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Wu-Cru was a promotional concept created for Ninjago in 2016.


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The Wu-Cru was mainly situated on LEGO's official website as a sub-page of the Ninjago site. Fans could complete "missions" in the form of quizzes or LEGO building challenges, and the rewards for participating consisted of "badges" as well as occasional concept art or other additional material relating to the Ninjago franchise.

One activity allowed the user to choose one of the Ninja and "level up" by completing missions, advancing through the ninja's uniform variants, which gave a number of new designs for Lloyd and Nya in suits that they had not worn in the series due to becoming ninja after the others. It also showed all of the ninja in a new suit based on Wu's Temple robes from Possession.

The Wu-Cru page is no longer available on the LEGO website, but it has been archived on the web and can be viewed here (or here for the missions specifically).


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LEGO released a series of short videos on its official YouTube channel to promote this page on its website. The videos took place at Steep Wisdom, where Wu would talk about bettering oneself as a ninja. The videos use the same animation style as the show and seem to take place take place after "Day of the Departed," seeing as Cole is not a ghost and the ninja wear their Honor suits (but with golden shoulder armor instead of dark brown), though Nya wears her Destiny robe instead.

The official playlist of these videos can be found here.

TV series

The Wu-Cru logo was hidden somewhere throughout each episode of Season 6: Skybound (except for "Enkrypted" for unknown reasons) and Season 7: The Hands of Time.

Lloyd and Nya's Hunted suits include the Wu-Cru symbol, and it is also spray-painted on the original hideout of the Resistance.

Season 6: Skybound

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Other appearances

The symbol appears in a number of other places in the following installments, such as a wall in the Destiny's Bounty and on The Fold's drum set as well as Nya's drum set in the "Wu's Teas" "Music Night" shorts. It also appears in The LEGO Ninjago Movie on the back of a boy's shirt.


There were three polybag sets based on or at least related to the Wu-Cru concept.

The Spinjitzu Training suits seem to be based on the Wu-Cru aesthetic and the Black Training suits utilize the Wu-Cru symbol.

Video game

There was also an app based on the Wu-Cru.

Main article: LEGO Ninjago: Wu-Cru


The Fold released the song "We Are Ninjago," called the Wu-Cru Theme during production,[1] as one of the band's three songs coinciding with the release of Skybound.


For the transcript of the videos, see here.


  • The word "Cru" refers to the word "crew".
  • This was the first promotional concept of this sort, followed by the Journey to Mastery in 2021.




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