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This article is about a subject that is canon to the storyline of Warner Bros' The LEGO Movie franchise.

“Man, my mom is on my case all the time. She's all (dial-up sounds), and I'm like: "Lay off, mom. I'm just a teenager."”

Zane is the Ice Ninja, and one of the six Ninja trained by Master Wu. He is part of the Secret Ninja Force. He drove the Ice Tank.


The LEGO Ninjago Movie


Zane has a white ninja gi, with a different design from the other ninja in the trailer. His eyes are bright blue, due to being a Nindroid as in the TV show. His hair is white and stands up straight in something like a crew cut, and he seems to be very happy and/or energetic. It has also been shown that he has wheels at the bottom of his feet. There isn't much else known about him or the other Ninja yet, but it is known that they are all master builders, as in The LEGO Movie.

His body can actually come apart, as seen when he gets into his ice tank. His face seems to be digital, which could be how the loading screen appeared on his face when getting into the ice tank as well.


Zane seems to be quite happy, sometimes even in serious circumstances. Zane also seems to always try to act like a normal teenager by acting very stereotypically and using filler words. He also is quite frank with his opinions, often not understanding that there are times to be polite.

He tries his best to be a normal teenager and quickly corrects his friends or the news reporters when they label him as a droid. He is actually quite serious at times but is a skilled ninja that supports his friends—even when they all agree to not be Lloyd's friends anymore.

Weapons and Abilities

Zane uses a bow and arrow in the trailers, but there is a good chance he is skilled at most of the weapons, though this is his favorite.

He and the other Ninja have Elemental Powers like their TV show counterparts, allowing him to freeze objects and create ice. His "Ice Tank" has ice offensive abilities.

Unlike Lloyd, the leader of the Secret Ninja Force and the Green Ninja, Zane is not a Master Builder.

When he gets in the Ice Tank, he becomes physically connected to it.

Official descriptions

Zane: Master of Ice

Part boy, part Nindroid, this ninja is super cool. Freon literally cools his fuel cells and he shoots down his opponents with an icy blast. Logical and methodical, Zane is guided by his programming and sensors – but don’t call him a robot! Zane is quick to remind everyone that he’s just a normal teenager, even if he doesn’t fully grasp sarcasm and some of his pop culture references are frozen in time.[1]

Meet Zane

When he's not fighting evil as the ice ninja Zane needs to attend school like the rest of us. He's been running the numbers and believes "We have a 87.6666 (repeating of course) chance of losing this fight against Garmadon."[2]




Video games


  • His main weapon is a bow and arrow instead of shurikens as he does in the TV series.
    • It is unknown why they were shown with weapons in the commercials. They only used their elemental abilities and their mechs to fight, not once touching their signature weapons.
    • In Season 8, his TV series counterpart uses a bow, as the ninja adopted elements from the movie after the film's release.
  • He is the only Ninja with no black coloring on his hood. Instead, he is fully white.
  • His Ice tank has elemental additions onto it, seen in the Ice Tank LEGO set commercial.
  • His first time speaking in promotional material was in "American Ninja Warrior" stating "That was terrible," to Jay.
  • Zane has a slightly robotic tone to his voice in the final version of the film.
  • Zane stated he has a mother. It is unknown if this is true or just a common complaint that a normal teenager would say.
  • Unlike his TV counterpart, he speaks with conjunctions and slang words.



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