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“Face it, all of you have a secret good side that stays quiet out of fear, because it thinks it's alone. But it's not. And I'm living proof. So, who's with me?”
Lloyd to the other Darkley's students, "Double Trouble"

Wu's Academy's students (formerly known as Darkley's students) were the students that attended Wu's Academy during its run. They were once bad students, but they were eventually shaped to be good students.


Tall Tales

The Tall Tale of Clancee (non-canon)

While Clancee caused trouble, the other students behaved themselves.

Prior to Rise of the Snakes

When Lloyd was new at the school, everyone made fun of him.[1]

Eventually, Lloyd was kicked out, being told he "wasn't bad enough."[2]

Rise of the Snakes

Never Trust a Snake

The ninja find the students tied up (along with Kruncha and Nuckal, who had been acting as substitute teachers) thanks to Lloyd and Pythor's troublemaking. Cole cuts the students loose and they run off.

The Snake King

Two students are seen at Mega Monster Amusement Park around the time a group of Serpentine were defeated by Samurai X.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

A student was at Mega Monster Amusement Park at the time of Jay and Nya's date and the Serpentine's invasion for the second Fangblade. The student was part of the group who harassed Jay after mistaking him for a snake and later watched in awe when Jay unlocked his True Potential.

The Royal Blacksmiths

A few students attended the Ninjago Talent as audience members.

The Rise of the Great Devourer

A student is among the group of citizens escorted off a bus by the Serpentine.

Legacy of the Green Ninja

Double Trouble

After the school's previous teachers quit because the school became good, the students overthrow the new teachers, hoping to "undo the damage" that Lloyd had done to himself and the school's reputation by becoming good. The students send out a letter to Lloyd and the ninja inviting them to the school, only to trap them with the other teachers. The students, led by Brad and Gene, attempt to turn Lloyd to the "evil" once more but to no avail.

The evil ninja soon arrive and attack the school, and though the students want to help them at first, Lloyd convinces the students to stand up for good, telling them that everyone has a secret good side that stays quiet out of fear. The students make ninja suits and attack the evil ninja and ultimately reconcile with the ninja and their teachers.

Ninjaball Run

A group of students participate in the Ninjaball Run. Despite their apparent redemption, they attempt to sabotage the ninja before the race starts, unscrewing part of the Ultra Sonic Raider's tread.

Various other students watched from the audience.

Child's Play

A student is at Ninjago Doomsday Comix when the ninja visit Rufus McCallister.

The Stone Army

A student attends the unveiling of the Giant Stone Warrior at the Ninjago Museum of History.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

Brad is among the group who walked out of Dareth's dojo to acknowledge the dark clouds outside, remarking it was "about time" the ninja showed up before realizing it was not the ninja, but rather, the Garmatron that had arrived.


The Surge

Renamed "Wu's Academy", the school now includes female students and is taught by Wu, Nya, and the ninja, though the students hardly respect them. When the school gains clearance for a field trip, the students are taken to New Ninjago City to visit Borg Tower.

The students are amazed at Borg Industries' futuristic technology, and the female students suggest Nya checks the Perfect Match console but are shocked when it states that Nya's perfect match is Cole rather than Jay.

When the Digital Overlord takes over the tower, Nya and Wu help evacuate the students. They escape the city in Zane's NinjaCopter and are brought back to Wu's Academy, where they are put under the supervision of Dareth for the time being.

The Curse of the Golden Master

Dareth takes the students to the Ninjago City Aquarium. While the students observe the Electro-Cobrai exhibit, a cloaked stranger arrives, shattering the tank to obtain the Electro-Cobrai. Dareth uses his animal fighting styles to fend off a shark and save the students.

The Titanium Ninja

When the Golden Master was causing destruction in Ninjago City, one of Wu's Academy's students ran for cover.

A few students attended Zane's memorial after the Ninja of Ice sacrificed himself to defeat the Golden Master.

Tournament of Elements

The Greatest Fear of All

Two students fled after the Elemental Masters landed in an area in Ninjago City with their Elemental Dragons and citizen shouted "Serpentine!", mistaking Skylor for an enemy.

The Corridor of Elders

A student was seen at both Ninjago Doomsday Comix and Ninjago Park, listening Kai and Zane's respective speeches asking the citizens to fight as one against the Anacondrai Cultists.


Winds of Change

A student was seen in the Ninjago City streets with many other citizens, watching the ninja use their powers to advertise Steep Wisdom.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

A student attended Patty Keys' tour of the Temple of Airjitzu's grounds.



A student was briefly interviewed for a television broadcast and stated that his favorite ninja was Lloyd.

The Way Back

A student watched with several other citizens as Djinjago began to fall.

Wu's Teas

Spinny Sign (non-canon)

A student watched as Kai and the Coffee Bot advertised their beverage shops in a "spinny-sign-off".

Nya's Mural (non-canon)

A student watched as Nya repeatedly worked on a mural.



In "Double Trouble" and prior appearances, most students wore a uniform consisting of a black shirt and gray pants, with a Skulkin symbol on the shirt. Brad and Gene wore blue shirts and black pants, with a flower symbol on the shirt. Some students had the same physical appearance as either Brad or Gene but with varying hair colors, some had the same hair as Lloyd, and at least one wore a gray baseball hat.

In "Ninjaball Run", the students in the bus all wear blue uniforms, while in the audience, students in all three colors—black, blue, and green—can be seen.

As Wu's Academy, the students all wore light green shirts with blue pants, with a green and blue shield symbol on the shirt.

Every appearance of a Wu's Academy student from "The Corridor of Elders" onward (apart from "The Tall Tale of Clancee" and reused footage in Ninjago: Decoded episodes) is the same overall design of a boy with Lloyd's original hairstyle in brown or black depending on the episode.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Tall Tales

Wu's Teas

  • 2. "Spinny Sign" (non-canon)
  • 17. "Nya's Mural" (non-canon)

Ninjago: Decoded


  • The students' uniforms are based on the Harry Potter Hogwarts school uniforms, specifically the 2010 variant.
  • The named students collectively have three voice actors: Brad, Gene, and Marla are voiced by Kathleen Barr; Lloyd and Sally are voiced by Jillian Michaels, and Tommy is voiced by Vincent Tong. An unnamed student is voiced by Lee Tockar in "The Curse of the Golden Master," and another is voiced by Alan Marriott in "Infamous," credited as "Boy Fan".
  • The students have a variety of hairstyles:
  • In Wu's Academy, the male students were known to have a crush on Nya, as indicated by Nya's line in "The Surge," "Why is that when I teach, I get the feeling that none of the boys are listening?"
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the school was closed down after Nindroid crisis due to the students' endangerment.[3] However, it was open in A Team Divided, which takes place after the Nindroid crisis. Seeing as the students continued wearing their uniforms throughout the following seasons, it can be assumed that the school did remain open, at least for some time.
  • "The Tall Tale of Clancee" is non-canon because it contains timeline errors, with the present-day students existing at a point meant to take place 200 years in the past.
  • Sally is the only student to appear in minifigure form, though her appearance is in a movie set.
  • Tommy Andreasen's early notes for Chamille, the Elemental Master of Form, included that she at one point took the disguise of a 10-year-old student named "Mikey Glover" to learn the ways of the truly despicable at Darkley's but left when it became a school for Great Children.[4]


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Tall Tales

Wu's Teas




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