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Wu's Lesson Book is an item in which Master Wu wrote lessons he had learned from his many years of experience to teach his students the way of the ninja and the art of Spinjitzu.


Wu kept an account of his own experiences of learning Spinjitzu. When he was young, Wu wrote the secrets he learned from the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, but when he was older and wiser, he placed a seal over it so no one would ever see it.[1] At some points in his life, he stopped writing in it for years but resumed after Garmadon's banishment and while training the Ninja.

Way of the Departed (non-canon)

Lloyd found the Book of Spinjitzu and realized it was written by Wu after he was hit with the Time Punch. Lloyd's power connected with the book, revealing different passages when the time was right. One of these passages includes information about the Time Twins, who Wu realized were manipulated by Chen and Clouse.

Master Class

Wu is seen holding and referring to the book while Kai is complaining about having to attend a Spinjitzu lesson, believing the Ninja know everything there is to know.


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