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“Launching counter measures.”
P.I.X.A.L. releasing the Wu Bots, "Escape from Merlopia"

The Wu Bots were small drones contained within the Hydro Bounty.


Escape from Merlopia

During their escape from Kalmaar and his army, the ninja made way to a small cavern outside the Merlopia city borders. Kalmaar fired three torpedoes at the sub, but P.I.X.A.L. deployed three Wu Bots to throw the torpedoes off course. Once the Bounty cleared the cavern, the Wu Bots stuck to the edges of the opening. Kalmaar's torpedoes, locked on the Bots, hit the sides of the cavern, destroying the opening and preventing Kalmaar from following.




Season 14: Seabound

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  • The Wu Bots in the sets resemble "Tee Vee" from the LEGO Alpha Team theme and, more recently, the Hidden Side theme.
  • Set designer Niek van Slagmaat is "very happy these made it in."[2]
    • He also said about them, "Because we knew Wu would be left on the surface, I really liked the idea of him calling in remotely on a television with legs. That idea turned into the Wu Bots."[1]
  • They reuse legs of exclusive Teen Wu and Mei.
  • In the show, they more resemble cylinders with conical hats than square robots with legs.


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