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Wu   Wu (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)    
“Ninja never quit. And from this moment on, neither do Masters. They would never quit on us and we will never quit on them.”
— Master Wu to Cole in "Masters Never Quit"

Master Wu is the wise, elderly mentor of the ninja and the Master of Creation. He is the First Spinjitzu Master's second-born son, Garmadon's younger brother, Misako's brother-in-law, and Lloyd's paternal uncle. Wu grew up learning the art of the ninja alongside his older brother, Garmadon, who was infected with evil. They fought together as a team against evil for many years, until Garmadon's corruption completed and he was subsequently banished to the Underworld.

Around a decade later, Wu trained a group of teenagers in the ways of Spinjitzu so they could protect the land his father created. Wu guided the ninja in many battles against his brother, the Serpentine, and the Overlord. When the Nindroid crisis began, Wu was corrupted into a cyborg but was purified after the Digital Overlord was vanquished. After the ninja went to a mysterious island to save Zane, Wu joined the Elemental Masters to fight Chen and his Anacondrai warriors.

After the war's end, Wu's first pupil, Morro, escaped the Cursed Realm. Wu trained Nya to harness her element, allowing her to destroy Morro's master. Shortly after, Nadakhan ravaged Ninjago and trapped Wu in the Sword of Souls, though these events were undone by Jay's final wish. On the Day of the Departed, Wu was met with a revived Morro, who helped Wu reunite the ninja during Yang's scheming. Wu later confronted Acronix, who struck him with the Forward Time Blade that caused him to rapidly age. Though his health was restored by the Reversal Time Blade, he sacrificed himself in a bid to defeat the Time Twins and was lost in time. The loss of Wu left Lloyd in charge of the ninja, and they made it their goal to find Wu.

A year later, he was found turned into a baby due to his exposure to the Reversal Time Blade, and kidnapped by the Sons of Garmadon until he was rescued by Cole. Little Wu was with the original four ninja aboard the Bounty when they were almost crushed by the Colossus, until they used Traveler's Tea to save themselves, ending up in the Realm of Oni and Dragons. Marooned, he grew up again while helping his students to fight Iron Baron and the Dragon Hunters and find a way to return to Ninjago. After Iron Baron's defeat, Wu proves himself worthy to receive the Dragon Armor from the Firstbourne. He became the Dragon Master[1] and used the Firstbourne to get himself and his four students back to Ninjago in time to help Lloyd, Nya, and those left behind end Garmadon's rule and take down the Colossus. Sometime after the battle, he returns to his normal age and reclaims his place as the ninja's teacher. Sometime after, he was present in the arrival of the Oni. He aided his brother and students in performing the Tornado of Creation to vanquish the Oni.

Months after the Oni, Wu's past comes back to haunt him yet again when the ninja inadvertently released the Serpentine sorceress, Aspheera, who knew Wu as the Treacherous Deciever, from her thousand-year imprisonment. Once Zane is banished to the Never-Realm after saving Wu from a blast from Aspheera's staff, Wu's attempt to go after him alone is thwarted by the ninja, and he is left behind with P.I.X.A.L. in Ninjago. They attempted to go after them by using Traveler's Tea, but inadvertently release the Preeminent from the Departed Realm. P.I.X.A.L. was able to defeat it in battle and send it back. Soon after, he reunited with them, including Zane.

Wu eventually aided Zane and P.I.X.A.L in finding Milton Dyer while the ninja sought Unagami inside Prime Empire. With Jay and Dyer successfully converting Unagami, Wu was able to reunite with the previously cubed ninja, resurrected along with all the other inhabitants of Prime Empire.

After the Ninja freed the trapped gamers, Wu started to feel left out and think that the ninja no longer needed him. He was then forced by Misako to accompany the ninja to the Kingdom of Shintaro. Adventuring with Cole, Vania, and the Upply, Wu rediscovers his role as mentor when he encourages Cole to never give up when things seem hopeless. After Cole defeats the Skull Sorcerer, Wu is reinvigorated and steers the Destiny's Bounty in search of he and the Ninjas' next adventure.


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Wu is an elderly man with a long white beard. He normally wears robes and a conical straw hat. In "The Day Ninjago Stood Still," he is shown to wear a small black skullcap under his hat, being bald underneath. He can be seen without this skullcap in "King of Shadows,"[2] "Wasted True Potential,"[3] and "The Prodigal Father,"[4] but he wears it once more in "The Real Fall" (the reasons for missing this skullcap are explained in Trivia section). His original outfit consisted of simple white robes. Once, he wore the more elaborate white and black kimono from his youth, with Chinese characters inscribed in gold along the left side. He is rarely seen without his bamboo staff or his tea set. In "Winds of Change," he wears a long, gold sleeveless vest over a white robe. In "Grave Danger," he gained an ornate battle suit. From Season 11 onward, he has different white robes with a cape, sideburns connected to his beard, and he has grown a single braid of white hair, similar to his father.

In his youth, he had a full head of blond hair. As a child, he had a bowl cut, a white tunic with his red symbol similar to his most common attire, and brown pants. As a teenager/young adult, he had a blond variant of Jay's original hairstyle. He wore a black and white kimono signifying his status as a Spinjitzu Master, with kanji emblazoned on it to be used as a protection spell against evil.

When Wu was assimilated by Pythor, his appearance changed significantly. His tan straw hat became metallic silver, his arms and legs were black, and his face was half metal, with a red eye. More cybernetics were visible on his torso, and both his staff and beard were black instead of gold and white respectively.

When he was struck by the Forward Time Blade, Wu began to rapidly age. A notable change to his appearance was his beard, which grew long enough to touch the ground when he stood up. This was later reversed when Nya cured him with the Reversal Time Blade.

Overtime, the effects of the Reversal Time Blade had turned him into a baby, but as the effects wore off, he slowly grew back into his normal age. As of the end of Season 8, he was a toddler with very short legs and wears beige footie pajamas and hoodie.

By the beginning of Hunted, Wu had regrown to his child self, wearing beige clothing, with a tear on the lower right side of the jacket and one on the back. He is also seen wearing a brown pilot's helmet. When he grows into a young teenager, Wu's hair has grown and been tied into a bun, now with a golden headband. He looks similar to his young design from the past, albeit with white hair and slightly bushier eyebrows. He wears a sleeveless version of his Dragon Hunter disguise, with new pants and black gloves. Wu later aged further into an older teenager and had grown a mustache and a goatee. In a fight with a hunter, Wu gained a new conical straw hat and slightly resembles his older self. Once he tamed Firstbourne, he wore golden robes under the Dragon Armor. After some more time, he became his old self again.


Wu is over a thousand years old. He and his older brother's long lifespan is a result of them being the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master, who lived for thousands of years before finally succumbing to his mortality. According to Mystake in "Two Lies, One Truth", this is due to their Oni blood.

After returning from the Temporal vortex, he had been found reverted to a baby due to his exposure to the Reversal Time Blade. However, as the effects of the blade wore off, he rapidly grew back to his normal age over the course of several weeks. By Season 9's beginning, he had become his child self again, grew to a teenager, and eventually his normal self by the end.

Wu and his brother have a peculiar aging pattern. Ages ago, they were children when Garmadon was bitten and grew to be young men by the time their father passed away.[5] Their aging stagnated at some point, and a millennium later, they were still physically in their late teens during the events of the Serpentine War.[6] Around three decades later, they were physically in their early thirties when Garmadon was banished.[7] Only a mere decade later, by the time of the events of the series, Wu had become an old man, having aged tremendously in a relatively short period of time due to unknown circumstances.

For possible explanations on Wu and Garmadon's seemingly rapid aging, see the Trivia section.


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Personality and Traits

As a young boy, Wu was a bit irresponsible and impulsive, refusing to retrieve his father's katana after losing it. Instructed by his brother to never put off until tomorrow what can be done today, he would watch, haunted, as the Great Devourer's venom began to corrupt Garmadon as a result of his procrastination, and would likewise remember his brother's words prior to his corruption for the rest of his life.

When he became older, Wu became a more benevolent, satisfied, and generous person, being very reserved and noble and valiantly fighting for good. Having a kind heart, he brought in a homeless orphan named Morro and took care of him, discovering his fatherly instincts after taking in the Master of Wind to be his pupil. However, he also had little patience for wrongful behavior, readily disapproving Morro's reckless actions and unanimously agreeing with his brother to banish the Anacondrai Generals to the Cursed Realm, and being highly protective of his father's name.

Years later, having officially become a master, Wu would develop an incredibly eccentric and mysterious personality, often instructing others with cryptic hints and would often avoid being straightforward, confusing everyone with his strange methods and ways. Wise because of his years of experience, Wu had an enormous amount of forethought and skilled intelligence, triumphing over several enemies as a result. Incredibly graceful, even when losing, Wu would be willing to sacrifice his life under any circumstances to protect others.

Despite this, Master Wu also had a more silly and playful side. He enjoyed less reserved actions such as food fights and riding on Ferris wheels and had a strange sense of humor even in battle, taking a little fun out of scaring Nadakhan into thinking he was about to destroy the planet and everyone as a result. However, Wu also had a past haunted by his mistakes, echoing his own brother's wisdom, and secretly reprimanding himself for the corruption of Garmadon and Morro, and for not telling Misako about how he felt about her.

When turned into a baby, Wu often cried, but laughed at something funny to him, as well as enjoyed being held by Cole. When he grew into the size of a toddler, Wu starts being helpful, even using the motto that "Ninja never quit," but he is still portrayed at having a little laughter. He later did a drawing, albeit badly, of Mystake's tea shop sign as advice for the Ninja.

Upon becoming a child again, Wu displayed both his previous attitude as a child and as an adult. After turning into a teenager, Wu regained some of his maturity and some of his memories help him in using his wisdom. However, he gained an impulsive side as he chose to lie to Faith about the Dragon Armor since he needed a way to keep hope in his friends. When confronted by Faith, he had to admit his lie but he was happy to see it actually contained truth as they discovered a map for the armor.

After aging further and growing a mustache and a goatee, Wu regained all his memories and his full wisdom returned. Wu was ready to defend his friends as he did in the past and did so by standing defiant towards Baron. Wu also wanted to protect them and did so by agreeing to lead Baron to the Dragon Armor while assuring his protesting pupils. After Baron fails to control the Firstbourne, Wu shows a darker side of himself to Iron Baron, revealing that while his students helped teach him responsibility, Baron taught him the power of lies, revealing that the Dragon Armor, in fact, cannot control the Firstbourne, and watches as the Firstbourne encases Iron Baron in molten lava, near emotionless at the sight.

Upon reaching Ninjago with his four students, Wu joins Lloyd in fighting his now-revived brother Garmadon. After Lloyd is incapacitated by Garmadon, Wu battles him, as well as asking him what he had become. Garmadon rebukes that time had treated Wu well, asking his brother if Wu believes that their father's sword can defeat him. Wu harshly replies that it can hold him, and backs away as Firstbourne encases Garmadon in molten rock. However, he still retains his sense of honor. After being blasted off Borg Tower by Garmadon, Wu goes with Firstbourne to help Kai, Zane, Jay, Cole, and the rest of the Resistance take down Garmadon's Colossus, rather then going back to help Lloyd. After returning to his actual age as an old man, Wu appears to have regained his normal personality.


Throughout the series, Wu has predominantly used his father's bo staff as a means of a weapon and is shown to be extremely proficient in handling it.

After claiming the Dragon Armor and the Dragonbone Blade, Wu wields the latter with extreme proficiency, along with the Dragon Shield. During a standoff with Garmadon after Lloyd is incapacitated by the former, Wu uses it against Garmadon, and reveals that the blade can hold back his destruction and creation powers.

Powers and Attributes

As the Ninjas' teacher, naturally Wu is a master of the ancient martial art of Spinjitzu.

Creation - Being the Master of Creation, his tornado channels the combined power of all four main elements at once. He can knock opponents into the air by hitting the ground with a wave of energy.

Longevity - Having inherited his father's Oni ancestry, Wu has lived much longer than a pure-blooded human, being over a thousand years old, like his older brother.

Skilled Fighter - Having many years of training from his father, the First Spinjitzu Master, and combat experience alongside his brother, he is an expert warrior, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and the use of many weapons, preferring his signature bo-staff and occasionally the katana. Despite his advanced age, he is proficient enough at combat that he can fight and take on skilled warriors like Morro, the Time Twins, and several Dragon Hunters. While they were out-of-shape, he could defeat all six of his current students at once with ease through pure skill alone.

Dragon Channeling - Though he rarely uses his powers, he has the ability to summon the Master Wu Dragon.






LEGO.com Descriptions

Pilot (2017 Museum gallery)

Master Wu, son of the First Spinjitzu Master and little brother to Garmadon, has vowed to uphold his father’s legacy and protect the NINJAGO® world from evil. An expert in the art of Spinjitzu and the ways of the ninja, Wu shares his knowledge with his students and tries hard to impart his wisdom! He is a patient and peaceful man that enjoys a good cup of tea, but don’t let his old age fool you! This Master is still lightning-fast and more powerful than most ninja.

Wu seeks out the son of an old friend and tries to train him as a ninja. Kai, his new recruit, must learn patience … and so does Wu. While he has confidence in all four of his students, it seems they need time to master Spinjitzu. In the end, Wu learns that to protect the NINJAGO world there are sacrifices that only he must bear.

Season 1 (2017 Museum gallery)

As the ultimate battle between good and evil approaches, Master Wu begins to suspect there might be some good left inside his evil brother, Lord Garmadon. Still, he must be stopped! As he struggles with conflicting emotions, Wu comes to recognize that things aren’t always black and white.

Season 2 (2017 Museum gallery)

To help guide his students through the seemingly insurmountable obstacles ahead, Master Wu bestows the responsibility for mentoring and training Lloyd to his four ninja. With the final battle imminent, Wu is confronted with his past as he crosses paths with an old flame… Lloyd’s mother, Misako!

Season 3

Master Wu will fall into the hands of the enemy and their technology will transform him into a weapon of evil, called Evil Wu. Knowing all of the ninja’s secrets, as well as their weaknesses, Evil Wu becomes one of their greatest foes. With Wu on the opposite side, the ninja will need to rely on Garmadon, while they’re forced to face the difficult task of confronting their former mentor. And for Wu and Garmadon, the two brothers will find they’ll be forced to fight on opposing sides once again.

Season 4 (2017 Museum gallery)

Master Wu faces a difficult trial, as he is forced to rely on his brother, Garmadon, to watch out for the ninja team on Chen’s Island. In the meantime, Wu has the opportunity to catch up on lost time with Misako, his great love. To his shock and anger, Wu discovers that his brother had tricked Misako into choosing Garmadon over Wu back when they were young. Garmadon had put his name on a love letter written by Wu to Misako. This threatens to reopen the schism between the brothers once more. But when Garmadon sacrifices himself to save the world, Wu honors his selfless action.

Season 5 (2017 Museum gallery)

Master Wu was hoping for a quiet retirement when he opened his tea business, but instead, he has to face the ghost of his very first student, Morro. Wu barely has time to come to terms with the news of Morro’s death and his own regrets, before his team has to stop the ghostly Morro from destroying the NINJAGO® world. When the Cursed Realm is destroyed, and Garmadon evidently with it, Wu has even more reason to grieve.

Season 6 (2017 Museum gallery)

After the sacrifice of his brother, Master Wu is once again the ninja team’s only leader. He has always tried to prepare them for the day when he too might be gone, and that day unexpectedly arrives! He perceives the threat from Clouse and travels to the Ancient Library of Domu to discover what the ghost is seeking. Wu uncovers the tale of Nadakhan but only in time to be trapped by the Djinn in the Teapot of Tyrahn.

Season 7 (2017 Museum gallery)

Knowing exactly when and where Acronix would exit the Time Vortex, Master Wu waited at the old Monastery for his enemy to return. But choosing to fight alone was a critical error and Acronix hits Wu with the Time Punch and escapes. Now Wu is rapidly aging, and time is literally running out for him to undo his mistake. After Kai uses the Reversal Blade to undo the Punch’s effects, a revitalized Wu sacrifices himself to save his students, his friend Ray and the future of the NINJAGO® world by keeping Krux and Acronix aboard the Iron Doom. With their master lost somewhere in the folds of time-space, the ninja are left to ponder: “Where is Wu…?”

2019 (The Legacy of Master Wu)

Did you know Master Wu, son of the First Spinjitzu Master and little brother to Garmadon, has vowed to uphold his father’s legacy and protect NINJAGO from evil. At the Monastery of Spinjitzu, he and Garmadon were trained by their father in the art of Spinjitzu. Years later, he became a ninja teacher himself, passing on his father’s teachings. Favorite NINJAGO Legacy weapon His Bo Staff, an ancient heirloom that used to belong to his father. Quote "Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.


Master Wu, son of the First Spinjitzu Master and little brother to Garmadon.[8]



LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot Episodes


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Wu's Teas

  • 1. "Secret Teas" (non-canon)
  • 2. "Spinny Signs" (non-canon)
  • 4. "Music Night part 2" (non-canon)
  • 7. "Inspection Day" (non-canon)
  • 8. "Panda-monium" (non-canon)
  • 11. "Mystery Dust" (non-canon)
  • 14. "Lloyd's Late" (non-canon)
  • 15. "Steep Surveillance" (non-canon)
  • 17. "Nya's Mural" (painting; non-canon)
  • 19. "The Taste Test" (non-canon)
  • 20. "A Beautiful Friendship" (non-canon)

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Dark Island Trilogy



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  • Even as a baby, Master Wu loved to drink tea. This was noted by Cole in "Dead Man's Squall" after trying to feed him milk as tea seems to be the only thing that he wants to consume.
  • Master Wu was among the Elemental Alliance generals who banished Arcturus and the other Anacondrai leaders into the Cursed Realm following the Serpentine Wars.
  • Wu has the most known near-death experiences of any character in the show.
  • Master Wu can hold his breath for a really long time.
  • His first student was Morro, although the Master of Wind eventually left and never came back due to his frustration at not being the Green Ninja.
  • Wu is the second person known to escape the Temporal vortex with the first being Krux, who had done it 40 years earlier. However, unlike Krux, Wu escaped the Time Rift one year after being lost in time, whereas Krux escaped the Time Rift after an indefinite period of time.
  • His staff is revealed to be his father's staff in "Winds of Change."
    • The staff also contains clues to the location of the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master from three symbols; the Airjitzu symbol, the Sword of Sanctuary symbol, and the third one defines the First Spinjitzu Master's Tomb.
      • It's also revealed that Wu didn't know about those symbols prior to Possession.
  • Because "Sensei" has different meanings in different countries that could possibly cause issues in the future,[10] in supplementary material from 2016 onward,[citation needed] usage of the word has ceased, and been replaced by "master." Because of this, Wu is now "Master Wu." Officially, this extends to other characters referred to as "Sensei."
    • Wu began to be called "Master Wu" in the show by other characters in the 2016 fall special, "Day of the Departed."
  • Up until "The Jade Princess," Wu had a three-dimensional mouth. But now his mouth is two-dimensional like all the other characters.
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, Wil Film had decided to make Wu's mouth three-dimensional, and Andreasen went along with it.[11]
  • It is revealed in "The Quiet One" that the baby is actually the infant version of Master Wu; due to the circumstances in "Lost in Time," the Reversal Time Blade did more than just restore him to his normal age, it also reversed him through his years of life, rendering him in the form of a baby.
  • Wu is the second character to be rapidly aged, after Lloyd and the fifth character to be de-aged, after the four original Ninja.
  • He is the second character to be human but having cyborg body parts, the first being Cyrus Borg, and followed by the Mechanic, Iron Baron, Daddy No Legs, and Arkade.
  • His baby form had three voice actors.
  • Cole took care of him while in his baby form.
  • He has Oni and Dragon blood, like his father, brother, and nephew.
  • Wu was a child and teenager in Hunted.
    • Due to his baby/toddler and child forms in the eighth and ninth seasons, Wu has had the most voice actors of any character in the show.
    • From Season 3 to Season 9, Wu has the most changes in appearance: his old form, techno form, baby/toddler, child, teen/young adult in the past, young teen, and older teen with a mustache and goatee.
  • After returning back to his old form in "Green Destiny," Wu wore the same outfit he had in the pilot and first four seasons.
  • Though he appeared to have his old memories as a toddler, Wu lost them when he grew into a child. After becoming a young teenager, he started regaining them.
  • Since Garmadon unlocked his True Potential and gained the power of Creation, it is possible that if Wu was to unlock his own, he would gain Destruction, the opposite of his brother.
  • Wu had blond hair in the past, when he was young, both as a child and as a teenager/young adult. In Season 9, he had blond hair as a child, but white hair as a teenager. According to Tommy Andreasen, the reason for this could have been Wu growing up under different circumstances.[12]
  • He knows the secrets of Forbidden Spinjitzu in the The Book of Spinjitzu, but the secret was covered and hidden in his journal.
  • Wu's Spinjitzu is golden. However, in the supplementary comic books, it's orange.
  • In Harumi's data file on Wu in Garmadon Rulez!, Harumi speculates that he could be potentially as powerful as his brother.
  • He survived much longer than Ray did after he was hit by a Time Punch, indicating that even though he is already extremely old, he still has a very long amount of time left in his lifespan before he will die from old age. However, Ray may have simply been struck by a harsher Time Punch. This could also be because he is part Oni, and simply lives longer because of this.
  • From Seasons 1 through 7, Wu is the character who introduced the episodes: both number and title.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, there are three possible reasons for why Wu and Garmadon aged so quickly between "Battle Between Brothers" and the beginning of the series, despite having been young for so long.[13]
    • In an interview with Brent Miller, he hinted it had to do with Wu and Garmadon being apart from each other and from the Golden Weapons, as Garmadon was banished to the Underworld and Wu hid the weapons shortly after.[14]
    • In the live-chat of an episode of the Eljay Johnsen Show, he confirmed that one reason may be that Wu and Garmadon share an intrinsic connection of some sort that was severed by Garmadon being banished, affecting their mortality.[15]
    • He also said another explanation could be tea.[16]
  • Wu trained two students who later became antagonists before they redeem themselves. The first being Morro, who left due to his desire to be the Green Ninja, but redeemed himself by giving Wu the Realm Crystal at the cost of his life and helped tell the Ninja about Cole on Day of the Departed. The second being Zane, who was banished to the Never-Realm and became the Ice Emperor due to Vex erasing his memories, but redeemed himself by recovering them, incapacitated Vex, and destroyed his scepter.
  • He is the third villain (in his Techno form) that knows how to do Spinjitzu, the others being Garmadon and The Overlord.
  • His and Wooo's name are homophones.
    • However, the Ghost Ninja Wooo's name was never mentioned in the show, only in sets.
  • Wu doesn't appear in the sets of Season 4: Tournament of Elements, Season 12: Prime Empire and Season 14: The Island.
  • During Season 4: Tournament of Elements, Garmadon takes on the role of master.
  • In the shorts Wu's Teas, Wu seems to lack seriousness and seems to be more goofy and lighthearted.
  • He had an important role in Season 9: Hunted, accompanying the ninja and being under their care until he had grown to become a teenager.
  • He has different clothes that he has worn in different seasons, with a total of 10.
    • However, this number excludes his clothing in the Realm of Oni and Dragons and Dragon Armor.
  • Wu is similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda from Star Wars, the three of them being masters. Both Wu and Obi-Wan trained a boy who happened to be the "chosen one" and the son of their brother/close friend who turned to the dark side (the son being Luke in Star Wars and Lloyd in Ninjago, and the brother/close friend being Anakin and Garmadon respectively).
  • He was the official leader of the team before Lloyd became the leader.[17] It was thought that Cole was the leader, but this was never official.[18]
  • The hood Wu wears as a baby resembles Wyldstyle's from The LEGO Movie, while the unhooded version he wears as a child resembles Wyldstyle's unhooded version as well.
  • In original concepts for "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master," Wu, after seeing Misako and Garmadon reconcile, would walk away with the Overlord manifesting inside him as the screen faded to black.[19]
  • Wu watches old ninja movies on a VCR.[20]
  • Despite wearing the same suit for the first four seasons, the original variant of Wu was only available in the sets for the Pilot Episodes.
  • His appearance is the opposite of his brother, because Wu has long beard and no hair, while Garmadon has no beard and has hair. Wu's main color is white, while Garmadon's is black.
  • Wu has several mantras and catchphrases told to the ninja throughout the series or quoted by the ninja and attributed to him.
    • "Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today."[21]
    • "The best way to defeat your enemy is to make them your friend."[22]
    • "Iron sharpens iron."[23]
    • "Change anything, change everything."[24][25]
    • "If you want something bad enough, you find a way to make it happen."[26]
    • "We are defined by what we value, not valued for how we are defined."[27]
    • "Grief takes many shapes and forms. Some sing and dance, some climb mountains."[28]
    • "Holding onto anger is like trying to throw a hot rock. Only you get burned."[29]
    • "Adventure does not come to the idle, it comes to those who seek it."[30]
  • In 2020, Tommy Andreasen asked fans on Twitter to come up with new "Wu-isms", also writing some examples of things Wu could say:[31]
    • "Sharpen your mind – it is the most powerful weapon you will every wield."
    • "Find your balance – only then will you know if the World around you is crooked."
    • "An able body with no moral compass will fall hard!"
  • He is similar to Iroh from Avatar The Last Airbender, because they are both older men who are the uncles and masters of one of the main characters (Lloyd and Zuko), they love tea, they opened their own tea shop (Steep Wisdom and Jasmine Dragon) and the are the brothers of one of the main villains of their show (Garmadon and Ozai).
  • After he disappeared, Lloyd stuck posters to see if anyone had seen him.[32]
  • The shoulder pads of Hero Wu were originally used for the Frightening Knight from LEGO Minifigures.
  • He is one of the eight characters to have a cape in the sets, the others are Chen, Morro, the Time Twins, Harumi, Akita, and Mammatus.
  • During the show, Wu alternated several hat colors, including light sand-brown (most of his performances), silver (Techno Wu), gold (Battle Wu), brown (Teen Wu) and sand-brown (since Season 11).
  • Since Season 11, his appearance is much more detailed and his clothes are much less white.
  • Wu's most common outfit is the white kimono he wears in Pilot Episodes, the first four seasons and Season 9. The second most common is the SotFS outfit he wears in seasons 11, 12 and 13.
  • Wu sometimes sneaks off to ride the Spinning Teacups in the Mega Monster Amusement Park.[33]
  • The books Wu has on his reading list in the Library of Domu are:[34]
  • Despite the fact that Wu has a braid on the cover of The Book of Spinjitzu, he started having it in the show only as of Season 11, two years after the publication of this book.
  • His hat has an interesting ability, because even in a dangerous situation, when the hat would definitely fall, it stays on his head. However, if it falls in some cases, it will return on his head, as shown in "The Real Fall".
  • During his life he visited the share of legendary fabled kingdoms and claims that once you've seen one, you've seen them all.[35]
  • According to Jay, he is like living fortune cookie because everything he does is a puzzle meant to torture the ninja.[36]
  • Despite the fact that small dots symbolizing a growing stubble appear on Teen Wu's face in the sets, it does not appear in the show.
  • Original young Wu's hair exists in physical form on the Race Car Driver from LEGO Minifigures: Series 3 and original child Wu's hair exist in physical form on child Lloyd from 71741 Ninjago City Gardens.
  • His beard appears differently in the show than in the sets, because it swings when moving and is not bent to the side but falls straight down.
    • Naturally, the neck attachment section of the beard is not present on Wu in the show, but it can be seen on his silhouette at the beginning of "Rise of the Snakes".
    • His beard takes the shape of the physical version in "Can of Worms", when Kai is poisoned by Venomari venom, later in the Season 7 intro and the intro for the first half of Season 2.
  • When Wu fights the ninja on the roof of the monastery in "Wasted True Potential", for a moment his hat flies into the air and shows Wu's head, which is missing his black skullcap seen in previous episodes.[37] This is likely because characters are no longer shown with studs on their heads as of Season 10, so a covering for the top of Wu's head is no longer needed, animation-wise.
    • This is also seen in "The Prodigal Father,"[38] but in "The Real Fall," Wu has this skullcap again. This is presumably because was missing his hat for a longer time in the latter episode, so his skullcap may have been added back in order for him to look more normal.
    • Wu also didn't have this skullcap in "King of Shadows"[39]. This was probably because it was not yet created.
  • Wu has always known Jay was adopted, as he referred to Ed and Edna as Jay's "foster parents" in his journal in the Dark Island Trilogy, and he knew Jay's mother in the time of the Serpentine War.[40]
  • CGI image of Hero Wu used on the poster for seasons 12 and 13 or in the image for NINJAGO: A Musical Journey he has a cape, which does not appear in the show or on the physical minifigure.
  • It is unknown where Baby Wu got his clothes in "The Quiet One" or how it was possible that it suited him even though he was a child.
  • The reason why Baby Wu wears a hood and doesn't have his head exposed like on a physical piece of LEGO is probably so that the stud would not be visible on his head.


Main article: Wu/Gallery


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