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“I dedicated my life to the study of the martial arts. I mastered them all, and even created my own. Airjitzu was my first achievement, but it was nothing compared to what I would discover next. My research revealed the location of the Yin Blade, a weapon whose magic was so powerful, it was said to hold the key to eternal life. Control that magic and I'd be forever remembered as Ninjago's greatest master. Immortality was so near.”
— Master Yang to Cole, "Day of the Departed"

Master Kodokuna Yang[1] is the creator of Airjitzu, and later, a spirit trapped in the Temple of Airjitzu. Yang taught Airjitzu to his students, but he secretly wanted to live forever so his work wouldn't be forgotten. Using the Yin Blade, he tried to become immortal, but its powers backfired, and he turned into a ghost, along with his temple and students. Years later, the ninja later traveled to the Temple of Airjitzu to claim the Scroll of Airjitzu, but they were tormented by Yang. During their escape, Cole was turned into a ghost.

Sometime later, as Nadakhan rebuilt his home realm, the Temple of Airjitzu was lifted into the sky and cleansed with water—forcing him and his students to flee. After Jay made his final wish, recent events were undone, but due to an anomaly, the temple remained floating in the sky.

On the Day of the Departed, Yang intended to revive the ninja's old enemies and use them as a distraction while resurrecting himself through the Rift of Return. As the ninja fought their adversaries, Yang opened the Rift while Cole fought his students. Cole would eventually confront Yang and destroy the Yin Blade, allowing Yang's students to cross through the Rift. Yang admitted his arrogant desire to live forever, allowing him and Cole to make amends. However, Yang refused to cross through the Rift, as someone had to be the master of the house and ultimately pushed Cole into the Rift. After the Rift closed, Yang remained in his temple, which was now purified.


Early life

Yang in his youth.

At an unknown point in time, Yang went on a quest to master all martial arts, learning techniques such as Spinjitzu[2] and possibly Fang-Kwon-Do.[3] From his accumulated knowledge, Yang invented the art of Airjitzu. However, growing old at the time he created Airjitzu, he decided to preserve his work by passing it down to his students, which he had gathered shortly after he created the martial art. He was an excellent master who even had a statue of himself built before the Temple of Airjitzu in his honor. However, his pupils were afraid of him because of his strict teachings, causing him to become worried he would not be remembered as a good master, or remembered at all.

He later discovered the forbidden Yin Blade and planned to use its dark magic to attain immortality and live forever as the greatest master of all time. After testing the Blade's magic on several trees, Yang decides to perform the ritual atop his temple only to accidentally curse the entire Temple of Airjitzu, transforming himself and his students into ghosts to haunt the temple for the rest of time. As the master of the house, he eventually grew mad and enslaved his students with the power of the Yin Blade, binding their wills to his power.

At some point, Yang would lose the Yin Blade, where it would be placed in a Clearstone case at the Ninjago Museum of History along with a description and portrait of him.[1]

At some point, one of Yang's Scroll of Airjitzu ended up in the Ancient Library of Domu.[4]

The Temple on Haunted Hill

During the ninja's stay at the Temple of Airjitzu to locate the Scroll of Airjitzu, he threw many obstacles (the fears of the ninja) at them to get them stuck in the temple so they would turn into ghosts when the morning comes. Later, it's revealed that he merely tested the ninja to see if they were worthy of obtaining the Airjitzu scroll. However, as the morning came and the curse on the Temple of Airjitzu started to take effect on the ninja, the ghosts of Yang's students showed themselves, revealing that Yang had chained them up, as they were imprisoned by Yang. The ninja then quickly fled to the entrance, not wanting to suffer the same fate as Yang's students. They manage to reach the entrance, but Cole dropped the scroll mid-way and thus had to go back in to retrieve it, which caused him to turn into a ghost. Yang's laugh echoed from the inside the temple as the ninja stood outside, staring at Cole sadly after his transformation into a ghost.


After his temple was torn out of Ninjago by the Sky Pirates to help construct Djinjago in the sky, he left his temple to go angrily confront Nadakhan, claiming it was his domain. However, the latter, unimpressed, promptly ordered Dogshank to shoot water at him and his students, forcing them to abandon the temple.

The Way Back

Due to an anomaly, the Temple of Airjitzu was left still floating in the sky despite Jay's final wish undoing Nadakhan's actions.

Day of the Departed

Having become aware of the Hall of Villainy exhibit by observing the Ninjago Museum of History through a painting of himself,[5] Yang confronted Cole through the painting on the Day of the Departed, telling him to "close the circle." This prompts Cole to steal the Yin Blade and fly up to the Temple of Airjitzu to settle the score, where he meets Yang. Yang begs Cole to not attack him but the latter ignores this and attacks only for this to backfire as Yang's students capture Cole and lock him up.

Yang fights Cole at his temple

Yang reveals his plan was to trick Cole into using the Yin Blade and the light of the lunar eclipse to unleash the souls of the Ninja's former enemies, where they would distract the remaining separate ninja while the ghostly master can open the Rift of Return and become mortal again. Cole escapes and fights Yang for a while until the corrupt master overpowers him and proceeds to demoralize him calling him a ghost who will be forgotten and who will take his place as Master of the house. However, Yang hears the voices of the ninja who have defeated their villains and come to help Cole. This reenergizes Cole who rises to face off against Yang again.

This time in their fight, Cole unleashes his Earth Punch to shatter the Yin Blade and freeing Yang's students of his control. As the Rift begins to close, the formerly imprisoned pupils are prompted by Cole to go through the Rift, allowing them to become mortal while Yang admits defeat. Bitter, Yang reveals he wanted to be immortal so he would not be forgotten and Cole reminds him as the creator of Airjitzu that he would not be forgotten by anyone. Cole then flies the two of them towards the Rift but Yang tells him one of them must remain behind as the temple's master because of the curse, and throws Cole into the disappearing Rift claiming he wanted to settle his "debts."

Afterward, Cole becomes human again and he and the ninja move into the temple, while Yang wanders the halls, no longer a sadistic monster but a kind master who has accepted his fate, with only Cole being aware of his presence.

Way of the Departed (non-canon) description

No one knows when Yang lost his mind. The creator of Airjitzu was strict and feared by his students from the start. He began to make them stay behind after school, then he locked them in the attic and finally he cursed them, trapping them in the Temple of Airjitzu forever. Now he prowls his dojo as a ghost for eternity (without so much as a TV to pass the time), ready to share his bad luck, as Cole discovered to his cost![6]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Season 10: March of the Oni


Video games

Behind the scenes

  • "Kodokuna" (孤独な) means "lonely" or "solitary," while "Yang" means "sun."
    • Also, as stated by himself in "Day of the Departed," "Yang" also means "good," as a reference to the concept of the "Yin-Yang."
  • Strangely, the more common phrase used both by Master Wu and the ninja is "As iron sharpens iron, (sibling, brother, etc.) sharpens (sibling, brother, etc.)," while Master Yang's saying makes the subjects different (sensei and student).
  • On a similar note, he seems to be the ghost equivalent of Master Wu, as they're both teachers and masters of their respective, similar martial arts, use similar phrases, and have similar appearances as well.
  • Unlike his main appearance, which uses the style of beard first seen on Gandalf from LEGO The Lord of the Rings, Yang's statue is depicted with the same style of beard as Wu. However, the statue has the Gandalf beard in set form, likely because the Wu beard did not physically exist in gray, while the Gandalf beard did.
  • Yang's minifigure depicts him with a ghostly tail instead of legs, although he never has a ghostly tail at all during the show.
  • Yang is an unlockable character in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame. His blind bag can be found in the level "The Dark Ravine."
  • Yang is one of the five main antagonists to have appeared before the installment where they are the main antagonist, the others being Morro, Krux, the Omega, and Ronin.
  • He is one of the five known villains that had no intentions to take over Ninjago. The other four being Iron Baron, Vex, Unagami, and Vangelis.
  • As a human, he wore the same black kimono suit design as young Wu and Garmadon.


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  • As it's revealed at the end of his debut episode, Yang's spirit imprisons those who enter his temple by turning them into a ghost, forcing them to be his students forever.
  • The info given of Yang portrays him as a far more malevolent master, in comparison to Wu. Even as a spirit, he is shown to be a malevolent spirit, imprisoning his victims and forcing them to be his students forever.
  • Yang seems to be an extremely powerful ghost, seeing as how not only can he curse others who enters his temple, but also transport it into another dimension as seen when the ninja tried to escape his temple. It's unclear if all ghosts possess such powers, or if its just Master Yang. It's possible, however, that these powers might be explained by the fact that he was changed into a ghost thanks to the Yin Blade, instead of being sent to the Cursed Realm.
  • Yang appears in the non-canon novel, Way of the Departed.
  • Like Morro, Yang has also redeemed himself by settling his debt by staying behind as "Master of the House."
  • It's implied he became a ghost a few years before Possession, as Misako said he "passed years ago" one of the monks in the Library of Domu said "Oh, yes. Sensei Yang will be sorely missed."[4]



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