19. "The Taste Test"
  • 20. "A Beautiful Friendship"

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

The Dark Island Trilogy

Video Games


  • Even as a baby, Master Wu loves to drink tea. This was noted by Cole after trying to feed him milk as tea seems to be the only thing that he wants to consume.
    • According to the Hageman Brothers, Wu's favorite tea is "HumiliTea."[5]
  • Master Wu was among the Elemental Alliance generals who banished Arcturus and the other Anacondrai leaders into the Cursed Realm following the Serpentine Wars.
  • Wu has the most recorded near-death experiences of any character in the show.
  • Master Wu can hold his breath for a really long time.
  • His first student was Morro, although the Master of Wind eventually left and never came back due to his frustration at not being the Green Ninja.
  • Wu is the second person known to escape the Temporal Vortex with the first being Krux, who had done it 40 years earlier. However, unlike Krux, Wu escaped the Time Rift one year after being lost in time. Whereas Krux escaped the Time Rift almost immediately after entering it.
  • His staff is revealed to be his father's staff in "Winds of Change."
  • Because "Sensei" has different meanings in different countries that could possibly cause issues in the future,[6] in supplementary material from 2016 onward, usage of the word has ceased, and been replaced by "master." Because of this, Wu is now "Master Wu." Officially, this extends to other characters referred to as "Sensei."
    • Wu began to be called "Master Wu" in the show by other characters in the 2016 fall special, "Day of the Departed."
  • Up until "The Jade Princess," Wu had a three-dimensional mouth. But now his mouth is two-dimensional like all the other characters.
  • It is revealed in "The Quiet One" that the baby is actually the infant version of Master Wu; due to the circumstances in "Lost in Time," the Reversal Time Blade did more than just restore him to his normal age, it also reversed him through his years of life, rendering him in the form of a baby.
  • Wu is the second character to be rapidly aged, after Lloyd and the fifth character to be de-aged, after the four original Ninja.
  • His baby form had three voice actors.
  • Cole took care of his baby form.
  • He has Oni and Dragon blood, like his father, brother, and nephew. Wu is half-human, a quarter-Oni, and a quarter-Dragon.
  • Wu was a child and teenager in Hunted.
    • Due to his baby/toddler and child forms in the eight and ninth seasons, Wu has had the most voice actors of any character in the show.
    • From Season 3 to Season 9, Wu has the most changes in appearance: his old form, techno form, baby/toddler, child, teen/young adult in the past, young teen, and older teen with a mustache and goatee.
  • After returning back to his old form in "Green Destiny," Wu wore the the same outfit he had in the pilot and first four seasons.
  • Though he appeared to have his old memories as a toddler, Wu lost them when he grew into a child. After becoming a young teenager, he started regaining them.
  • Since Garmadon unlocked his True Potential, and gained the power of Creation, it is possible that if Wu was to unlock his own, he would gain Destruction, the opposite of his brother.
  • Wu had blond hair in the past, when he was young, both as a child and as a teenager/young adult. In Season 9, he had blond hair as a child, but white hair as a teenager. The reason for this is unknown.
  • He knows the secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu in the LEGO Ninjago: The Book of Spinjitzu, but the secret was covered and hidden in his journal.
  • In Harumi's data file on Wu in "LEGO Ninjago: Garmadon Rulez!," Harumi speculates that he could be potentially as powerful as his brother.
  • He survived much longer than Ray did after he was hit by a Time Punch, indicating that even though he is already extremely old, he still has a very long amount of time left in his lifespan before he will die from old age. However, Ray may have simply been struck by a harsher Time Punch. This could also be because he is part Oni, and simply lives longer because of this.
  • From Seasons 1 through 7, Wu is the character who introduced the episodes: both number and title.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, there are three possible reasons for why Wu and Garmadon aged so quickly between "Battle Between Brothers" and the beginning of the series, despite having been young for so long.[7]
  • In the live-chat of an episode of the Eljay Johnsen Show, he confirmed a fan's theory that one reason may be that Wu and Garmadon share an intrinsic connection of some sort that was severed by Garmadon being banished to the Underworld, affecting their mortality.[8]
    • He also said another explanation could be tea.
  • Wu has trained two students, who later became antagonists. The first being Morro, who left due to his desire to be the Green Ninja. The second being Zane, who was banished to the Never-Realm, and became the Ice Emperor.


In LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu


  3. Garmadon states in "Only One Can Remain" that he was Lloyd's age while training under Chen, which would mean he and Wu were physically in their late teens at the time.


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