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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of Warner Bros' The LEGO Movie franchise.

Yeah, my parents were really into plastic fruit.

Wu and Garmadon's parents are the mother and father of Garmadon and Wu. They lived in the Temple of Fragile Foundations.



Junior Novel


  • Their doormat says "The Garmadons," indicating the family's last name is Garmadon, unlike in the TV series where it is Garmadon's only name and Lloyd's last name but not part of Wu or the First Spinjitzu Master's names.
  • According to the movie outtakes and the junior novel, they had pet(s) although which kind may vary. The movie had at least one fish. In the book, whichever kind of additional pets they had, with or without the fish, required plastic slipcovers to be placed over their sofa.
  • The final photo on their photo wall dates back to 15-16 years before the start of the movie, presumably sent to the new grandparents shortly after Lloyd's birth. One or more of them had to be alive then to frame the picture.
  • Unlike in the TV series, Wu and Garmadon are confirmed to have a mother.
  • It's unknown whether Wu and Garmadon's father is the creator of Ninjago as he is in the TV series, though Wu was described on to be the "Son of the first Spinjitzu master".[1]
  • Wu and Garmadon's mother has the hair that would later be used on Harumi.



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Wu and Garmadon's parents