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Wu's Teas is a collection of twenty Ninjago shorts. It focuses on Wu's new tea shop, Steeper Wisdom, and their rivalry with a coffee shop over the road. It was released July 13th, in 2017. Each episode is approximately 1 minute 30 seconds long. It amounts to a full 22-minute episode of Ninjago and is called an "Episode" by the LEGO YouTube channel.


Master Wu’s new Tea Shop Steeper Wisdom is doing really well until a new rival coffee shop opens across the street, drawing away the Tea Shop’s customers.[1]


Secret Teas

Wu, commenting on the success of his new tea shop, found Jay sleeping on the job. He asked him to retrieve some black tea but accidentally gave the location of his secret teas. The other Ninja overheard him and decided to disobey the Master.

They drank several teas, giving Kai the ability to float, shrinking Lloyd, growing Nya, making Cole glow red, and turning Jay partly into an octopus. Wu eventually caught them. When he asked why Kai is floating, Jay tried to cover for him, saying he learned from the internet. Master Wu bought the story, ordering them to get the black tea. However, Jay drank more of his tea, making him fully transform into an octopus.

Spinny Sign

Robot Manager stole Steeper Wisdom's customers with her spinny sign. Kai competed with her in a spinny sign off but burned his shop in the process. Robot Manager saved it by fanning the tea shop with her sign and put out the fire on Wu's clothes with tea.

Music Night Part 1

Dareth played horribly on his clarinet. After Lloyd nervously told everyone to applaud, he told the Ninja the audience is bored. Jay gave the team Musicalitea, improving their ability to play songs.

Music Night Part 2

As the Ninja played another song, Wu found out they drank Musicalitea, which is untested. They played too hard, promoting Master Wu to tell Dareth to play his clarinet because if they continued playing, they would play the "Nuclear Note," which gave the hint that it would only most likely cause destruction.


Cole came back from the coffee shop with his name on his cup wrong. This gave Lloyd an idea to get the customers' names right or Cole gets dunked into a giant teapot.

They get most of the names right but called Dareth "Darren" instead. With that, Dareth gets to dunk Cole with a giant teabag.

Funny Guys

Jay bought a hand zapper and plan to shock Kai to impress Nya. Jay gets his anger out of control when he catches her with another handsome guy and decides to drink Beautea to impress her instead.

As everyone swoon over him, Jay flirted with Nya. He soon shook hands with the other guy, ending up shocked as the guy also had a hand zapper. As Jay laid on the floor in pain, Nya says how she loves funny guys.

Inspection Day

Kai, in charge of taking out the trash, decided to hide it under the floorboards. The health inspector came, checking everything a success.

Meanwhile, Nya and Kai noticed the floorboard is about to give. They tried to hide it the best they could, but after they got a perfect score, trash flew everywhere, with the inspector giving them a bad score instead.


Wu threw away Monstrositea tea bags into a sink of water because it's getting old. He later found Nya with a panda cub asking if they can keep it. Wu reminded her no animals are allowed but changed his mind when it attracted more customers into his shop.

The panda found its way into the sink with Monstrositea, causing it to grow and go on a rampage. Wu, once again, changes his mind about the policy.

Remote Control Zane

Jay, being lazy, asked Zane to do the dishes while he watches TV. While Zane complains how he does most of the chores every day, Jay changes a few channels, discovering it also controlled Zane. He used this to his advantage, making Zane do all the chores.

He accidentally broke the remote. With Zane free, Jay tried to defend himself by saying their chores are done. Zane, not amused, froze Jay in a block of Ice while he takes his place on the couch.

Trojan Tea Kettle

Lloyd went to the coffee shop to give Robot Manager a tea kettle, which was actually a trap, with Kai inside it to discover what's in Robot Manager's coffee that makes them taste good. She, however, threw it away in a dumpster full of banana peels. Kai reported that this was the coffee's secret ingredient.

Mystery Dust

Wu ordered Cole to sweep the floor. However, he found the dust on the floor rather than in the dustpan. Confused, he tried multiple times but found out it consumed his broom. He attacked it with multiple objects, making the pile grow bigger. He vacuumed it instead, but it exploded, making the dust go everywhere. Wu, still found the shop dirty, asked Cole to continue to sweep it.

Cool-Headed Kai

Jay found the stove isn't working and asked an unusually calm Kai to boil the teas with his fire. He found out he drank Serenitea, which makes him calm and meditating. Jay failed to get him mad by insulting him and disrupting the peace, but calmly told him he will ask Nya out on a date. This made Kai angry, and negated the effects of the Serenitea, allowing Jay (charred to a crisp) to boil the tea for the customers.

Undercover Zane

Zane, disguised as a maintenance bot, tried to get close enough to the coffee shop's espresso machine in order to freeze it. Robot Manager, suspicious at first, allowed him to the machine, completing the mission.

Robot Manager served a customer who asked for hot coffee using the machine, but much to the Ninjas' shock, it actually tasted good. The coffee shop then had customers flooding into the store, with Zane being disappointed.

Lloyd's Late

Lloyd, who was late to his shift for the third time in a row, and not in the mood to clean toilets for being late (again), tries to avoid the many disasters happening in Ninjago, such as floods, a parade, and car accidents while heading to Steeper Wisdom. When he got there, he noticed the shop is empty and decided to pretend he was there the whole time. Master Wu, however, knew he was late and gave him his punishment to clean the toilets.

Steep Surveillance

Wu asked the Ninja who took his white tea. When no one spoke up, Jay set up a security system to catch the thief.

However, the following morning, they found out it was actually Wu, sleepwalking into the shop. He blamed the robots for stealing his pajamas, his favorite teddy bear, and having his taste in tea, only to hear the amusement from others. He then told everyone to get back to work before one of the traps is soon sprung.

The Coin Toss

Cole, not wanting to do chores, had a bet with Jay in a coin toss: heads, Jay has to do both their chores, tails, he leaves and doesn't have to do anything. Jay flipped the coin but it landed on one of the support beams. He grabbed a ladder to retrieve it but knocked down everything in the process. Cole noted it landed on tails and left the room. Jay complained but then found out Cole tricked him to misunderstand the bet.

Nya's Mural

Nya painted a mural outside Steeper Wisdom but due to the weather—heat, wind, and lightning—her mural is always messed up. She eventually poured paint on herself and used Spinjitzu to fix it, but made an even better painting than she expected.

Zaney Chess Game

Cole told the customers that if they can beat Zane in a game in chess, they can get free tea. However, he won them all, much to everyone's amazement. The Robot Manager challenged him but was able to win. When she went to get her tea, Zane's queen fell out of her sleeve, getting herself thrown out for cheating.

The Taste Test

Ronin convinced Wu to enter a taste test to win a golden mug so that they don't have to do business anymore. When they lost to the Robot Manager, Ronin cheered saying he owned both the coffee shop and Steeper Wisdom. He went to get the mug—which is actually an ordinary mug spray painted gold with wood glued on—and told Wu he competed to get publicity.

A Beautiful Friendship

Wu and Robot Manager met up, agreeing to be friends rather than rivals. They soon see a stand selling free juice and decided to get some.



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  • The events of these mini-episodes have been confirmed to be non-canon.[2]
    • As stated by Tommy Andreasen, "Tall Tales and Wu's Tea contain timeline and character errors."[3]
    • Cole is human and has his scar, meaning the mini-episodes take place after "Day of the Departed". The ninja have their pre-movie designs and Wu is with them, meaning it takes place before "The Hands of Time". However, those two installments take place in close succession, as the latter opens with the ninja cleaning the museum from the battle in the former, so it would not make sense for them to have established and worked at a new tea shop within that time. This is likely the timeline error that Andreasen is referring to.
    • The "character errors" may refer to Jay and Nya's relationship being less sincere in "Funny Guys", Jay acting crueler than usual seeing as he gets enjoyment from remote-controlling Zane in "Remote Control Zane", and Kai strongly disapproving of Jay and Nya going on a date in "Cool-Headed Kai" despite being fine with it when it happened as early as Season 1.
    • Some Sky Pirates are present in various episodes, which does not make sense seeing as the Sky Pirates were supposed to be in Kryptarium Prison by the time the events of these episodes would have to take place.
  • The introduction music is the same as the pilot episodes and mini-movies introduction music, and this is the first time it has been used since then.
  • The Fold composed the intro music and "No More" song from "Music Night Part 1."[4]
  • In the second "Music Night" episode, the instrumental versions of "Bring on the Pirates" and "Eye of the Storm" are played by the ninja. "Eye of the Storm" is less noticeable but is played before Dareth comes back on stage with his clarinet.
  • "Panda-monium" is a pun on "pandemonium."
  • Lloyd being the lead singer in the "Music Night" episodes is appropriate considering Jillian Michaels used to be a pop/rock singer.[5]
  • "Nya's Mural" is the only short to not have a single line in it, because it is a symphony. This is the only Ninjago symphony and the only Ninjago episode produced to have no dialogue.
  • It is possible that Kai might have a secret desire to be more like Zane and not his usual self, as seen in "Cool-Headed Kai," but since these shorts are non-canon, this might not be the case.
  • The short "Names" could be a reference to Starbucks, who also get customers' names wrong.
  • Nya has her pre-S7 eyebrows in every episode except for "Nya's Mural". This likely has to do with her casual design being a character model from before Season 7, while her painter attire is a new design.
  • The black parts around Nya's hips appear to be bigger and more blended into her side, causing other parts of her attire to look slightly different then in canon.
  • The panda from "Panda-monium" seems to be based on the LEGO teddy bear piece introduced with the character Sleepyhead, specifically the panda version that appeared with the Panda Guy.
  • For an odd reason, briefly during "Cool-Headed Kai" Nya is seen wearing her communicator again.


  • Lloyd does a handstand and balances the ninja on his feet in the intro, which is very similar to the beginning of "Ninjaball Run" where he did this as part of his training.
  • The sunglasses Kai wears in "Spinny Sign" are very similar to the ones he wore in "Codename: Arcturus."
  • In "Trojan Tea Kettle," Lloyd uses the alias of "Floyd." He was previously mistakenly called this by Pythor in "Never Trust a Snake" and in the title of an official video released by Cartoon Network.
  • In "Secret Teas," Jay transformed into an octopus. This may have been a reference to his elemental symbol.
  • These shorts are the last of Jillian Michaels playing Lloyd Garmadon in the series.
  • Zane is revealed to heavily dislike cheating, a concept later explored in "Grief-Bringer."
  • For a few seconds in "Names," Nya and Zane can be seen wearing the hats they wore a few times in Season 6.
  • Some of the background characters who are seen in these shorts are the Sky Pirates, the Postman, the Motorcycle Mechanic and Sir Chomps-A-Lot.
  • In "Remote Control Zane", the TV shows Most Ultimate Extreme Ninja Challenge Ever when Jay watches it and the opening scene of "Infamous" when Zane watches it.
  • The big wave that floods Ninjago City in "Lloyd's Late" is reminiscent of the Great Flood in Season 14 released four years later in 2021.
  • Wu, who decides to give a gift to the Robot Manager and ask her if they will be friends in "A Beautiful Friendship" is based on his phrase that "the best way to defeat your enemy is to make them your friend."

Cultural references

  • The Trojan Tea Kettle is based on the Trojan Horse, where Achaean soldiers would hide inside a giant wooden horse and given as a gift to the enemies, much like what Lloyd and Kai did with the kettle.
  • Dareth's bad clarinet playing in both "Music Night" episodes may be a reference to Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob SquarePants, since they both believe they are excellent clarinet players, but this is not the case.


  • When Zane plays chess with the Robot Manager in "Zaney Chess Game," his white queen is on the table all the time, even after the Robot Manager wins. Only then it disappears and appears up her sleeve, which means she didn't really cheat.


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