“Well, uh, maybe I didn't run away. Maybe I uh, I got kicked out."
"From the Boarding School for Bad Boys? I don't believe it. I hear they are the breeding ground for the truly despicable. And if you ask me, ho-ho, you are a handful.”
Lloyd and Pythor, "Never Trust a Snake"

Wu's Academy[1] (formerly Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys, then Darkley's Boarding School for Great Children) is a building near Ninjago City. It was a school that taught its students the ways of villainy, shaping them into the next generation of evil overlords.

For a brief time after the final battle, Darkley's was run by Master Wu until he retired.

After the Nindroid Conflict, the school was closed down due to its students being endangered.[2]


At some point in time, Darkley founded the school in hopes of teaching children to become ruthless villains, attracting both dedicated staff members and students.

The Tall Tale of Clancee (non-canon)

Clancee was too obsessed about becoming a pirate and left this school.

Prior to Season 1

Misako would drop off her son, Lloyd, at Darkley's in hopes of protecting him while she studied the prophecy for the Final Battle, having anticipated his destiny as the Green Ninja and hoping to avert it. Growing up in the school, Lloyd would become a rather incompetent, if an aspiring, student, often running off to pull harmless pranks that he pretended were acts of villainy.

Eventually, after being harassed by Finn, the school bully,[3] Lloyd was kicked out of the school due to his lack of skill. Shortly afterward, Kruncha and Nuckal became enrolled as staff members, substituting for the teachers from time to time.

Rise of the Snakes

Upon meeting Lloyd for the first time in Jamanakai Village, Cole stated that he must have escaped his Boarding School for Bad Boys again.

Never Trust a Snake

When Lloyd first met Pythor, Pythor questioned why he ran away from the boarding school, in which Lloyd told him that he was actually kicked out for "lacking the immoral ambition of becoming one of tomorrow's masterminds." Pythor deceptively told Lloyd that he never should have intended to go to that school in the first place, and they should seek out vengeance instead. Manipulated, Lloyd agreed, and together the two ambushed the school, holding all of the students and staff members hostage, rigging the building with traps in anticipation of the ninja. The ninja, wary of their attacks, used the anchor of the Destiny's Bounty to drop through the roof and all of the floors, before making their way up, freeing the students and teachers and confronting the duo on the rooftop. Deciding Lloyd had lost his use, Pythor promptly stole the Map of Dens and escaped.

Sometime afterward, the school eventually underwent several extensive reforms, being changed to instead teach goodness as a result of unknown circumstances. Enraged, Kruncha, Nuckal, and the rest of the staff quit in protest, resulting in Noble and several others replacing them.

Double Trouble

The Ninja received a letter informing them that their last visit to the school had turned the students good and that Lloyd was invited to get an honorary degree. However, upon arriving, the Ninja found out that Gene, Brad Tudabone, and the other kids at the school had overthrown the new teachers (the old teachers were too committed to evil) and taken them hostage, hoping to "undo the damage" that Lloyd had done to himself and the school's reputation by becoming good. When the Bizarro Ninja arrived at the school, at first the students wanted to help them, but they ended up deciding to team up with Lloyd and help the Ninja defeat their evil counterparts instead. The students were successful in aiding them by disguising themselves as the Ninja to confuse the Bizarro Ninja, and the staff was freed, reconciling with the children and settling their differences.

Following the Overlord's initial defeat at Lloyd's hands, Noble went on to become a warden at Kryptarium Prison, and Master Wu took possession of the school and renamed it "Master Wu's Academy." The Ninja, with the exception of the school's former student Lloyd, became staff members alongside Dareth and Nya.

The Surge

Although the school did well, it became clear that the four Ninja did not enjoy their job; the students were undisciplined, and the teachers barely received any respect (Zane at one point was forcibly controlled by Brad thanks to an Ultra-Remote from New Ninjago City). Later, the students were invited to go on a field trip to Borg Industries, but when the Overlord returned to wreak havoc, the students were evacuated back to the school by Nya, who frantically searched for Lloyd, only to come across a lounging Dareth instead.

After Rebooted

The school building was closed down due to the children being endangered on their field trip to New Ninjago City.[2]

Known Faculty

  • Master Wu (former headmaster)
  • Dareth (formerly)
  • Kruncha (formerly; substitute teacher, quit in protest)
  • Nuckal (formerly; substitute teacher, quit in protest)
  • Noble (formerly; principal, now warden in Kryptarium)
  • Nya (formerly)
  • Kai (formerly; history teacher)
  • Zane (formerly; science teacher)
  • Jay (formerly)
  • Cole (formerly)

Known Students



  • The school can be seen in a picture in the Temple of Airjitzu in episode 48.
  • A building similar to this one is seen in the opening and closing credits of Season 7, with its color scheme resembling the school's concept art.
  • The school was called "Sensei Wu's Academy" in Season 3 but simply "Wu's Academy" in the Dark Island Trilogy, Part 2 episode guide page for "The Surge", as the term "Sensei" had since been replaced by "Master". Seeing as there is an image of the "Sensei Wu's Academy" sign on the same page, this name was likely used instead of "Master Wu's Academy" to avoid confusion and to not have the page contradict itself.



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